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Originally posted by Jett:Would the missing ground prong on the plug be enough to cause this issue, or is there something else goin on. I was planning on replacing the plug, but wanted to ask advise first.
Replace the plug - 3 prong proper.(get the cool 90* plug) Then plug unit into a GFCI protected outlet. If it trips the GFCI you have an issue with oven. If it doesn't trip and everything works - "I" would consider it good.
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Hard to say what they did. If it's not grounded and you have that much metal, that might be what's causing it.

Fix the plug and CAREFUL test it to make sure it's grounded.

If it's not, you might contact CS and discuss options. While you didn't buy it from them, they'll still help, they don't want it being a problem for someone.

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