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Teammate had one, which is great for slaw making when feeding large crowds.

Some vendors/restaurants in the Carolinas, that fine shred whole shoulders and use thinner vinegar sauces use them a lot.

Folks that may just cook to 170º internal and serve the fat,skin,pork and all mixed, find them vey useful.

You can pull the bone out of a 10 lb shoulder,drop the shoulder in, and in one crunch it is like tiny bits of shredded toothpicks.

I've never heard of anyone dropping a brisket in one,but I guess if you greatly undercooked it and wanted to mix it with a lot of sauce for ?sloppy joes"? it could work?
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being professionally challenged here I never heard of a buffalo chopper (BC). But having reviewed a few videos I can see how one could make short order of a bunch of PB. I've seen many places that overdo the processing of their pork; my preference is the simple pulled pork with recognizable chunks of hand-pulled meat. I can see the advantage of using a BC commercially if it isn't overdone. As a food processor it could quickly make fine hash if over used. But I can see that they're also multifunctional as a chopper for slaws and would be useful for sausage as well.

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Little late here, but Tom was on target earlier. I've also seen the reverse blade trick used on some models and it works pretty well if the butts are thoroughly cooked. But these are slaw making machines of first order. 50# of cabbage in maybe 3 minutes. They'll do butts as fast as you can feed them in, but 2-3 passes is all you'll want to do. Also makes great bread crumbs for breading oysters and such. Will almost turn bread into flour again. And I've never used one to make sausage, but I've seen it a few times on DDD on food network. Looked to do a pretty good job.

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