I am new to all of this.  I watched a FastEddy video and he smoked his ribs on the indirect surface of the PG500 for 4 hours 

Is there any difference between cooking this way on the PG500 as opposed to smoking in the vertical FEC100?  

Seems like the same to me...??

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@Mike554 - Yes, the cooking methodology should be the same.  A benefit of the vertical smoker would be that the ribs would baste each other assuming they aren't wrapped.

Did you recently purchase one or the other or are you trying to decide what to purchase?

Got it!  I am a happy (mostly) PG500 owner.  I love the versatility of being able to direct grill steaks or burgers on a weeknight and smoke a brisket on the weekend all using the same rig.  So it was nice to free up some space on the patio by getting rid of my gas and charcoal grills.  Also nice to not have to have to get propane tanks filled.

I don't know how the cook chamber volumes compare, but the amount of things you can fit on the indirect side of the PG500 is a bit of a limitation.  However, I mostly just cook for me and the missus so it is OK.

One other drawback depending on your environment is the lack of insulation on the PG500.  On windy days here in the midwest or when cooking in the winter it is pretty inefficient.  I would guess the FEC is much better insulated?  I don't have any familiarity with the FEC, but that would be a consideration.  I would also consider the PG1000 over the PG500 due to this.  It would be interesting to pit the 2 side by side and compare pellet consumption.

Hope this helps...

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