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Folks, when I was installing my probe yesterday I noted that the black wire coating about 1/2 point had a little crack in it, I could see what appears to be shiny shield wire through the small crack. My smoker isn't 1 year old and I've used it maybe a dozen times.  I'm very careful with my probes, wipe it down after each use, re-install the plastic protector on the tip, and coil it back in the little bag it came in.

Has anyone else experienced something similar? If so what did you do? Would warranty still apply? And if you bought a new one, what did it cost?  I've read some astronomical numbers in other posts, $130-$200 which sounds really a bit extraordinary.


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The outer sheath (plastic) on the probe for my 066 melted at the spot where the wire exits the smoker and rests against the edge of the vent hole. I can see the two probe wires. I bought the replacement from CS that you found. This was at least two years ago and the original probe still hasn't failed, so i haven't replaced it yet. I am more careful to not let that section of the wire get any more damaged. I think the replacement probe uses a more heat-resistant outer sheath.

I sent CS an email advising of my problem and will see what they propose. Maybe they will send me a replacement probe for warranty, and I'll keep it in safekeeping till the original fails.  It is just a hairline crack, and it isn't the part that goes inside, it is still outside. It is possible it was near the hole or at the hole at some point, but as I recall that hole has like a soft grommet protecting the hole from sharp edges? I'll try to get a close-up photo and post that.

I heard back from CS and they will send me out a new probe. Told me to be careful and to check the vent hole has no burrs in it.

The wire almost looks like someone took a wire cutter to it to pull off the outer casing. The crack or cut goes all around full circle.  I'm thinking it may be age or temp damage?

I've had it for less than a year so far, but as expected the nice folks at CS took care of me.

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