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I ordered a stand for my SM009 3 weeks ago as well as a cover, some rubs and a few other items and haven't heard boo from Cookshack since the order was this normal? Everything I read seems so positive but I sent an email a week ago asking what the status was and I got NO response. I love the smoker but the service seems to be lacking right now!
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Did you order over the internet or phone???

I have ordered from both and sometimes you get an order update. It is my belief (from experience) that the order system (be it phone or interent) is totally manual. Nuf said.
If you want to know about an order, call and ask for Karen, she is a great lady and will take care of you.
FYI, I once placed an order ( my first )some time back and tried to use my forum login and it is a different issue when placing an order and the order was never actually placed, as I do need, or used to sign up separately for orders.
CS prides itself on great products and personalized support and customer service to back them up. Calling them works best...they are there for you.
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