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Reply to "wood weight"

As Smokin' says,after awhile our experience will tend to carry us thru our early concerns.

In very early days,I weighed and wrote weights on the little wood blocks with a dark pencil.

I'd cooked on lots of cookers-big and little,but thought maybe the CS was completely different. Confused

It was a kinda expensive,funny lookin' beast.

After awhile,I'd reach in the wood drawer and get a handful and go cook.

Yes,I used milder fruit woods for some things,and stronger nut woods for others.

The handfuls would vary by smaller for shorter cooks,average for average,and larger for longer.

Funny,if I checked the weights,they were close to my old notes. Big Grin

That brought me back to the more experienced cooks that try to teach me:
"Put some meat in and cook it,all those tiny details will sort themselves out".

Worked pretty well ,over these years. Wink