i ran into this meat/sausage stuffer and lookin for parts. i wanted to know if any of u know where to get parts? it was manufactured by john e smith sons co. buffalo NY. patent number 1567213. thanx
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I tried looking it up for you awhile back and couldn't find anything. Remove the gasket, buy a similar type blank, and cut your own gasket. It might be the only alternative.
wish it was that easy pags. they r not like a water pump gasket. like a 11.25 inch "wheel" if u would a
with a taper on top and bottom which is sandwiched between two 5 inch pieces of metal so the taper has to be there. i tried looking it up to wit no luck. i was hoping someone might know of someone who has them. thanx for trying
How about posting a pic of the old gasket and the 2 pieces of metal they set between. I have only been able to find court documents on John e smith co. One option i did think of was using food grade silicone to make a gasket? Pics might give me some other ideals.
I have no ideal what your gasket looks like. I replaced the gasket on my stuffer a few years back. The gasket was basically a leather strap that had to cut to length and placed in the grove of the stuffer head. I purchased the gasket from a local food service repair company.
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still no luck from anyone after i posted pics?

You might try a hydraulic cylinder repair shop. Either take piston and cylinder with you or inside / outside dimensions..
I am your outlet for the gaskets for the old John E Smiths and son stuffers. They are still the best and longest lasting machines that were made and were the predacessors of today modern stuffers. Drop me an email if you need gaskets or have questions.

I have the same stuffer and I need some parts for the O-rings in the sausage stuffer nipple can you help me out

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