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Ok, now that you've opened this thread...

Just a reminder, but PLEASE post your topics in the intended forum.

I'm not sure some of the newbies realize this, especially if it's your first post or two, so I just wanted to point out a little Administrative help I need from everyone.

Recently I've seen posts for butts, briskets, ribs in the Open and Owner forum.

We have dedicated forums for many things, if your post is one of those, PLEASE use those forums. Otherwish I'll move it anyway and it just saves me a step.

The Owners forum is for smoker specific questions, help, etc, not for the meats.

The open forum is for General BBQ that's not covered by a specific thread.

Just help a moderator.
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We're trying to do better Smokin', but sometimes the thrill of a new toy/smoker seems to be a little more urgent than trying to follow the proper procedures,oh well.

As always, it seems that you help all us fellow CS owners out, you do a truly amazing job. I, for one, will try to keep a better eye on myself, but I must warn you. The wife won't bet any money on my success. What's up with that, after 27yrs you think she would know me better?

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