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I just bought a second hand Amerique to replace my Smokette, which unfortunately rusted out.   The Amerique I bought was missing the temperature probe, drip pan and casters.   I paid CS their outrageous price for a new probe.   I was relieved to find out that the drip pan is a standard 1/2 size steam table pan, which I found for less than half the $32 that CS charges.

I keep my smoker on a stainless steel table next to the grill, so I was not interested in replacing the casters and worrying about the smoker rolling off the table.   The Amerique seemed to sit just fine without the casters, except the drip pan was scraping the bottom.  I decided to make some feet to raise the smoker enough to free up the drip pan.

My solution was to use some thick nylon washers that came with another product.  After some experimentation with various bolts in my shop, I figured out that the casters are on 5/16x18 threaded screws, so I got four one inch stainless screws in that size at a local hardware store, reamed out the nylon washers a little bit, and screwed the feet into the existing holes.   I'm pleased with the results, as shown in the pictures below.  


Images (3)
  • amerique feet screws: screws and washers
  • amerique feet side: side view
  • amerique feet front: front view
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I also have the older model Amerique that uses a standard phone jack connection for the meat probe. I've gone thru 2 of the meat probes (at least the 2nd one is falling apart at the probe end with the plastic disintegrating). I was curious to know if maybe an adaptor phone jack might be used to accommodate a standard meat probe from ThermoWorks; no one is willing to investigate that. 

I did contact Cookshack as their website states to contact them for probes to the older AmeriQue. I was told that a probe was available but it was a different part number and they would provide one. So I waited for the replacement probe to arrive only to receive the 2-prong plug used with the current AQ model. I contacted CS upon receipt and was advised that the wrong probe was sent and that the correct one would be sent along with a return label to send back the wrong probe. I again received the same wrong probe but this time with a 'pigtail' to connect it to the electronic board internally; BUT there was no explanation and no instruction as to why or how.  Recall that I was clear as to the standard phone jack probe requirements and was told that it would be provided under a different part number.

So I get back with CS again and this time ask for someone in technical support to please call me. All I received was a very generically written PDF file on how to change my AQ to work with the new probe, No one has yet to return my call as promised; but they did respond that if I was willing to pay $157.93 that they could have a vendor make a replacement standard phone jack meat probe like the one that came with my AQ.

To possibly make the new probe work requires re-drilling the stainless steel to enlarge the hole to accept the new probe jack connector; which best I can figure requires buying an expensive step drill bit capable to drilling stainless steel. 

So are the are there any owners of the older AQ who have experienced this same problem with their old AQ meat probe? any suggestions???

I have a newer (2013) Amerique, but as far as I can tell, the only advantage of the CS meat probe over some aftermarket probe with, say, a bluetooth readout and better accuracy, is the ability for the cooker to shut down and go to 140 deg holding if the probe set temp is reached. I never found that to be so useful, since the AQ is so airtight and well insulated that the meat continues to cook for a good while even if the set temp goes to 140. My probe sheath is also deteriorating, and I'm thinking I'll just go with a more accurate, more modern probe when that happens.

but that control is one of the major selling points of the AQ.; why invest in that if CS is now no longer supporting those old units? Seems like the same thing can happen to the current design owner if CS makes another design change and no longer support these units. Seems a bit short sited not to provide the support we're accustomed to. It's a bit much to ask someone to spend $160 on a probe worth a max of 20 bucks

It wasn't a major selling point for the AQ for me, since I am usually there when the product finishes anyway. So I try to get my meat out to either FTC or foil/oven it till serving. The first time I didn't do that, I saw that the AQ went to 140 deg set and (when I realized it, 20 minutes later), it was still at 210 deg from the 250 cook temp, I knew the 140 "hold" was a joke. It was still cooking away even though the heater had shut down. That is a good aspect of the CS design for insulation and air tightness but a lousy one for their marketing. I agree the price of the AQ probe is ridiculous. Yeah, along with this forum, CS customer service (or more appropriately, CS product reliability/consistency) has apparently degraded.

The other reasons to invest in the AQ are: great temp control in all outside weather conditions; easy cleanup provided covering heater shield and smoker bottom with foil; set and walk away for most cooks; lots of capacity; very reliable (so far, for me).

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