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This year with a new Smokette in August, I decided to smoke up some treats for friends and tenants. Here's what I did, with some comments.

Jerky: 5 lbs. total, about half using Kevi's recipe posted elsewhere, and half teriyaki. Came out fine, I've done better as I got absorbed in "The Aviator" and let it go 8 hours, should have pulled at 7. I use 2 chunks of apple at 160 deg.

Turkey Breast (boneless): Used Smokin's Holiday Brine without mods except a full squirt of maple syrup, rubbed with dry mustard, CS Chicken Rub, and did the mayo rub too, it works. Brined overnight. Smoked 3 hours at 200 to 162 internal, best I've done yet.

BBQ Chicken: I used the Okie Joe's pit for this one, as the CS was occupied. Couple of small hens rubbed with brown sugar, injected with teriyaki, and finished with CS Chicken Rub. Mopped with vinegar, brown sugar, and spices twice, done in 5 hours at approx 220 deg, 170 internal. This one you have to foil and let set overnight for flavor, but you literally pull the meat when you reheat the next day.

Pastrami: Used Mainly Dave's first recipe,but added some brown sugar and dry mustard as rub. As I started with a corned beef, the 24 hour soaking in water first is madatory to leach out the salt. Used two chunks of apple, set at 225. For whatever reason, this little 2.5lb hunk took nearly 14 hours to finish! The big revelation here is to pull at 160-165, not 185. It's much more moist and absolutely as good as a NY Deli pastrami.

Hope the reaction is good, I'm pleased with the results overall and found some tweaks that worked well to the great CS recipes. Thanks to the master chefs for making this forum the best.

Merry Christmas!

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