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Yo smokers, I was wondering how you check the factory meat probe supplied with the Amerique. Do you perform the ice water/boiling water method? Or do you compare with a previously tested remote sensor? Will this test cause damage to the cookshack probe? You guys are the best, Peace Out! "Q"
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The ice water test is the most accurate although don't let your probe touch the ice. You can use a straw to help here. To use the boiling water test, you have to know the temperature that water boils at your elevation. Example: Water boils at 212 at sea level. Reduce the temperature 2 degrees for every 1000 ft elevation.
If you don't completely immurse your probe you will be fine.
Originally posted by Quecrew:
Please tell me about the thermapen and how/when to use them. Also how much and where to buy them? Are they really that necessary?Why use them if you already have remote probes and the probe that comes with the AQ? "Q" Confused

Thermopen is a very fast and accurate therm made by Thermoworks. They have a sale now, by the way. Anyway, any thermometer will work as long as you know how accurate it is. IF when you test it, you find it is off some, one way or the other, then you can adjust your calculation accordingly. For instance, I have a unit that is off 6 degrees from the set temp. So I know to adjust for that.
You can go to and check them out.
I hope I haven't confused you more!

Good luck!!
Use the "find"feature and search for thermopen or thermometer. You will find lots of good information. You can spend a fortune on all sorts of additional BBQ equipment! Just have to decide your budget and what your needs are. I like the Thermopen. my probe is a few degrees off also. You can also check grilled steak and chicken in a manner of 3 or 4 seconds.

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