I recently bought a new temperature probe when I was having with inconsistent temperatures. I installed the new probe and that problem went away.

After several uses I noticed that the temperature on the the display was 25* higher than the actual oven temp. Today I checked the meat probe temp against a known digital probe and it too was way off. The Cookshack probe read 163* and the digital probe read 176*. Has anyone else experienced this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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As Pags said test your temp probe in ice water and boiling water first.

Bear in mind where you put the temp probe in the smoker will also influence the reading you get.

If I have a fully loaded smoker I have started covering the front third of the lowest rack with tin foil leaving roughly 2” open on the sides. For me that seems to help even out the temperatures and I have not had anything on the lower rack overcook since I started doing that. Previously it seemed I would have a “horseshoe” of overcooked food on the front of the racks which seemed lessen the farther up you went in the smoker.

The AmeriQue temp sensor is roughly located in a mid point. Directly above the sensor the temperature is a touch warmer and directly below the sensor the temperature is a touch lower. If you measure the temperature on the front of the lowest grate it will be considerably higher because of the heat coming directly off of the smoke box. The back of the top grate seems to be a touch warmer than the front. I wouldn’t be all that concerned for 10⁰ as long as I know what I am reading is correct. On the other hand, all things being equal, 25⁰ would be too much for my liking.
I am livid!! I am trying to finish off a cooked ham and my temperature will get no higher than 244 degrees after 1.5 hours (using a known to be accurate digital meter with probe placed near the onboard temp probe) with the CS set to a 300 degree set point.

My ham is in the oven now and lunch starts in an hour and my wife has pies to bake. Mad

I love my 008 but I am sorely disappointed with my Amerique. After spending a fair amount of money for a temp probe I am at a loss. I have lost all faith in this unit. After talking to Cookshack via email and on the phone nothing has been resolved. This thing cost way too much to function no better than it does. I'm done with it.
So, Lon, 4 posts in 6 months, welcome back, we'll try to help.

It looks like the issue is that the smoker isn't getting to temp, not the probe.

Is that the issue?

Your recent post tells me:

1) you have a probe issue still (can't tell for sure since you posted this in an old thread and

2) a smoker issue (temp not rising)?

First thing is trying to figure out the issues then we'll help where we can.

Did this just crop up yesterday (smoker temp) or have you not checked that before?

Don't give up on CS. They're make it right. Doesn't help on the Holiday and that sucks, but we're here to help.
Thanks for the reply. I hope the mention of my post count is not an attempt to discredit what I have to say. You're correct however about piggybacking on to this existing thread . I should have started a new one.

Here's what I am dealing with. Back in May of 2011 I was having a problem with maintaining temperature. I would set the on board digital setting to say 225# and the inside temperature would only reach about 160-170# tested with a known thermometer. I spoke to Tony Marlar in customer service and he said I needed to purchase a new thermostat (the probe that is permanently mounted about midway up inside the Amerique, not the meat probe!)

In the last few months I have been cooking pork butts on my 008 because I know it works and the fact that I no longer use the meat probe on my Amerique because it too is grossly inaccurate.

Now, fast forward to the morning of Thanksgiving. My erratic temperature problem returns in full force. I set the Amerique at 300# and it won't even hit the 250 mark. I spent about $70 back in May; an absolute waste of time and money. It did nothing the alleviate the problem.

Maybe I am posting this on the wrong site, I apologize if that's the case.

I think I got a Lemon with my Amerique. My 10 year old 008 has been flawless, which lead me to the purchase of the Amerique. If I keep this unit I will likely remove the digital controls and replace them with analog controls.

I hope this clears things up.

Originally posted by Lon "T":
Thanks for the reply. I hope the mention of my post count is not an attempt to discredit what I have to say. Regards,

Nope, not at all, just saying that stop by more often and we'll work through these problems, seemed you had an issue in May, now Nov, just wanting to get you to cooking great Q.

What you should do is call Tony back, explain your purchase the part indicated and ask why that didn't solve the problem.

Maybe it was a lemon, that does happen with used items sometimes, but that's not CS fault as there's no telling what the issue was or wasn't with the previous owner.

Call CS (they don't monitor the forum for customer help) and just talk him through the problem.

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