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I used my Amerique for the first time cooking a pork butt using the probe. I thought it was taking a long time and opened the door for the first time and used another thermometer that read 190. The probe was only reading 140. I moved it to several different spots and it never got above 140. Is it me or the probe.
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I had the same question back in April. Stick your probe into a potato, set CS for 180, see if CS Temp display match's Probe temp, then bump to 200, watch both displays, then bump to 225 or 240, If that works, probe is working OK.

BTW, CS did send me a new probe, as back a few months ago, they got a batch batch. If in doubt, call the Tech boys, they're the best.

BTW, get a second or third themo, either remote or wired. I always run two or three probes.

Enjoy your Q, I'm loving mine.

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