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Hi everyone. Just joined the forum, but have been reading all this great stuff for the last week. Bought our Smokette last weekend at the Fiery Foods show here and am waiting for its arrival. I collect cookbooks and have a pretty good selection on barbecue/smoking. Tried smoking on a gas grill - Disaster! Bought a cheap electric smoker and can't deal with the hassle of taking it apart to add wood and water (no door, this cheapie), not to mention giving up all day to baby sit it. Now I can keep working (dental hygienist) and still enjoy good barbecue. Smiler
My name is Bob and I live in Iowa. Just became a CS owner a little over a month ago and I am HOOKED. I threw out my old bullet shaped Brinkman smoker & my 18 year old charcoal griller. But I have kept my Brinkman offset cooker just in case I want to return to "the old days". During the day I am the IT manager at a metal stamping facility.

Living in Iowa is wonderful but just lately I have developed this odd characteristic. When we pass by a field with the usual farm critters in it, my wife says "Aw... look at those cute xxxxx." (xxxx = cows, sheep, lambs, goats, etc) And I think "A little CS rub, maybe some marinade, slow cook at 225... serve with slaw...."

Thank everyone for being so helpful here, I couldnt have gotten started without you all. MainelyDave, your pictures & stories are an inspiration that I use to get me pumped up for a cook! Hope to see you all at the upcoming BBQlossal here in Iowa this June! It's a BLAST!!!

Hi everyone,Dave here (cook 17) this forum is the best there is alot of VERY helpful people on here, I have been doing Q for partys for about 10 years. My wife and I work in textiles and with textiles going offshore so much,we made a decision to start a Q restaurant in a small town in Wi,about 65 miles from St Paul Minnesota. I think this forum help me get over the fear taking the jump, knowing all of the help that is on here, now we are still working at our day jobs, we worked three months get the place ready to open and have been open 1 month as of friday the 30th.
THur 5PM 10PM
Fri 11am-10pm
Sat '' "
Sun 11AM 5Pm
WOW, the first month 1838 meals, were running around 100 racks of st louis ribs a weekend, 80 hour weeks but fun.

If any of the menbers from this Forum stops in to see me (ask for Dave) dinner is on me, just a little thanks for all of the great info from here.

Howdy all,

My name is Hook. My parents named me Lew but everyone calls me Hook. I don't know any of you well enough yet to tell you why.

Anyhow, I've been a fan of barbeque for as long as I can remember. Must have gotten it from my mother's Texas side of the family. Living in Utah, my life had been pretty much "real" Q free until the last few years when we've gotten some pretty good spots (by Utah standards.)

Have a New Braunfels offset. Used it with less than spectacular results. My Cookshack 50 has changed my batting average around in just the two loads I've done in it so far.

Good to meet you all. It's a pleasure to be part of such a pleasant group.

Been a lurker heere for a long time. I started cooking and grilling 30 years ago. Bought my smoker in 2000. Started competing in 2002. Both my wife and I were working at Microsoft at that time. We saw that our jobs were going to India, so we bailed on the corporate world and started a bbq catering company.

We're waiting on delivery of our FE100. Looking to open a restaurant real soon. The only problem with BBQ food service is it cuts back on time to go to competitions.

More than you ever wanted to know is on our website

Greetings everyone...

My name is John Kiss and I live in Ottawa, Canada's capital.

I recently purchased a Smokette primarily for doing sausage but have been playing around with BBQ too.
I'm going through the usual(?) start-up pains but things seem to be getting better, primarily from all the great info in these forums and all the friendly advice I have received.
This seems to be a very active and productive community - hopefully I can contribute something usefull too !
Originally posted by cadillac:
[qb] My name is Bob and I live in Iowa. Just became a CS owner a little over a month ago and I am HOOKED. I threw out my old bullet shaped Brinkman smoker & my 18 year old charcoal griller. But I have kept my Brinkman offset cooker just in case I want to return to "the old days". During the day I am the IT manager at a metal stamping facility.

Living in Iowa is wonderful but just lately I have developed this odd characteristic. When we pass by a field with the usual farm critters in it, my wife says "Aw... look at those cute xxxxx." (xxxx = cows, sheep, lambs, goats, etc) And I think "A little CS rub, maybe some marinade, slow cook at 225... serve with slaw...."

Thank everyone for being so helpful here, I couldnt have gotten started without you all. MainelyDave, your pictures & stories are an inspiration that I use to get me pumped up for a cook! Hope to see you all at the upcoming BBQlossal here in Iowa this June! It's a BLAST!!!

Bob [/qb]
Gee whiz... thanks! Welcome to the forum - this place is the best. If you can't find an answer by searching the archives (highly recommend, there's tons of info there), posting a question usually gets answered in a couple hours or less.

I've been busy working lately, but should have a new smoke story up by Sunday, if I can find a packer cut, choice brisket up here in lobsterland. Otherwise, I'm hoping to do a Turkey Pastrami thing.

Again - welcome.
Originally posted by Konrad:
[qb] Both my wife and I were working at Microsoft at that time. We saw that our jobs were going to India, so we bailed on the corporate world and started a bbq catering company.

~Konrad [/qb]
Welcome. I understand the corporate outsourcing beast totally. I was a webmaster, but bailed out to become a Cash Management Analyst, for the same reason as you describe - the work is going to India. Doing the BBQ catering thing is still on my mind - I'm still attempting to figure out how to do it on a part-time basis. (a.k.a. don't quit the day job until the other job can pay the mortgage...)
My name is jack and my wife and I are taking the plunge into commercial bbq. In the next 5 working days we are ordering an sm150 and fe100 along with an 8 x 18 foot custom trailer from Trailer-tech as my IRA withdrawal money should arrive by then.
to be honest after a years search i was sold on the southern yankee rig but when we went to the NBBQA convention in atlanta my thinking changed.
John Shifflet spent a lot of time with us and we told him of our needs. As a chef I want to do competitions but my wife wasn't comfortable with the fe100 so he sent us inside to look at the sm150. She loves it and to be honest I feel that that is the smoker we will use the most.
Our name is 2 Greyhounds....SMOKIN!!!!, Inc. got it from the fact we own two retired racers and it made for a neat logo!!
But back to Cookshack. We are ordering from them due to Mr Shiflet and the fact that cookshack was the only ones who did not try to tell us how to get around the food laws even if it meant they might have lost a sale. That kind of honesty says to me that they will stand behind their products.
Please excuse any spelling or puncuation errors. i'm just a chef not an english teacher
@ Greyhounds....SMOKIN!!!!
My name is Reto and being from Switzerland I guess I would pass as an expatBBQ. Got introduced to Q while studying and working in the US and now being back in Switzerland - where one cannot get ribs, butts etc - I am in process of buying - probably - and offset. Thanks for all the hints I got on here about how our butcher should cut ribs and what kind of smoker has what advantages. It makes life abroad easier and my wife (american - we both met in Washington DC which has at least one good BBQ place) is looking forward to the things that I might produce in the offset.

This is a great forum - thanks folks from cookshack to have this on here and let non-CS people participate.

My only request might be to further expand the 101 section - it makes the life of a newbie much easier - and don't forget to put in as many pictures of the meat cuts as possible for all the folks abroach that encounter blank looks from the local butcher when asking about US-style meatcuts Big Grin

During the day I am managing an IT team. We are developing software to support humanitarian demining worldwide. our website

Hello, my name is Billy I have had a cs 009 for about 8 weeks now. You gotta love this thing it will make anyone a great cook. I have worn out two brinkman smokers and dicided it was time for something better. After doing alot of searching the web I ran across this forum and after that it was not hard to see what kind of smoker I needed to buy. Thank for all wonderful tip and recipes!!!
OK... I will...

Hi... I'm Ron, and I'm a foodaholic... and a coffeegeek...

I live in the far western 'burbs of Chicago. I ordered my Smokette package last night. I own a Weber kettle (hasn't been used much in the last couple of years), a Meco Water Smoker (bullet type), a Weber Genesis Gold B (mainly steaks, chops and rotisserie cooking) and an el cheapo Sears gas grill that is used for coffee roasting.

I'm 47 years old, married with a 16 year old daughter and a 2 year old black lab (Sable). I am a Sales Engineer for a videoconferencing equipment manufacturer and travel quite a bit around the midwest for my job.

As far as other hobbies, my biggest passion is coffee. I roast my own and have my own espresso machine in the home. I also take my coffee along with me for business trips, including a small hand coffee grinder and a small french press. I also am a fishaholic. I enjoy almost any kind of fishing.

Was that too much info?
Hello all, my name is Shane. I live in central IL (go Illini)with my wife and two kids which are 3 and 1. I'm a firefighter who likes to cook. I lurked for a while but now I am a proud owner of a 008. I am still learning but I'm getting great results with my first few attempts, mostly thanks to this forum! I always wanted a smoker, but never wanted to drop the $ on one. After lurking for a while I new I couldn't wait any longer. Just wish now I would have bought my CS years ago. Thanks for all the help, Shane
Wow! Lot's of great, intelligent discussion. I am Eric of Saint Paul, and I am a neophyte in the smoking world. I do appreciate good Q when I find it, though.

I'm a long time cookshack follower. drbodkin is my mentor. He directs me to the site all the time. I have been promised a brisket for the New Year's Soiree.

Smokin, I was just reading your discussion on posting pictures. Try not to post too many good things. They don't approve when I drool at work. I must take exception to one of your comments, however. According to my wife, "Size does matter!"
Hi my name's Steve Wilson. I'm an ex-major league baseball pitcher: Rangers, Cubs, Dodgers, turned restauranteur livin in Taiwan!!! Love it here, my home now. By the way, Venezuelan Mike, I played 3 winter balls in Dominican, town of La Romana. Great Golf!!
I've been on the site for a couple of months. Thanks to everyone for being so helpful, funny, humble, and just plain old down to earth!!
My cookshack 50 is in Taipei as we speak, should be in Kaohsiung tomorrow, and then I'll be picking it up. Hope to be doing my first cooking this weekend!
We live on an Island 3 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico, a population of 760. Nothing to do here but fish and eat. Finally retired. Hobbies are cooking and eating, fishing, BBQing and eating, amateur radio operator, eating. My wife says I have too many grills, smokers, and BBQs - six at last count, one of which is a CS55. My opinion - you can't be too rich, too young, too handsome, or HAVE TOO MANY GRILLS. I only qualify for the last one. Big Grin Really enjoy making contact with other BBQers and like the fun put out and accepted on this site. Almost see the smiles on everyone's face. Smiler smokemullet
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Never really introduced myself. I'm married, have five kids and a wife that is still a school teacher.

Worked as a machinist and buyer for Hewlett-Packard for 20+ years.. Before that I worked for the University of Calif at a marine laboratory diving, running boats, managing the maintenance part of the facility. Do a lot of RV'ing and my hobby is woodcarving. At least I can supplement our income with it.. at least pays for the toys.

I live in the wine country of N. Calif When my knees get back some strength I hope to be fishing again.. it was a hobby of mine.

I've just started seriously smoking and could only dream of opening a lunch wagon some day.. If I get good enough.. who knows.
I'm from Northern Minnesota. Where a barbeque is a sandwich and a pop is a drink and not your relative. Ambient tempearature was always a worry prior to my cookshack.

I've had my Cookshack for about a month and have had very good success with everything I've tried. I'm a banker during the day and a smoker, hunter fisherman in the evenings and on weekends.

My wife's family manufacture and sell soup bases and spices so I have an opportunity to concoct some wicked rubs and marinades. Thanks for the advice I've recieved so and the stuff to come. I've had an opportunity to show my cooksahck to several friends and I think the sales will follow.

bart-b-que. Cool
Just bought my 55 did the break-in 12-12-04. Enjoy the heck out of Babying. Miss Texas Style Brisket. Just real hard to find here in Ca. I am hoping to be throwing rocks at my Char-Broil offset. That thing is just terrible leaks air everywhere. Got the 55 instead of a custom offset. Hope it works as well as my offset built out of pipeline scraps.

Hope you guy make one for us University of Texas Longhorn fans�couldn�t buy anything w/ OU logo on it!
Hello all from Panama City Fla.!My name is Billy and love to cook.Enjoy my Smokin Tex each week.Cant get enough of good foods.My girlfriend was glad when I bought the Smokin Tex as I quit collecting new grills and off-set smokers and stuff!I am a lurker here mostly,but have had great info and input given to me when I ask for it.Thanks for a great forum!!Keep up the good work!!
Hey people. My name is Curtis. I'm from East Tennessee. I roll can sheet to make enough beer cans for the world. I just got home after a 24 hour run with that smoking 30,000 HP demon. But I just made you'll several million pounds of can sheet to form into 2-3 bilion beer cans. You'll have to get some of them other boys to do that though.

I've had 3 days off since September 29.

But I like a sweet smoke not a harsh smoke. Meat don't need all new wood. It smokes much better with the ashes of a friends fire and a little new wood from you. Then you pass that ash along to another friend. Share a fire that you enjoyed with a friend and let them pass it on.

Share, little children, share, be nice and share a smoke with a friend for all our sakes.

Ilove you all
Popajack here. I quit smoking back in 1971. then I got my Cookshack and have been smoking ever since. I am a retired lawyer and aspiring smoker of meats. I have never been so impressed with any tool I bought as I am with my little Smokette. And the people on this forum have been there and done that for just about every question I have. You can't buy knowledge like you get given freely here on this forum!
My name is Jon and I'm a family practice physician in upstate New York. I recently bought a CS and have had it for only 5 days. Already cooked chicken & pork butt. I have been using a Big Green Egg.

I need to build some type of housing for the CS. It's cold and snowy here which complicates using and cleaning it. Any plans or suggestions would be appreciated.

Jon E.
Hello all,I am fairly new on the forum. I am also a new cook shack name is Richard,I live in Fairview AL.about 12 miles west of Mobile,AL.I own a gas grill,a Grill Dome & now a 009 cook shack smoker,I just bought it back in september.I am learning a lot just by reading & keeping up with the forum.I have owned a lot of different smokers in the past,but this is my first electric smoker.thanks to all of you for your help & info.Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to everyone.looking forward to being part of the gang.
Hey Taiwan, just as a matter of coincidence, My best friend back then whose family I lived with for over a year is a great Lisey fan, as a matter of fact his father is now the president of the team! Emigdio Garrido. I also golfed at La Romana, although back in the mid 70's I payed a bit more attention to the girls, back in those days it was a lot of fun being a gringo in the D.R. Congrats on your purchase, I am not a Cookshack owner....yet. But first semester 2005 will find me in sunny Vancouver B.C. and my order is going in before I open my suitcases! P.S. How about a BBQ dim sum?
Hi folks. I got my Smokette back in August. Since then, I have Q'd pork butts, chuck roast, spare ribs, more pork butts, and chicken breasts. I smoked the Thanksgiving Day bird, and have made smoked polish sausage, summer sausage, and jerky as well. The kids may want their MTV, but I want my 008!

My name is Gary, and I'm from Ohio. My friends call me Geiyser because an old hippy friend who came up with my official slogan: I'm Geiyser from Ohiser who on occasion drinks Budweiser. (but only when there's no Miller Lite!)

I hunt, fish, golf, and use my CS for fun. I sell commercial refrigeration equipment, meat processing equipment, and design and engineer Supermarkets because I like to fish, hunt, golf, and use my CS.

I'm glad to meet and talk meat with all of you. Thanks for all the knowledge you pass along. I'd catch a lot more fish if fishermen were as open with there "hot spots" as you all are with your techniques!
Hello All...

Sorry about checking in so late but I haven't visited regularly since I put the CS away for the winter.

My name is John and I live in Canada's capital, Ottawa.
I'm a forensics officer and have two sons in Engineering at Ottawa University. My wife shares my love of meat preparation, particularly sausage making, (likely the result of my Hungarian genetic programming).

Unfortunately, our really cold winters limit smoking, (realistically), to eight or nine months :-(

This was my first summer with my 008. I learned a lot, (primarily thanks to this great forum), and had many memorable meals.
I finished the season being darn good, (if I may say so myself), at smoking butts, briskets, ribs, and sausage. I learned how to rub, cure, and brine.
Next year can only be better !

I've really enjoyed chatting with you all and sharing our love of Q.
I am from Rapid city South Dakota,,met a man at church about 10 years ago from Texas,,went to his house for thanksgiving,,,you can guess the rest,,haha,,,bought an 009 last July,,love it,,I consider myself a "BBQ liteweight" because I mostly do burgers and "enhanced" chicken breast's, but my family and friends fight to get my "Q",,I dont even mess with rubs or nothin,,lol
My cookshack is a "TOY" my wife is glad I have. I love this forum and all the great info and comraderie here. Maybe someday I will "move up" to briskets and butts,,but,,I'm in no hurry,,I'm eatin very good now !!
I'm BR from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. I smoke and cue as a hobby... actually it's cause I like to eat. I currently have a WSM but my next will be a Cookshack. I thought about building a "Wilbur" in the back yard but that's too much work so I'll get the Cookshack instead. I like cold smoking, sausage and jerky making. Hard to believe the best site on the net is in Oklahoma.
Hello, my name is Danny and I am from the GREAT city of Baton Rouge. My favorite thing to do is to COOK!!! I love to cook for all my friends at LSU football games.

I am a police office here in the city and have been for 24 years. Can retire in one year if I so desire. WHAT A GREAT FEELING!!

Smokin, it is hard to belive that there are over 4000 members now in the forum. Geez, I was member number 31.

Good morning, my name is Peter and I am a smokaholic! What a stupid thing to have as a hobby/business in a place that has 11 months of winter and a month of lousy skiing. LOL
I'm not a CS owner (yet), but I have a feeling that ownership is not far away.
Jon in NY, have you checked out the plastic garages that folks use to keep the snow off their cars? They can be had for a couple of hundred bucks and will keep you, your cooker, your friends and a box of brown pop nice and dry and warm even on a bad day.

For those of you too lazy to scroll back in this thread, let me repeat myself.

I'm Dave, I live in Maine. Work as a Cash Management Analyst and have a side business as Web Developer and Energy Auditor.

I've owned a Cookshack Smokette since April of '04. I love it. Still use my El Cheapo Brinkman when camping (no electricity) or if I need additional capacity. But otherwise, the Smokette does it all. I plan on smoking right through the Winter!

My Winter project is to figure out how to play the mandolin. Hoping to go to Merlefest in '2006.
Hi. I will do this again. I live in Northcentral Arkansas in the same dadburn county in which I was born. I was gone for a while in the USAF, came home, nuttin had changed. Thank God! Lots of good huntin and fishin round here, and overall nice scenery. I now work in the healthcare industry. I would take nothing for my CookShack, it helps prepare lots of meals. I have alot of hobbies including hunting, fishing, camping, boating, gardening, winemaking, spending time with family.

Remember all: This season is about God, Jesus, family, and giving. It is not about Walmart, Kmart, JCPenney, or anything to do with money.

Happy Holidays! Smiler
My name is Brent... I live in Oregon... I hope there are at least a few of us Westcoasters on this board... I lurked on the board for about a month before I asked for an 009 for my birthday... I have a wonderful wife and I got one last summer...

I've enjoyed cooking since I was a kid and queing since I was in my 20's... I have to say I've learned more in the last 6 mos from all of you than I learned on my own in the last several years...

Thank you and Happy Holidays to all!!!!
My name is Keith....I grew up in Pa, move to Cleveland, Oh 21 years ago, started smoking about 4 years ago during the winter months I only smoke about once a month due to the fact I work at the airport and put in alot of hours (SNOW, ICE) Summer time its 8 and out I smoke once a week or more. When I got started it was rough not growing up around Q I just did it for a while learned more each time. Then I found this site and I have been having good Q ever since.

Thanks Mix
Hello. My name is William from the eastern shore of Maryland. Been lurking on site and have really learned a lot. I am new at this slow smoking. I do not have CS yet but I do have a Brinkman Electric.This does a good job for me on cooking beef, turkey, chicken and ham. Also have a Smokey Mountain Outdoors which I have converted to electric with a 1500W.heating element. I think this does a excellent job.I really thank all for info I have received, especially from Smoking & Tom.
Hi all, Kamots here. And Okie born an bred. GO SOONERS! National CHAMPS BABY, we dont need no stinking heisman. Anyway ive always been into cooking outdoors, grilling an q'ing of all types, but until this summer when i picked up my smokette did i realize what i was missing. Man have i ever been advertising for cookshack. Everyone that eats my food get ask how i do it an blam there goes the story, i think the family is getting a little tired of hearing it, but oh well. This is an awesome forums with great people. G'day.

Hello all, I�m Gregg and live in Northwest Arkansas. I got transplanted here about 20 years ago from Springfield, MO where I was born and raised. I am a Navy vet, have been married 39 years to Lynda, have two sons and 6 grandchildren. For about 8 months out of the year operate a Country Cobbler concession unit mostly at state fairs.

I have never smoked anything in my life so I�m about as rookie as one can be. I have been lurking and learning here on the forum for some time getting a handle on what I should buy. I now have a ST1400 that just arrived yesterday morning. It was out of the box and being seasoned within the hour. So now it begins.

Thanks to all for so much information. It sure makes starting this new hobby a great deal more enjoyable and interesting.
Hey all been around here for a couple of weeks, I am a chef by education a consultant by trade and a smoker by love. Working towards putting them all together.

I live in Phoenix Arizona, grew up outside of Boston and have a great wife and two kids 1 and 3 years old.

This is a great forum, it is great to get replies to all my many questions.

Sorry about the delay. Puter had an attitude for a couple days. I'm Dave, originally from Endicott NY now in Bel Air MD. for 9 months. Built my own smoker a couple years back. Now I have a ST1400. Love this type smoker! So far brisket is our family favorite. The ribs need work but that will come with practice. Still tryin to find a good wood source and my own rub. New to the area is the cause for wood supply search. Enjoy! Dj
Howdy from beautiful Largo Florida! I'm a 51 yo Biker. Living in sin for 10 years 2 ex wives and 2 great grown up kids. Have built several smokers in my time. The biggest on is a offset made from a old refrig. that I use for my annual 4th of july party where we normally have 200-300 people. {never trust a biker with a welder and some extra metal} Anyway, living in Florida allows me to cook 80% of my meals outside so I built a outside kitchen. I recently [8 months ago] bought a CS and love it!
I'm a forensic mechanic by trade, In my work I travel all over the GREAT U.S.! so am always looking for new ideas in food and equiptment.
My currant search is for the ultimate outside grill to complete my cooking area.
I'm scott from scottnshelly. in ardmore, oklahoma.
I was never exposed to BBQ as a child. When my wife and I first moved in together, she got a small hibachi grill for her birthday. I confiscated it and began cooking hamburgers. now i've upgraded to a Char-Broil dome style grill. i've cooked a couple things on there with some success. a smoker is still on my christmas list.
my favorite things to cook are beans (which i've mastered), stuffed peppers and hamburgers.
i'm really glad that google brought me to this forum, i've learned a lot.
thanks cookshack!
Sean here...I'm relatively new the smokin' game. I got my Cookshack 009 for Christmas. Not new to a BBQ, but most of it has been the high heat style (Tec Patio II). I love the forums...they must be at least as valuable as the price of the Cookshack to me. Wanna know what I do, check out Give it read, I think we'd all agree there are some MVPs of the Q'ing world here on this forumSmiler Thanks for all the great fun and reading.
Hi! I'm Popajack. I've been a member of the forum for about 3 years or so. It is the best place to find out anything you would ever need to know about Smoking or Q. I love to cook and eat. I hope to have more time to smoke and BBQ this year coming. I really enjoy reading the forum. I am planning a trip to Memphis for some Q & Ribs this year. I will critique the restaurants I go to when I return.
Hi Everone I'm Tom. from up here in the frozen north. I usaually smoke at least once a week when it warmer less and less as it gets colder. But a week or so ago my wife was getting tried of paying 7-8.00 dollars a pound for smoked turkey breast so she told me I mean asked (I am the man of the house you know)me to smoke up some T-breasts.
I am sure someone out there can beat this but, it was 20 below zero out and I want to say the CS worked perfecty. All I did was let it warm up for 15 min to take the "chill" off.

I want to thank everyone out there for all there grat advise, I really belive this form as saved allot of ruined meat over the years.

Hi,My name is Bill Arnold and I go by Blues Hog on here. I am very new to this site and also new to my FEC100. I have several pits but I have always wanted a pellet burner. I don't have much to offer as I have only had it for a month. I hit the competition circuit quite frequently, own a barbecue sauce company and a barbecue restaurant. Been cooking for over 30 years but hope to learn quite a bit on here. Happy queing.
Hello all,
Have had a cookshack smoker close to a year now and love it. Stainless smokette is one awesome machine. Had some doubts at first, but this forum really helped me through some curious times. Hey smokin, instead of just chewin the fat about introductions, why not have the folks post one of the best things they think they smoked so that the rest of us can contact those they fancy for the recipe. Then this forum will be working with the purpose of the endless pursuit of perfect smoking. Give it a go, can't hurt.

Smokin in Fresno
Hello from middle Tennessee,

I am Eddie Eller, retired military and recreational chef. Food has always been an interest of mine, hence the collection of over 500 cookbooks and thousands of hours watching cooking shows as far back as the "Galloping Gourmet", Julia Child and James Braid. Worked in law enforcement the first part of my career and then information management. Attended the CIA, no not that one in NY. My enthusisam for food intensifies every time I see a new recipe and I spend a lot of time searching for new ingredients and techniques. I bought a Smokette about 6 years ago, but only found the Forum last April when I added a Model 50 to my outdoor kitchen. My skills have advanced greatly by incorporating the comments and advice found on this forum.
hey guys, my name is Phil White i now live in Huntsvliie,Alabama but was born and raised in Livingston,Tennessee(GO VOLS2005 the year those vols come alive) been q'n all my life44 years .I got started as a youngster tending fire for my papa.I use a homemade off set cooker and a weber table top grill.Ido compete with the backyard cookers and dont do to bad took mt first grand champion last yrar at lincoin county fair and a 2nd with mt ribs at rocket city cook off but winning isn't what i go for its for free and for fun and winning is just a biproduct of having fun

Just call me Kate. I'm an import to Park Falls, Wisconsin, way north! I was born a Hoosier, but lived most of my life down in the Islands, where oddly enough, I discovered Texas BBQ. I owned an English styled Fish and Chips Shop (shack) in St. Thomas. My husband is a native Wisconsinite, so here I am. We have a reindeer farm. No, we do not BBQ them! They are for displays and parades, not eating. Of course that is winter work and we needed a summertime gig. So, we are putting together a BBQ Concession Trailer. They are a bit more picky up here on Health and Safety standards than in the Islands! Still, they made me jump through hoops down there that you never see stateside, so I'll not complain too much. We are waiting for our brand new FEC 100 to arrive in a few weeks. It was on this forum that I became convinced that it was just the right unit for us. Thank you! Anyway ... I hope that I can contribute a bit and I know that I have already learned a lot on this forum. This is a great place! Thanks for being here !


PS Not complaining, but has anyone noticed those nasty cockroaches on the top of the page in the ads? They gross me out!
Makes me recall the giant sized ones we had in the Islands. I think you call them Palmettos in Florida, something else in Texas, Mahogany Birds in St. Thomas, but a roach is a roach by any other name in my book! Just gross! Wink
Salmonhead here. the name should tell you I am an avid salmon fishing nut on the great lakes. I have an offshore boat and pretty much fish from ice out to ice in, when hunting takes over. Most things that go into my new smokette are game or fish. I got the smokette late fall of 04 so I didnt have much time to smoke fish. I have done some venison butts and they are fabulous. I shot a wild boar recently and am trying the butt and hocks as we speak. Love all the input from everyone else's experiences. Saves me a lot of headaches.
I reside in Michigan.
hi to all at the forum. jack foley is the name from spring hill florida. my wife rita and i are retired O.T.R. truck drivers. new to forum but have used many a smoker that we built over the years. looking at buying a 08 an need feedback on this unit.what comes with it,what all can be done on it etc. could use recipes for mullet-shark-redfish etc. also any info on consession trailers,plans-sales so on. this is the best forum i have ever looked at and hope to out often.
thanks jack&rita foley
Hi all, another newcomer here. Name is Craig from Erie, PA. Do all kinds of outdoor cooking, grilling, smoking in all weather. Have a homemade offset smoker, 2 table-top Sunbeam gas grills for tailgating, a Weber kettle, a Fiesta gas grill, as well as a wood stove that's used for primary heating but has seen many a meal in the grill basket. Do a lot of outdoor cooking at camp (20 miles outside town) in an old fashioned stone fireplace that can used in a multitude of ways. I am a semi-retired Chef/Restaurant Consultant and operate my own catering business. New to the forums but plan on spending more time here. Looks like a great site!! member here, been reading the forum for several months. My name is Dan, I work for Lockheed Martin as a Network Administrator for NASA for 30+ years. Live just south of Baltimore Maryland.

I have learned a lot from my fellow members and would like to say thank you!!! I cater occasionally but would like to get into the culinary field more professionally.
This is my cooking arsonal......
And this is me!!

I'm married with children and smoke, grill, stir fry, do low-country boils year round.....

This is a very great forum, I hope to contribute to other members. I've also been recruiting other guys here at work into the Smoking World!!
Hi Smokin�

arkansasQer here. We traveled a good bit over the years, including a brief stay in your state, (Chickasha). Mostly mid-west though and recent retirement to Florida. Four hurricanes were enough for us and we�re back in (our home state) north central Arkansas. We bleed Hog Red when it comes to football and basketball, even though we�ve not had a great deal to cheer about the past couple of years. Better times are a comin��.GO HOG�S!

I�ve been around this forum for a few weeks, long enough to do some ribs, brisket, and butt on my new CookShack Smokette, all of which were near perfect.

Great bunch of folks on this forum and lots of good hints, helps and ideas. I�m fine-tuning my technique, keeping notes as to what worked and what needs further �tuning� and looking forward to my next �smoke.�

My name is Scott and I live in Nebraska but grew up in N Alabama. The barbeque here is not very good compared to Alabama. So I have been a student of the forum and have recieved some great advise over the last several years, I also have gotton rid of several wood smokers and now have a model 50 and a 150 cookshack and also a WSM bullit. I rarely chime in unless I have a little different slant on things. The advise on the forum is super and usually from real Q experts. I also like using Cookshacks Spicy chicken rub on many things.
Hello everyone. New member here. Been flying for the Air Force for the last 25 years. Flying Hot Air Balloons, cooking and eating are some of my hobbies, but not always in that order. Just bought my smokette at the National Fiery Foods and Barbecue Show. Can't wait for the first plate of Q. Thanks to everyone for the Forum!
smokintim here,

Found this forum through google, and it looked worth it. Seems you guy's know a thing or 2 about BBQ. Been que'n for about 5 years now. Was using a vertical Brinkman for a few years, finally got fed up with trying to control the heat, and finally built a horizontal off-set myself. Still breaking it in. I only love one thing more than good BBQ, especially my own, and that's my family!
Found this forum and others surfing with Google. Essentially I have found out that I don't know crap from shinola about bbq/smokin/etc. I have also done pretty much every "NEVER DO THIS..." a fella can do. I am retired military. We've settled in rural Missouri. Really appreciate of everyone sharing tips and Q wisdom. Don't have a smoker yet. Leaning toward the WSM. OTOH I have neighbors out here that have welded custom pits from 500gal propane tanks. I'll let you know how my first butt,rib,shoulder,brisket,tri-tip attempt turns out.
I'm Dave G. Just got my smokette two weeks ago. Have grilled for years but got turned onto smoking by a friend at church. He owned two BBQ restaurants - one in Houston and the other in CT. and has a smokette at home (he's now retired). I tasted his brisket and ribs and knew I had to get my own smoker. Northern NJ is where I live and work (attorney).
I am a lurker from L.A. (Lower Alabama). I have enjoyed reading ya'lls posts on all the different smoking techniques. I have one homemade 38" long horizontal grill, one homemade 54" long offset grill, and a CooknCajun water smoker. As ya can tell, I like to BBQ also. My bride of 26 years has told me, if ya are so impressed with the Cookshack Smoker, get ya one. See, this forum sells. I would like to ask a question though. I love the SmokinOkie 101 Series. I read a message where there was going to be a University of Q and part of that was a 202 Series. I think this was a message from several years ago. Whatever happened to it?
My name is Andy.

My cooking background is mostly grilling. From indirect charcoal days with a Weber in the 1980s to my propane Weber today.

I became intrigued with slow cooking BBQ after seeing a BBQ competition marathon on The Food Network last summer/fall. That lead me to try to get make pulled pork using my propane grill.

I tried this for a couple months. In that time, I got a method down, doing brining, developing rubs, etc. and with a lot of help from my father-in-law (who is a master of slow cooking on the regular Weber kettle).

The meat was great, but never quite pullable. I just couldn't give it enough time to get that tender. Also, I couldn't really add a lot of smoke flavor, because I could never get wood to burn reliably in the grill. Add to that burning up a lot of propane over the course of hours of slow grilling. It was also hard to get the grill to go as low as I wanted it too (only one burner at minimum setting would get me to 225 on a good day). I figured there had to be an easier solution.

The Smokette is a godsend. Got my Smokette 008 less than a month ago and have had nothing but success.

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