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Well Hello!!

I live in Québec (Canada)...

I'm a newby in smoking...

I liked propane gas grilling (known as BBQ in Canada) and experienced smoking with my gas unit...

This spring, I had a good deal on a Char-broil Barrel and bought it!...

I did my first smoked salmon...I could not believe the difference... Eeker

Happy now to have discovered you guys!!

I know my smoker isn't a CS, but hope you guys will still try to help!!

I will deal with a pork loin roast this weekend...
Hi all

I'm Bob from suburban Maryland. Bought a Smokette 009 on a whim last week. Actually I've been toying with the idea of a real smoker for a year or so. Prior to that all my smoking was done on a Weber kettle.

I must admit that I'm not completely obsessed by BBQ, I am obsessed by all types of foods. We both cook all weekend long, nearly every weekend. NuMex, Cajun, Creole, Thai, Chineese, French, American, wharever, we'll try it. Work usually prevents much creativity during the work week. Wiffie is a high school teacher & I'm the director of contruction & design for a non-profit affordable housing developer. So we live on leftovers & carryout during the work week.

I guess the downside to having such a remarkable smoker is that I will no longer be able to grab a big cigar, an adult beverage & a good book and sit by the Weber for hours on end saying "I can't leave the fire unattended, it might go out and ruin everything."

I've tried Tuna steaks & a brisket with mixed results. I'm trying chicken wings, baby backs & whole chickens this weekend. We'll see how it goes.
Hi I love to smoke food and play video games and I am 42 yrs old too. Going to get a CS 08. I have Xbox 360 2 of them 1 for me and ˜wife' and 1 for the kids. They love to eat from the grill and smoker I have but I can't wait to try my new CS it will come in 2 too 3 weeks they tell me so am like a big kid ps love this form nice people
Just saw this post- My name is Kenny. I have a catering/cafe/wine bar outside of Cleveland Ohio. Been doing BBQ for a bit but since i bought the cookshack 150, I know we have the best ribs in town. I bought the Floor model in Vegas two years ago. John gave me a hell of a deal. I really need to get focused and starting using it for more items.
Hi All!
I'm John W. from the So. California desert. I bought my Model 55 a few years ago and, to be honest, I was not very happy with it. Temperature control concerns and no smoke ring (found out later about using a charcoal briquette) were disapointing attributes. I went back to using my water smokers, weber and barrel grill for all of my outdoor cooking/smoking. My recent craving for tender beef back ribs prompted me to give the ol' 55 another chance. After spending hours online, reading cookbooks and getting some unselfish assistance from CS Forum members, I think I'm finally getting the 55 dialed in. This time, I'm here to stay!
Thanks for the help! Cool
JohnnyQ - Sometime it takes some un-learning to get used to the new and different stuff. I got so tired of watching the temp and making sure everything stayed as consistent as possible with my ECB. These type of smokers are a Godsend. Patience is key. You'll get the hang of it soon.

Good luck! Big Grin
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Howdy all,

Just ordered my first model 50. I've been crawling along with the Weber Bullet for the past 20 years and have had it with the sloshing water, fire tending, and clean up. I would like to thank Cookshack for this great forum and all of you for the informational posts and links that are here.

Take care,

Tob (the other Bill)
Hi all,
My name is Russ as well.. (though apparently not yet as adept as the Revered (now Grand Champion) smokinOkie).
I too, am a former Okie, transplanted to CA. Sure miss home though.

Sadly, I bought a Smokintex before I realized CS even existed. I will say I love it, and it works beautifully thus far.

But the forums and, from what I hear, CS customer service makes me wish I'd gone the right route.

Had my ST for about 3 months now, and have done several briskets, many many ribs and one spectacular Butt. All were excellent thanks to the info found here!
Thanks to you all for accepting us non-CS owners and I look forward to posting more and enjoying all the great tips here.
Hello. TomC in Fresno, CA, here. I'm from Southern California and still have a hard time swallowing the fact that I live in Central California. I'm very passionate about all things food and drink. I'm an IT Manager by day but that just gets in the way of what I really want to be I take the art of the cocktail pretty seriosly, as well. I've been looking at CS for about 5 years but I couldn't really justify the expense. Now, my latests obsession is charcuterie so it's time to take the plunge. I will be looking for recommendations as to which CS I should get.
Hi i am smokeyone a 51 yr old kid w/ wife, kids,& grandkids. i love the Lord because He first loved me and has blessed me in so many ways
i have had charcoal bullet, gas bullet, and a Good One charcoal both charcoal models did a good job but basicly i don't like being tied down to the smoker i would rather be fishing , hunting, riding my cruiser walking around the sporting good stores, sleeping, ect. so last weekend i bought a 50 at cabela's did my secound smoke (chicken ) yeasterday for Mom's birthday party this thing works great
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Sorry about the late response. I was sitting on the beach for a week.

I think I want an electric heated wood smoke model. Ease of use is very important to me. Although, I definitely want to cold smoke.

The main purpose of the smoker will be to smoke bacon, sausage, hams, etc. So, it will not be an issue of how many people I'm cooking for.

Price is always an issue. I have plenty of money but I am very conservative when it comes to spending money on hobbies.

Assuming the SM009 does what I'm looking for I would most likely start there- unless I am convinced I should go a different direction.
Way to go TomC! Congratulations to you on a very wise purchase! Welcome to the forum! You wil find lots of info here and will not regret your choice. You pretty much have the same setup as me. I also have the chili-grill and ribhooks. If your indoor oven has one of those enamel coated broiler pans, it will slide nicely between the Smokette and the cart and it is heavy enough to stay, barring a 'nader or such, which I doubt you will have there.
Hi, I am Loyd from Washington NC living on a sailboat and just started smoking. I have used my Weber gas grill a lot and several pig pickins in the traditional NC way down east. My Amerique arrived in early August. It has to be one of the best purchases I have ever made. It is sure to make new friends at the marina here. Thanks to all in the forum and SmokinOkie!
Hi I'm Jim from Weymouth, MA. I got hooked on real BBQ in the late 60's or early 70s. Interstate 95 wasn't complete and went through Fayetteville NC. There was a small white building that made the best pulled pork. From there we stopped at every Stuckies on the way to and from Key West.

I've been smoking for close to 30 years now and just ordered a CS 55 today. I'm getting to old to be burning sticks.
ok so i'm a 34 year old chef. i'm from just outside chicago in downers grove. just openned a new resturant called mullens bar and grill. chicago style pub, just got our cookshack last week. i'm doing pork butt for pulled pork sandwich's and doing baby back ribs. first couple batches have been ok but looking to fine tune.

so how does it work i go first???lol.
Hey all, I'm Doug. I just got my smokette yesterday. Seasoned it last night and will throw some butts on tonight. One question, it looked like my heating element was twisted so that it almost touches the wood that normal? It doesn't appear to be broken since the smell of hickory was all over my neighborhood this morning...but I want to make sure I'm not in for any trouble.

I can't wait to get those butts in the CS!!
Hey Doug -- "Welcome to the Forum!" You're going to love your CS. The smell of cooking ! will drive your neighbors nuts and you'll probably meet some "new neighbors" if ya know whhat I mean.

On the element, if in doubt, call CS Customer Service. They will tell you if there's a potential problem. Great people! 1-800-423-0698 X14

Good luck & have fun! Big Grin
Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
We're getting lots of new members (and lurkers) so thought I was time for a "roll call".<br /><br />Tell us who you are?<br /><br />I'm Smokin' Okie, a non-paid straight man for the rest of the forum gang. Love the friends here at the forum! I've been smokin' for a REALLY long time, on most any smoker out there.
Hi All,
Been lovin' my AQ for the past couple of months. I tend to put in more chunks than recc., but I like a LOT of smoke. Only problem I have found is thermostat..does not stop at set temp...either up or down for quite a while before it settles down.Could be all the wood I'm throwing in.
Was in Md.a few weeks ago and had some of the best ribs and chicken I ever stuffed my mouth with!!! Fella had 2 Southern Pride BIG smokers and used a simple rub on the baby back ribs (1.75 lbs - 2lbs)just rubbed top..threw them in. Used hickory at 240 degrees for 3 hours. No turning or opening.
Chicken had back cut out then split in half. Kosher salt only and in the smoker at 275 degrees for 2 1/2 hours.
Used a ketchup and cider vinegar based sauce ...only on the apple juice spritz...never opened the door till done with ribs or chicken.Try a blind tasting with Heinz and Hunts...tell me what you think)
I tried the same times and temp with my AQ. After a few tries, pre warming the box got me to about the same times give or take. THE BEST I'VE EVER MADE!!!!!!!!
Happy cooking and thanks to all of you that gave me advice on buying COOKSHACK!!!!!!!!!!

I'm on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and at the time of this post I've had my 055 for the third day..... I've done 2 batches of wings, one shoulder and a brisket..... ribs to go in today!

If you plan a trip this way feel free to contact me if you want the latest fishing report or want to go out.... I've got a Parker 2520XL.... love to fish.... I can also take care of you in the local emergency room if you eat too much Q or burn you hands... suggest the fishing.


Hi, I'm Gail from Toronto. I just bought a Smokette today. I haven't set it up yet, but I'm looking forward to cooking up a storm.

I'm a culinary educator, food writer and editor, and recipe developer and tester. I plan to smoke briskets, ribs, chicken, turkey, salmon and other fish. I also want to experiment with veg such as eggplant and peppers.

This looks like a wonderful forum. Glad I found it.
Hi Guys and Gals.
I'm a new member but not a new cook or guy, having just celebrated my 70 th.bday.
My successful smoking has thus far been limited to salmon
hot smoked in an Old Smokey, as directed by my old pal Willi. Wonderful, in fact the best i have ever eaten,all credit to Willi.
Willi has just passed away (idiotic phrase)
so i am the sad recipient of his much used 1998 # 55 and lots of spare parts.
He was German which explains the back up parts!

My interests are cooking, fishing,reading,(i will read a milk carton)and voracious information seeking on the net.
I was formerly a big game hunter from Newfoundland to Alaska as well as a trap and skeet shooter and avid handloader and pistol hunter. My freshwater fishing exploits are well known in some circles and some wonder when i found time to work!

My interest NOW is to learn this 55.
Jeff at CS has already been helpful with some technical matters as my pal Willi had modified his smoker to better serve his personal ideas which were developed in the big deli's and butcher shop/smoke houses of Europe.

Be patient with me as i'm half italian and half german myself and the German half is anal to a fault..(ask my wife of 48 years)!!

Thanks to all for listening.
Hey Everyone! My name is Kelly and I live in Seattle, Washington. I just ordered my CS the other day and am impatiently awaiting its delivery from Cabelas. I have tried 'smoking' with a propane grill but we all know how that turns out so I finally broke down and purchased a true smoker.

Everybody sure seems to be helpful on this site. Being a newbie to this I'm sure I will be posting quite a few questions.

Happy Smokin'

Another Arkie here, in gorgeous Tumbling Shoals on Greers Ferry Lake. I've been log smokin' for several years, but with a 17-month old and another due at Christmas, my hands-on smoking time is just about non-existent, so I'm getting a CS smokette 008, which should be here tomorrow or Friday.

Can't wait to start using it!
(Is it normal to dream about your smoker?) Smiler

Hey Aberwacky! Welcome too the forum!

When I read your post I gasped! Tumbling Shoals, AR I lived there for several years. My wife and I built the log house on Old 25 - now living in Searcy.

You'll love your CS and get more rest and timee to play not having to tend the stick-burner.

Have fun with your new toy and read, read and read some more! This forum is full of good folks who are more than willing to assist you with Q questions!

Welcome aboard!
Originally posted by Aberwacky:
Another Arkie here, in gorgeous Tumbling Shoals on Greers Ferry Lake. I've been log smokin' for several years, but with a 17-month old and another due at Christmas, my hands-on smoking time is just about non-existent, so I'm getting a CS smokette 008, which should be here tomorrow or Friday.

Can't wait to start using it!
(Is it normal to dream about your smoker?) Smiler


Just up the road! Welcome!

Yes it is normal to have those dreams.
I am a newbie to this forum. Justordered my 09 and stand a couplehours ago. My christmas present.ut since I am a misplaced Texan in Pennsylvania,I will confess to a lot of cuin on my NewBraunfels barrel smoker.It's been said I make the best Que in this part of the country. I cut my own wood for smoke, Hickory and apple
Hope to be back soon with some good CS news.
Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
We're getting lots of new members (and lurkers) so thought I was time for a "roll call".<br /><br />Tell us who you are?<br /><br />I'm Smokin' Okie, a non-paid straight man for the rest of the forum gang. Love the friends here at the forum! I've been smokin' for a REALLY long time, on most any smoker out there.
Hi, ya'll I'm Ox. Chef Ox if you please.
Went to CAI grad.1988 never really used me degree. Did some major gigs,Boston Mas. P-Town Mas. Omaha Ne. Boise Id. When I got married, my wife needed more time then I could give the resturant and I have been in Parts Sales since.
Started comp. BBQ 4yrs ago. Been catering for 3yrs.
Met F.E. at K.C. BBQ contest,GREAT GUY!! and Embassitor of BBQ. Been using a Traeger for 3.5yrs, In Aug. stolen from my driveway, So FE's are in the works for my NEW mobile kitchen.
Thanks for the Look-See. Chef Ox
I'm Denny and still a real novice. However I have a serious problem that just appeared.

I placed my fish inside and shut and locked the doors. Plug in and then hit the start button on my Model 160. There was the normal high pitch beep, but am getting no reading on the reader dial and annot get moving from there.

Any ideas on what I ahve done???

My name is Bill (a.k.a. Airboss) and I live here in beautiful Bradenton, Florida. I got into smoke and que by way of my son Greg, who many of you may know as the site administrator for the BBQ-4-U board.

After 35 years of grilling I decided to wade into the que waters slowly. I purchased an inexpensive electric/H20 smoker to get a sense of what is involved. It was an education and the que wasn't that bad albeit a tad cumbersome and sort of messy when it came to clean-up.

I was visiting a friend in Dallas and he had just purchased his 008. I was amazed at the concept, configuration, ease of use and quality of the food he prepared. I guess the recent promo offering by Cookshack pushed it over the edge and on Christmas Day Mrs. Airboss surprised me with an email confirming my Smokette would be delivered on the 28th. To paraphrase, the rest is history in the making.

I love the site and appreciate all the help & advice here. Most of all, I'm glad you have all had the chance to meet me. Cool
Hey Airboss - Welcome to the CS family and forum. Looks like I'm just down the road a bit from you in the southern part of Sarasota. After looking at the weather in the West and Plains States, it's pretty nice to have it at 85F and sunny on the day of New Years eve.

Got the very same Xmas gift 3 years ago at my house in Chicago. Picked up another one a year and a half ago, barely used, at an estate sale in Sarasota. I was driving by and saw something in the driveway that looked familiar. They were asking $100 but let me have it for $75. They were even kind enough to deliver it to my house since it was too big for my car.

Study the pinned thread "Lessons for new users" and follow the forum closely. You'll learn everything you need to know and more about the craft of smoking and BBQ.
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Hi all,

I purchased my Smokette after sampling some delicious meals graciously prepared by fellow CS owners Shooter and CigarNV.

In the first week, I've cooked....

1. Brisket- twice
2. Skirt steak (when I learned that too much wood is a very, very bad thing!)
3. Pork tenderloin, finished on the grill
4. Pork chops, finished on the grill
5. Pork of the tastiest meals I've had, and blows famed restaurants away. I used Lexington, NC vinegar sauce.

What next?

My wife loves it because she doesn't have to worry about what's for dinner! And I love it because it's incredibly easy, foolproof, and offers delicious meals that are easy to prepare. Good work, Cookshack!
Greetings all! My name is Rene and I am a transplanted Texan living here in north Louisiana. I have had my model 50 for about a month now and love it! As Boss Hogg said, it is foolproof and with the information shared by the great folks here on the forum, you can't lose. The brisket, pork butt and ribs that I have smoked so far were outstanding and I am now the holiday (and everyday) meat cook for my family! Some of my coworkers are now considering investing in a CS as well.

Thanks to the great folks here on the forum who so graciously share their knowledge and expertise.
Hello all. I'm Matt from Bayside, Wisconsin. Bayside's a suburb of Milwaukee. I've taken the path to Cookshack similar to others. That is, working up from a ECB to a water smoker to a propane unit, then a Bradley and now an AQ.

I wasn't all that unhappy with the Bradley, I just wasn't aware of the Cookshack products until after I had bought it. After learning about CS, I knew there was a better way, and I bought my AQ. I'm in hog heaven with it. The biggest improvement (in my mind) over the Bradley is in the cleanup. The AQ is a dream!

Love the CS forums. A wealth of info and everyone is respectful. I'm having a ball.

Hi, I'm Bob from Missouri (You never would have guessed it from my handle would you?) I'm just an old Missouri hillbilly. Semi retired after selling my Air Duct cleaning and Chimney Service a year and a half ago. All I do now is keep my rental houses up.

Been smoking on a homade smoker for several years now, Decided to try a Smokette, it's on the road to here now. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions. Great forum!!
Nice to see all the new users here. "Welcome to the Forum!" Big Grin

One note: This is not the place to post questions - not that you can't post em, just that they probably won't get noticed. Go back to the main page of the forum and post in the appropriate place. Much higher visibility there!

Good luck to you all & have fun! Big Grin
Hello, new to this forum was turned on to cookshack from a co-worker who has one. Had some family that lived in Kansas City for a few years and everytime we visited we would go to a different Q restaurant. That was really my first experience to it other than the popular chain restaurant. I really didn't have an appreciation for it until a saw a program on the Discovery Channel about it. I always thought that BBQ was just another name for grilling. Boy was I wrong. Anyway, my wife is an excellent cook and we enjoy good home cooked meals. So we are going to be purchasing a smokette in the next couple months and will be visiting this forum frequently for guidance. I just bought one of those Brookstone cordless thermometers to use with the smoker, kind of like getting the chicken before the egg. Forgot to mention we live in Iowa, I'm in law enforcement and the wife is a nurse, BSN. Can't believe all the great information on this forum and looking forward to joining the Cookshack family.
Tony here from New Jersey, about 30 miles from Philly. Been grilling for years. Got a Chargriller w/SFB as a gift from my wife last Father's Day, and I've been smoking ever since.
Was looking for a smoker that didn't take up a lot of my time nursing the temps and also a smoker that I could use in the cold months and during those windy days. Thought about getting a gas smoker, but the propane expense caused me to think about something else. Thought about the WSM, which is good. But again, still had to be concerned with the wind or other slight modifications for problem-free smokes. Then someone mentioned on another BBQ forum, the Cookshack smokers. So I came here and read quite a few posts and asked a few questions. I've mostly been lurking over on the Cookshack Owners Forum.
Well after a few days of thinking it over, I bought the SM50. I was going to get the Smokette, but thought I'd need a larger size, even though I don't BBQ for many folks most times. But still having the larger smoker negates me having to worry whether I have enough space in my smoker. And I'll always have my Chargriller on stand-by if needed. I received and seasoned my SM50 yesterday, and I'll be buying a butt of some sort today. So, sometime this weekend I'll have my first completed smoked product from my CS, and I really hope that I'll be satisfied with my purchase.
Hi All! My name is Bill and I'm a retired air traffic controller living with my wife Barb in Fountain Hills, Arizona. (Phoenix) I watched my Dad grill everything from burgers to Thanksgiving turkeys on his charcoal Weber so naturally, 40 years ago, I got mine. Turned out some great meals along with a few meteorites, but could never get that "low 'n slow" with some smoke. A restaurant friend told me about Cookshack and here I am!! Bought a Smokette last week and I'm doing my first pork butt as I write. Thanks to all the forum members for sharing their ideas, experiences, recipes, accidents. It's part of what makes Q'in' fun!
Good Day to all, just got off the horn with Cabela's ordering my smokette. Will for sure post w/pic's in a few days. Been lurking for a few, soaking up all this good info. Plan to smoke everthing but the hair off my pigs. Cud not make up my mind for awhile 50 vs 08, just a family of 4. Thanks to all!!!
I got my 008 last week. Cooked a brisket and then a pork butt over the weekend. Screwed up on both. The long extension cord I used must have reduced the internal temp., or the Polder thermometer malfunctioned because it took 24 hrs. to reach 190 on the 8# Pork Butt. It fell apart as I removed it from the CS but turned out to be incredible chopped barbecue. The brisket was also good. My wife loved both. So now she's not as mad with me for the purchase. Smiler
Hello everybody. My name is David. I bought my Smokette a couple weeks ago and have been a smoking fool ever since.

I've been really wanting one of these ever since a coworker of mine bought a Smokin' Tex and told me about this site. Finally the wife was tired of me looking for bargains and decided that we should just make the drive up from Joplin, MO to KC to the Cabelas and pick up one. Got a great deal on it as they had a $60 off for signing up for their credit card (will cancel after paying the first bill).

Thus far I've smoked a small brisket (tough as a boot because it didn't have any fat), a turkey (great), ribs (best I've ever made), and now I have a pork butt up to 178 degrees as I type this. I also picked up a nice full brisket at SAMS today so that will probably be tomorrow. What a great hobby. The wife loves it, I love it and the neighbors are jealous. What could be better?
HI All my name is Ray you can call me Swede since I am 1/2 Swede. My username is Swede44mag because I hunt with a DW 44Mag pistol.

I don't care to cook in the house but if I can cook it outside I love to. My kids thought when we were camping that it was funny watching dad cook sausage over a grill with a few rocks to prop it up and some charcoal for heat, but they found out it was real good I used the same method for fish only used some tinfoil on the grill with a few slits cut to let the grease drip out.

I have tried a couple of water cookers one charcoal and one electric. Not being insulated I couldn't keep the heat up but not to worry I used several big pieces of cardboard to keep the wind off but I thought there still had to be a better way. So I bought a wood smoker with a firebox attached to the end it worked great for steak and hamburger but to do an indirect heat and use the firebox for smoking just didn't work to well.

One of my friends bought an electric smoker with a motor that feeds in little biscuit size pieces of compressed wood. He likes his smoker but I don't want to be dependent on little compressed biscuits to be able to smoke. Then I came across another brand like your CookShack at our local sporting good store. I was going to buy one but they were all out and didn't know when they would have them back in stock. I was looking on the internet at one of the web sites that sells sporting goods and they have a CookShack Smokette II Item: QW-516030 listed I don't know if it is the same as a SM009 but it looks the same. If I can only talk the wife into letting me buy one I will be set. I have learned several tips on your forum and look forward to learning more. Christmas is not that far away maybe miss Santa (the wife) will buy me a CookShack.
Good Day to all, Been lurking and reading for a few weeks. Retired U.S. NAVY Sr.Chief from S.E. N.C. Decided to stay in Jax, Fl after retiring. Love to cookout, Love dogs (especially AM Bull Dogs)Purchased a smokette 008.

In the first 3weeks, I've cooked....

1. Pork Butt x 4
2. Pork ribs x 3
3. Beef short ribs
4. Pastrami x 2 (Thanks to Mainely Dave's site and receipe.
5. Beef Chuck roast.
6. Pork Fatties reg and 1 maple.
7. Meat Loaf.

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