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Hi, All,

Haven't been on here since we shut down our restaurant about a year and a half ago.

It is with great reluctance that I am offering our beautiful Cookshack 350 for sale. It served us VERY well, and I'm going to cry to see her go, but we're tired of paying for storage for her.

We have something like 6 or 8 rib racks that we'll throw in with it. We're asking 6,000. If you're looking to add to your kitchen collection, this is an incredibly versitile, amazing piece of equipment.

Please call 619.501.1554 (that's our current work number) if you're interested. The smoker is in Temecula, California. If you arrange shipping, We'll happily work with your shipper.

We don't have photos yet, but will hopefully have some by the weekend.

jeff & Micki Smith
Former owners of the Texifornia Tamale Company
Original Post
Well, I like this forum a lot, and I like to try to stick by the rules, so:

"This is not a classified ads forum. Cookshack is in the business of selling smokers and other barbecue products. The expenses of this forum are paid by Cookshack from income made from selling our products. If forum members advertise competing products we lose income. "Competing products" includes the reselling of used Cookshack smokers. Please do not advertise your products, used smokers of any brand, etc. "

Just FYI.
Sorry, Jay (et al).

I did do searches for other CS products offered for sale in hopes of ascertaining whether it had been allowed in the past, and came up with quite a few over the years.

I like this forum too, and in the days when I was opening our retail store I spent a lot of time reading here, trying to learn how to best utilize their (at the time) flagship smoker. It is probably my favorite piece of kitchen equipment I have ever owned (though my Hobart Buffalo chopper and MiniPack vacuum sealer have to be a close second).

Anyway, my apologies to moderators and members, alike, if this announcement offended. It's a great smoker and I simply want it to find a great home.

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