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Originally posted by GottaQ:
[qb]Hi from Rochester NY. Recovering from second degree burns on face and arms, singed hair and lost eyebrows. All in the name of Q.Have been smoking on a Weber gas grill. Soaked chips in a cast iron pan set on burner grates below ribs. Worked well but couldn't get "low and slow". At lowest temp (200), chips didn't smoke. Solution: 5 gal metal bucket with lid, cut a door in the side with hinge,a hole in the top for flexible 4" duct. Small camp stove sat inside to heat the iron pan with chips. All this was ducted to a hole cut in the side of Weber. On paper it looked good. Weber supplies low heat and the bucket provides the smoke. The damned thing nearly blew up. The stove over heated and turned into a blow torch. Tried to open the door to shut off stove and well.. see first sentence. Next day tore it apart and replaced stove with a burner fed by propane tank OUTSIDE of the bucket. Worked great, low and slow with lost of smoke. Wonderful ribs, and a Butt.But, it needed a LOT of tending.

Final solution:bought a Smokintex, which in my novice brain I thought WAS a Cookshack. Well I must have lucked out and got one of the last Made in USA 'Tex ovens. I understand Cookshack doesn't make them for 'Tex any longer and the 'Tex now comes from off-shore. Had I known I would have spent the same money directly with CS on a Smokette.[/qb]

Hi, GottaQ,

Okay, we'll let you slide by this time.

Big Grin
Thanks for introducing yourself, and thanks to the many people who have unlurked and introduced themselves in this thread. We are glad to have each and every one of you.

Happy New Year!

Donna Johnson
Cookshack, Inc.
Drbodkin here,

I love my Sooner football and smoked food from my CS smokette. I have tried everything lately and it has all been good. The only problem I have encountered is with a turkey too large to fit into the smokette, so I rolled it up in the local newspaper to smoke. I couldn't keep it lit.

I am a pretend doctor, having gotten credentials as a doctor of metaphysics through the mail as a joke.

I love this forum and all that can be learned. I figure that I have saved hundreds of dollars just by learning from the experiences of others. Thanks to all, and Happy New Year.

I tried to send a message several minutes ago, and I have no idea where it went. I'll try again. It is hell being lousy with computers.

I love my Sooners and my smokette. I'll smoke most anything, although I had a problem with a turkey too large to fit into my smokette. I rolled it in our local newspaper, but I couldn't keep it lit.

I am a pretend doctor, having gotten a doctor of metaphysics diploma as a joke through the mail. I also have learned more about smoking on this forum. It has saved hundreds of dollars in wasted effort and food. Thanks to all.
Hi Everyone..

As you can tell, I'm Don from NJ. Glad to see I�m not the only Jerseyite around here, maybe if we stick together we won't get picked on as much Wink I've lived in NJ all my life, but did a lot of traveling, 46 states in 4 years due to my old job. So that�s how I got hooked on the Q. I also do all the cooking around here as the Bride to Be can burn water.. I've mastered my Weber gas grill and was looking at a new challenge, smokin! I was hunting around a few web sites one day and came across this forum. And as I stated before, the forum and support is what sold me on the product. I received my Smokette about two weeks ago, and have had great success in it so far. I've mad Chicken breasts, a whole 7lb chicken, a 7 lb pork butt and I'm working on some Andouille Sausage as we speak... I can tell you, this product is so easy and it turns out some excellent Q. Thanks to everyone who has helped me on my quest...
Greetings all!!! Smallville America is where I smoke and would love to have some moose down this way (hint hint) Stay very busy at the airport (DUC) but when not there I enjoy spending time with my family and my smoker which is a woodfired offset. I wouldnt mind trying a CS but why fix what isnt broke. Really do enjoy the people here and love everyones new ideas!! Big Grin
Hi, I'm Jack...everybody calls me Popajack now since my son is also named Jack. I was a lawyer in a former life. Now I try to enjoy life. I love to cook and I love meat. I have probably bought every kind of cooker that was ever made...but until I found the Smokette, I was still looking for that special tool that would turn me into a Q man. I have found it and I love it. My wife thinks I'm crazy...she may not be the only one if the truth be known. I enjoy the forum alot. It is a wealth of knowledge that is there for the asking. I hope to become a really good Q r, I'm not a bad cook around a stove and a grill for that matter, or so I've been told. I can't wait for the weather to get a little better then I will be doing all my cooking outside.
CChusker checking in from a rock in the middle of the pacific. CChusker is short for Coconut Husker, name of my boat. (No, I'm not a cornhusker fan but I am a Rainbow Warrior fan. Not a hard choice when there's only one college football team in the state to choose from!) Love fishing, a good brew, and now smoking in my shack. I've figured out how to do the first two at the same time but can't figure out how to include the last. Just can't seem to find a place for that 55 in my boat. Confused

Got my 55 in March. Was a tough decision. Hmm, new fishing reel or a 55? Well, obviously I opted for the 55. Glad to report it was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. Now if only the fish would be more cooperative so I don't have to keep going to costco for my meats.

While I'm here, wanted to shoot a word of thanks out to all you seasoned vets for all the helpful advise. I've been able to avoid any disasters so far through your wisdom.

Now, back to more important matters; how to fit that darn 55 in my boat. Maybe if I cut out part of my cabin and move my fish box.... Big Grin
"Rainbow Warrior"? Is that the same Greenpeace boat I tried to sink in the Valdez harbor and went to jail for 10 days?

Obviously, you have 110 while underway. This indicates a Constavolt. How big's the rig, Husker? Why can't you just wheel her in and out? You did get a cover, did you not? Razzer Cool
Your knowledge in food matters has impressed me. And now, knowledge in boats as well? Is there anything in which you are not well versed in? I nominate that you be moved up from princess to dowager empress of knowledge on this forum. Wink

Rig is all of a huge 20'. Couple of big yellow fins or one of those pointy nose critters on board and there ain't much room for much else; time to head for the docks. I'd never dream of taking my 55 to sea anyway. If the boat ever went down, It'd look pretty silly me treading water and all while my 55 had my life vest wrapped around her! Big Grin
Boy, I hadn't checked in for a while and almost missed the roll call! Whew! That was close. You might have guessed that I'm Steve, from fancy smokin' title here. When I'm smokin' in New Hampshire, the neighbors just think I accidently spilled something in the wood stove. I was once voted most likely to watch Andi strip, if anyone knows what that means. Got my smokette about a year ago and have done brisket, pork butts, ribs, chicken, and turkey breasts a bunch of times. Haven't tried smoking fish or my jalapeno peppers in it yet. I struggled in the beginning but have got the hang of it now. My teenage boys (15 and 17) gobble it down, and I started my 17 month old son on pork butt before he turned 1!
Been lurking for a while, time to come of hiding. Based on all I found here, I did end up getting an electric smoker recently (Not Cookshack though... I know, I know, don't hit me! lol! Eeker )), but am very happy with the unit I purchased (looks just like smokette, is that a tip off? ). Have done a couple of butts and ribs in it, along with the American Turkey Roll receipe in the database (damn, that was good!). I'm sure the Smokette is a great product, I'm just glad you guys have a forum like this for me to participate in. I hope I am welcome.

My wife and I will be in Memphis for the cookoff Wed - Sun, so maybe I'll see Smokin'and some of you others there!

Somewhere in Southern Ohio
Hey Guys,

In case you have not figured it out, my name is Danny. I have a Smokette and have had one since Christmas 2000. I cook alot of butts and briskets. I live down in the BIG city of Baton Rouge, and love to cook. If there are any Cookshackers that would like to communicate in the area, please e-mail me.

By the way I am a huge LSU fan!!!! I bleed purple and gold, and so does the meat that I cook.

Grew up on the farm in Iowa. Spent 5 or 6 yrs. in Casa Grande Az. Then moved back to Iowa.
Have been at American Color Graphics for almost 18 yrs. now. Also work part-time at Black and Decker located in Tanger Mall--exit 220 on I-80.
Grew up hunting and fishing and have competed in a few walleye tourneys over the last few yrs. Finally won one last yr on the Miss.river.
Bought a model 50 over the phone and then discovered the forum. Made the right choice. Couldn't imagine a better smoker out there.
Never smelled fresh moose guts, but lots of deer guts!!!!!! Iowa is big buck country. Cool Big Grin

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