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I thought ya'll might enjoy this latest adventure post.

Smokin' has put these together and cooked for our troops at home,as many other groups of cook teams have.

Posted by Tuffy on September 27, 2010 at 05:35:55:
We are currently in an airport, waiting to fly home. Everyone is ready to get back to our families, pets, and beds. This being said, we all agree that this was an experience we will never forget! John Markus, who is the reason we all made this journey, spent six years with Senator Al Franken trying to make this event take place. I am sure you can imagine how difficult is must be to put together something like this. I mean we had two great big Old Hickory pits shipped to the Middle East, that Old Hickory built just for feeding the troops in Kuwait. A very generous action. Head Country Sauce and Rub, donated by Paul Schatte, had to be shipped. Hickory wood was shipped in a crate. Many supplies needed to be coordinated. USO and the U.S. Army had to work out many details, as this was a very complicated situation. Passports were needed. Anti terrorism classes were taken. Plane tickets and hotels. The list goes on and on.
The team consisted of "General" John Markus, Nicole Davenport, Jamie Geer, Johnny Trigg, Myron Mixon, and myself. We ran into many challenges along the way, but in the end we witnessed many smiling faces as thousands of American soldiers enjoyed our bbq in the Middle East. We can tell you that bbq smells just as good in the dessert as it does back home. I had an American soldier thank me last night and he said he closed his eyes and for a moment was back at home. We were blown away by the spirit of the soldiers we met, and the help they offered us. We will remember this always. I will post pictures soon.

ps. We are now in the states, as I couldn't get this post to work in Kuwait.

Tuffy Stone is a great friend of many of us and an excellent cook.
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