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Hello Everyone!
I am a new owner of a CS Smokette! I am smoking my first butt and I am waiting for it to get ready! I put it on at midnight at 220 and I have now raised the temp to 225. It is at 152 and I still have a ways to go! It sure was nice to get to sleep through the night and not have to check on the charcoal or water! I STILL got up to make sure it was still smoking! It is cold here believe it or not so the windows are shut and I cannot smell it inside! NO, I have not opened the door to peek in BUT I HAVE been tempted so I just keep reading the posts on the site! hehehehehe
I have experience smoking with charcoal and gas so this is a real treat! I love the fact it is insulated which will be really awesome in the winter especially when it is in the low teens here!
This site is awesome just really need to learn how to do the searches so I don't have to keep asking stupid and repetative questions! I am beginning to question if I should have gotten the Ameri Q as I do think this is going to be addictive!!! heheheehehe

Good Luck and thanks for the awesome Forum!!!
Hello to all! I am a month long owner of a new AmeriQue. I have been reading the forum for some time now and really appreciate all the help and advice from everyone. Have really learned a lot here. So far I have smoked the following:
Baby back ribs, 3 times
Beef short ribs
Chicken quarters, 2 times
Deer Backstrap
Elk roast

So far everything has turned out great and I have been having a blast using and getting to know my AmeriQue.

Good luck to all and thanks so much for all the info from this forum.
As I have learned, keep the door closed and don't peek!
Howdy! Big Grin Phil Foreman from Southeastern Ohio. I was out looking for information on nitrites and nitrates for one of our buddies using TenderQuick for his pork loin ham and darned if I didn't end up here! Glad I did too. Terrific site you got here. Somebody with horsepower sees this I'd like to link your site to ours. We are small, do all sorts of cooking. Most of it out of doors. We are also hunters, fishers, campers, but mostly cooks. I'll be a regular here if you don't mind. I like to swap information and I like to ask lots of questions. I do not do any competition cooking but have been published in a half dozen cook books and have a little over a hundred personally developed recipes of all varieties that I'm happy and willing to share. With hunting season just around the corner I suspect there will be a lot of sausage, ham, bacon, and backstrap recipes on here pretty soon! I'd like to give you all a friendly invitation to come visit me and my buddies at Ohio Camp Cooks too. Like I said, we are small, but we are friendly and we are free. Maybe there is already something on our forums that will do somebody here some good. You are welcome to it of course.
Hello, my name is Chris. I've been lurking here for a while without a CS smoker. Now, I've registered, have a smokette, but am on a no pics of any food until the battle of the bulge is won once again.(from 375 to around 235 at 6'7"). Currently at 314.

Then its the grand journey back to around 265. Smoke will fly all the way too!!
Hey Now! Got my 08 for Christmas in 06. Now I am about to buy a FEC and start doing comps in 2008. I read the full lable and owners manual when I got my 08. I have only 1 problem. No where in there does it say: cooking with cookshack is as addictive as cocaine. I can't stop using it. But the good thing is. This is the one addiction my wife dosen't mind I have. LOL.
Welcome, Pat.

Whitetail bow season just came in here 10-1, and runs through february. Our only herd of Elk is imported from Rocky mountains and on the Spring River 50 miles north of here, or so. The lucky few get their name drawn and are bestowed with a special permit for 1, to be taken usually only on 1 predetermined weekend. Oh well, we have plenty of whitetail deer.

That Smokette is marvelous with jerky and roasts!

Razzer Greetings!. I've posted a couple things but haven't introduced myself. My names Corky & I'm an OTR trucker from western MN.Don't have much time at home so I went with the cookshack SM008 to replace my WSM. I love my Webers, but its a time thing......which I don't have much of. Bought the Smokette & stand at Cabelas & the cover from cookshsck. I have the smokette & cover but the stand just arrived at Cabelas so next time home a trip to Rogers & I'm good to go. Time to go to work.......C-YA!
Hello to fellow Q'rs from Olympia, Washington. Been grilling for about 35 years now, but only smokin' for about 1 year now so I guess I am still considered a newbie. Started out with a charcoal/water unit with pretty good results, but got tired of the constant babysitting that type of unit requires. After quizing local BBQ places and finding electricity is often used as their fuel source, I got over my feeling that "real fire" was needed for good food. I've had my Amerique for 6 months now and love it !!!! - THANKS to the folks at Cookshack for producing it - I use that 'hold' feature a lot - just set it & forget it till we get home (sometimes late). This forum is just great! Personal details = being an architect with a wonderful little wife and 2 grown children that like to visit me when I "fire-up" the Amerique.
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55 is the speed to drive,when it comes to smokers.I love mine,let me count the ways:
April 15,2006,We meet for the 1st time.
She arrived from cookshack via air mail.
There she was.All decked out in her stainless
steel outfit,teasing me as if to say"C'mon,let's get hot" After reading so much about her,I finally figured out what she needed.My Butt. All I could think was "Nice Rack" I seasoned and placed a 4 lb pork butt.
She got hot.Real hot,like 175F. after 6 hrs,she couldn't take anymore.I gave her a break,and removed my butt. OMG. Tender,juicy flavourful,of course I new this was going to be a life long relationship.Oh sure,I wonder what it would be like to have a newer,bigger built model,but she's a perfect fit. My 55 keeps me alive.
Just another love story,of a man,and his smoker.

Big Jim McBob.
ok folks i did it after asking loads of questions, our team made it through our FIRST BBQ CHAMPIONSHIP. lol it was a hugh learning and lasting experience.just when you think you know what you are doing, you get your tongs slaped by no other then ( JACK ) of jacks fires house gril also known from the TVFOOD NETWORK. we also had the pleasure of meeting the man known as tuffy. they were both very very helpfull and gave us loads of help and imformations. it was nerve wrecking and fun , our chickin thighs and ribs didnt do well at all. out butts and briskit did ok. all thanks go out to JACK, who if you had been looking on may have lost time on his own BBQ. to give us a hand. without his help we would have been a total flop.we also learned that this was probably one of the friendliest activities we have ever had the pleasure of perticipating in. thanks to everyone in this cookshack forum. glad to be apart of something as great as cookshack. THANKS TO EVERYONE ON COOKSHACK.

A big Wyoming HOWDY to you all! I am a transplant to the rockies of almost 3 decades. Fish, hunt, horses and mules. Did I mention smoking meat? No not horses and mules, silly! I did buy a smokette a week ago and love it. Still learning to use it as it differs from my other smoke breathing beasts I've had quite a bit. Did 3 Cornish Hens at 0 degrees last night with 6500' elevation and no problems at all. Would love to hear from you folks that smoke game meat. That is about all we have eaten for 20+ years. All apprieciated!

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