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I've done hotdogs that way on the FEC and they turned out amazing. Brats are great too. Did 30 pounds of brats one time, 150 for 1 hour then boosted to 180 until internal of 150ish, right before the fat broke. They were pink all the way thru from the nitrates in the wood. I pulled them and gave them an ice bath then vac sealed them in 5 packs. Amazing just to pop one in the microwave and have a smoked sausage link, or to even eat cold. The ice bath keeps the skin from getting hard.
Can assure you..aint no big company going to send out uncured dogs. How do you speel law I love Nathans. Hebrew National a little too salty and I have a high salt tolerance. I helped a pals daddy make them at the slaughter house one time back in the good old days. It was sickening. I could not even stand to smell of one for years thereafter. What they did to the poor cows was also pretty unpleasant to watch. I can stand to eat a few nowadays. That was a while back. I like them split and fried. Was raised on em cooked like that.
Actually the ones I did were just the Johnsonville Brauts fresh No Cure. They had a all-the-way thru smoke ring when I was thru and were wonderful. I've done homemade brauts from the high mountain cure, but the cure had way too much salt and they were 'very red' like hotlinks. I did not like them. The only hotdogs I've smoked were store bought. Maybe I'll get around to making some homemade ones, especially now that I have my own pork factory.
Thanks for the info on those brands Max. Dont recall seeing them around here. Are we sure they are "uncured" or they just dont use Nitrates to get the job done? Not sure of all the alternate methods but if a person uses enough ascorbic acid it might just work. We buy nitrate free bacon and such things. Hey Bill I would not waste good pork to clone Johnsonvilles. Those things are nasty. Try the Lonesome Yankee Brat recipe in the Sausage section. Will make a person chunk rocks at Johnsonvilles.
Well for me, brats aren't hot dogs. HD's is a very American thing (although the Germans do have a version).

Having lived in Germany, I love brats. Some many versions.

I smoke brats all the time. I also smoke Hot Dogs too, but I prefer to use the larger 1/4 or 1/2 dogs. But they're precooked/cured. Can't really find uncured HD unless I do them myself.
Notice even Johnsonville is coming out with some good fully cooked varieties other than the regular old formula which made them rich. We hit a spicy cajun model that was very good. The chicken/hab variant is also ago. I think they make that but wouldnt bet my life on it. The Warden loves it..slap slap. Hey a nice Yankee taught me how to cook regular old brats the Joisey Way. Be glad to tell about it if anybody is interested and already dont know how to do it.

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