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Nope, been working on something else kinda important.

Hey, I can fix the photos if I don't have them.

Did you send me an email the other day with the photos? There were a bunch of errors in one email that it wouldn't "deliver" it, it was probably yours.

try to send them again.

This is Andi's recipe that I prepared. Absolutely FANTASTIC! Here's how I did it:

**4 Cornish Hens
**4 Small OJ cans filled 1/2 way w/OJ, butter, garlic
**Spicy Cookshack season on hens
**2 oz. of Hickory
**Set cans in Hens bottom and propped up in CS for 3-4 hours. Half way through, basted w/Spicy Brown Mustard & OJ mixture...came out great! Big Grin

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