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Tom Crawford,

I did not mean to besmirch New Jersey, just the ribs at the place my daughter took me to that had the awful example of ribs that I described. I have had lots of great meals in New jersey, but no good QUE up there yet.

Good to see you are lurking out there, and hope you will jump in more often. I'll bet you make ribs that would teach your neighbors what to look for when they go for proper BBQ?
Hey ya'll. James here (aka as wing king) from N.E. Georgia. Has anybody seen a chicken without wings? Thats because I got all of them on my smoker. I LOVE my smoker! I am an Industrial Maintenance Manager by trade, and can appreciate the quality of cookshack equipment. You may remember the contest a few months back, showing how you display your smoker. Mine was the one on a cart, that I made.
Howdy, all!

Joe here, currently living in the state most famous for smoking - Utah.

That was a joke, BTW... Har, har. That one gets me every time...

Anyway, I'm a Cookshack Model 50 owner who spends his days as a computer system administrator, and some evenings working on an online radio station dedicated to the Blues.

Prior to the CS50, I did all my smoking on a Weber Genesis Silver C using woodchips and BBQr's Delight pellets in a stainless steel and a cast iron smoker box. Next goal will probably be a Klose Pit (Family Reunion?) or Big Jim's Lazy-Q.

In my family, and even in my neighborhood, folks call me "Chef Joe", among other things, even though I remind them each time that I'm NOT a chef - Sorry, TC. Really not trying to claim the title! Smiler - but that I just enjoy cooking. This weekend's experiment was a sweet corn souffle. Turned out pretty good, but next time I'll have to smoke it!

As I said, I'm in Utah and we all know what's coming up in February, right? Yep, the world will be converging on the Salt Lake area to gather together, flip the terrorists the big ol' bald eagle, and participate in the greatest winter games yet. So, if you happen to be some of those people gathering here, and start jonesin' for some smoke, you just be sure and let me know!

Hi everybody,

I'm Chris from Cleveland, Ohio. You might not know it, but Clevelanders are absolutely fanatical about barbequed ribs. The summer months around here are packed with rib cookoffs, some of which draw contestants from all over the world. Because of this, I like to think I've been exposed to some of the best barbequed ribs on the planet. But you know what (I knew there was point here somewhere)? Since I've had my Smokette, I can honestly say that the bones coming out of that little box are as good, if not better, than any others I've ever tried.

I'm glad I've discovered this new hobby 'cause my golf game sure sucks!

Bravo to you CS people for such a fine product, and to everyone in this forum for all the wonderful advice and good cheer!

Chris Bindel name is ChunkWood.......and Im a lurker!

My wife and I hail from the pork state of Iowa. We have the best pork, but we struggle with BBQ.
Bought The model 50 at the Kansas City BBQ cook off Oct 6. Wanted to get some experience before I post. I have done ribs,brisket,fish,Boston Butt roast(The Best!!) and tonight chickens. Everything has turned out very good to excellent. My first question would be "Why is there so much variance in times?" I know and agree with its done when its done, however, surely we can get closer than the times in the cookshack book. I have had to at least double those times. We consider ourselves experienced cookers, so we know when it is done, but this makes meal timing frustrating. Love the product and this site...THANKS

More to come

It has been commented upon that many of the times in the CS cookbook were worked out in commercial applications and that it is a work in progress for our applications.

You are correct in timing.

Smokin' would suggest that you read his 101 threads,keep good records,and get your internal probe working correctly. Wink

Time is widely variable under the best of circumstances. Smiler
Hi my name is Preston and I am a certified
Florida native. My family has been in Florida since the mid 1800's. I live near Daytona Beach with my beautiful bride Donna of 13 years and have an engineering background(worked at Kennedy Space Center for 16 years) but now work for a large software company.

I don't own a Cookshack Smoker yet (yet is THE word) but do have an electric smoker. I feel this is the best forum for BBQ on the web.

Hi to everybody!
Hi guys, Layne here. I have been real busy at work lately(I know,shame on me). I have been burning meat for a long time. Last year I bought a model 50 and love it. I cook at least 1-2 times a week.I also have a large barrel grill, and an off set.I uaually do pork butts and ribs(brisket is still a challenge).But more than anything I use it to make jerky, and am learning about sausage. My second love is my 8 galon round bottom black iron pot(jambalaya,gumbo,ect.).
I use to be on here a lot, in fact I was one of the first to post on the new forum, and when things calm down here a little I will be back. Layne
Hey, all you fellow Q'ers! We live to smoke!Everything from soup to nuts. Tomatoes, onions, and peppers for the soup and pecans from my brother-in-laws pecan orchard. We smoked some good old Oklahoma walleye yesterday and are doing ribs and chickens (yes, the controversial citrus chicken with cilantro) tomorrow. At least in SW Oklahoma you can have the smoker going almost all year long, you don't have to break for snow. We've even thrown whole peaches on the smoker with fresh herbs and eaten them with whipped cream for our dessert. Love this site and check it frequently since I am always getting fresh ideas. Good job with the boards, Smokie! And thanks......

-Remember, life began in a garden.-
Hi Folks I'm a 47 y/o Army brat that ended up in Oklahoma. When I was 7 yrs old we moved from Garmisch,Germany (near Munich) to Ft Sill,Oklahoma. They told me Mt Scott was a mountain and a blackjack was a tree. I've had problems ever since. Well I lusted for a year but bought a model 50 at the state fair this fall.Enjoying playing with it and bragging about it. Smiler
Great to see some of the old (Hi Layne) and lots of the new.

Hope you all will jump in and show us some of your favorites (looks like the Cajuns are fans of the CS -- Hey Stuart, need to go to a State Fair there and sell).

Feel free to start a new discussion and we'll figure this stuff out somehow.

Welcome all!
Howdy. I am new to this, so I am not too sure of myself. My hobbies are smoking, Sooner football and reading Sooners Illustrated. I have only been viewing the info in this forum for two days now, but I can tell I will get some very good info.

Thanks to all of you with the experience to make me a better cook.
Hi guys and gals. My real name is DickI'm retired and live with my big black Lab (thus the. nom de plume)in Bakersfield,Ca. (Lots transplanted okies and Texans here so Que is a way of life in this town! Have had mt smokette for a couple of months and everything I've tried has come out fantastically! butt,brisket,ribs and even trout. Going to try to smoke some salmon next week. This forum is terrific! It has helped me tremendously! Keep it up everybody!!

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