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Hi folks! David here from about 40 miles east of Atlanta. Been smoking for years now. Started indirect smoking on a gas grill to Webbers, to small offset and now reverse flow. I'm trying to step it up a bit and do some catering and searching for a location for a restaurant locally. I have officially left the rat race in Atlanta trying to make a go of it locally. I live on a beautiful piece of property that until now I have spent very little time on. The last two months has have helped me remember why I moved out here to begin with. I love the out doors.

Happy Smokin to everyone!

David (Highpockets)
Hello All! Jason here from Cedar Rapids, IA. I have been smoking for a little over a year now with a H2O Vertical Charcoal Smoker, and became fed up with dealing with charcoal and only being able to smoke when it was 80 degrees, no wind, and a perfectly sunny day. A friend convinced me to get a Smokette 008. Ordered it a few weeks ago from and hopefully should be arriving soon. (BTW, don't order from them if you are impatient like me).
Hi all, I'm John from Sacramento, CA. I am a shopping center developer. My company is LocalCenters so most people call me LC.

I've been smoking for about 10 years. I have an Okie Joe Offset Vertical, soon to be replaced with a Pitts and Spitts, and a Smokette for about 5 months.

I have to admit I love the traditional pit, especially for entertaining. It's unique in our part of the country so it's fun. It's more social than practical.

The CS is fantastic, and much easier to use but I think takes lots of practice. I still do better ribs and brisket on the offset, but the CS smokes and flavors beautifully. The ability to use different woods is a huge benefit too.

I've learned so much from this forum. I thought brining was for smoked fish, but Smokin'Okie led me to brining turkey and other meats. Huge improvement. Lots of great recipes and techniques. The CS was one of my best 'deals' ever!

Originally posted by FL Crackers:
[qb] My smokette hasn't arrived yet, so I can only pretend to know your pleasure. Have big plans once it arrives and will remain attentive to the forum. Razzer Razzer [/qb]
You must of ordered it from the same place I did. Good news is I left the company a message the other day and they actually called me back today. Bad news, I won't get a practice run in before Christmas as expected delivery date is 12/23. Time to change the plans for Christmas dinner. Mad
Originally posted by SmokinJ:
Originally posted by FL Crackers:
[qb] My smokette hasn't arrived yet, so I can only pretend to know your pleasure. Have big plans once it arrives and will remain attentive to the forum. Razzer Razzer [/qb]
You must of ordered it from the same place I did. Good news is I left the company a message the other day and they actually called me back today. Bad news, I won't get a practice run in before Christmas as expected delivery date is 12/23. Time to change the plans for Christmas dinner. Mad [/qb]
Just checked this morning -- it's in the system and scheduled for delivery on Dec 13. Can hardly wait.
Hello everyone,
my name is Sal. I've been lurking here for approximately 2 weeks now. Lots of great information here. I just got a CS 008 last weekend from a buddy of mine who thought I would make better use of it than he since I'm always grilling/smoking/BBQ'ing something. I've have been Grilling/BBQ'ing since I was 12-13 years old. Always had to be around the Fire & aroma of Grilled/BBQ'ed foods. All the family functions I was the one who grilled/BBQ'ed all the meats. This was great experience. In College, The Frat Bros asked if anyone had experience with BBQ'ing/grilling & I was the only Fool to raise my hand & well you can guess how I spent a good portion of my College time. It was fun however & now I associate BBQ/Grillin'/Smokin'with such fun great memories that will last a lifetime! After college I went on to smokin' on ECB, BGE, New Braunfels Offset & then ultimately on a Pitts & Spitts offset Smoker. The Results On the P&S's was awesome albeit labor intensive & time Consuming. Today I'm smoking a 12 lbs. Brisket to test out the CS. (I wouldn't even think about that in the P&S's with the cold weather today. Just to many variables to play with.) I'm very pleased with this new method of smoker so far! It's 40 degree's & raining steady & the CS is chuggin' along just great & the smell is wonderful. Now, some of my buddies would accuse me of preparing Lazy-Q but I see it as minimizing the variables to get a consistantly great product. I my just use this CS as a go to cooker in my stable of cookers!
Thanks a bunch for all the great info, photos & ideas.
Originally posted by RibDog:
[qb] Hey Crakers,

Our team will be in Felda on Dec 31 and Jan 1 competing in a KCBS sanctioned BBQ contest. Please stop on over and say hi. You will have a great time.

Here is a link to the site with the information on the contest: [/qb]
Wish I had known earlier -- we already have plans for NYs; however, I understand you are doing the CREW annual meeting on the 26th. Will be there with bibs and napkins.
Hi, I'm Brant from Port Angeles, Washington up on the Olympic Peninsula. I stumbled on to a used CS 105 back in November. I like to hunt and fish. I've used a few different smokers and BBQ's in the past mainly to smoke fish but since buying the CS I've been trying some other things. Very easy to use and everything comes out great. I joined the site in November and have already got lots of good info off of here. Thanks and its nice to hear from everyone.
Hi all.
I've been on board since late Aug when I got a FEC 100---love it.
I am a pediatric dentist in the mountains of eastern Kentucky.
Been grilling forever, started smoking about 3 years ago with a cheap offset.
Last year I subscribed to the NBBQ newsletter and kept seeing the ads for all of the fancy smokers out there and how easy the were to use.
CS ran a 3mo. payment plan in Aug and I convinced my wife I needed it.
The rest is history. My grill is getting lonely however. Somebody else mentioned that an FEC is lazy Q and they are right. I didn't smoke very often before because it took too long and was too much work. But now I smoke something weekly and my food is way better and more predictable than it used to be.
Hello all, my name�s Will. I live in St. Louis, but I still call Stillwater, OK home. (Go Pokes!) I got my Smokette for Christmas this year from my in-laws. I guess they were tired of me wearing out their 050 on trips home so I could haul provisions back to the BBQ wasteland that is St. Louis. (Seriously, how can K.C. have such amazing Q when St. Louis has nothing worth eating?)
I found the board a few days ago after I finally got my CS up here, and I haven�t gotten any work done since. I�m amazed at how much information there is here, and I�m glad y�all are providing such a great resource for new Q-ers like me to learn the art. Keep up the good work!
Hello my name is Jeff and I live in Iowa City, IA thus the IC Smoke screen name. Got a 008 week before X-mas (present to myself). During the week I work as a safety and productivity manager for General Mills. I also build homes on the side. Weekends are spent Q'ing. Have done a turkey, 5 butts and one brisket. Everything turned out great, the brisket could have been a little more tender. More practice and I should get it. Want to due some ribs this weekend, my wife's favorite. Wish me luck!!

Hi I am beerman13, aka rob, I'm new on here, just found your site yesterday. From Denton, TX(just north of dallas). Ya'll seem to have a pretty close group of friennd and would like to be included. I'm still a stick burner, but I am gathering info, looking to make a switch. We cook evet weekend and an occasional competition. my team has placed in the top 10 in brisket 4 years in a row at the North Texas State Fair.
Hey there everyone! My name is Burt and I live in Gurnee, IL.., I joined the forum after lurking on and off for a year, first off I want to say thank you for all the great tips and advise that many of you have provided here, and that I am definitely a better cook for having read everyone's DO'S and more importantly allot of your DON'TS!

So your probably thinking Gurnee? Where's that? Well Gurnee is located smack dab between Milwaukee & Chicago, it's home to 6 Flags Great America, a boatload of hotels and is vast a culinary wasteland full of every lousy national chain restaurant known to man (except Famous Dave's! I guess even Dave thought we needed a water park hotel more than another chain restaurant, but that's another story). In other words, the food here stinks, and we don't have any BBQ joints around for miles, and herein lies my frustration: I'm a fine wine, dinning and BBQ nut, and while Gurnee is a great place to raise kids and own a home, its not the food Mecca I'd like it to be, and most likely it never will be either.

I grew up in Chicago and was spoiled by a life of wonderful culinary options all around me, I firmly believe that per capita Chicago has more great restaurants than anywhere else on the planet! Now that being said, I also recognize that Chicago BBQ is NOT on a par with most of the other major Q' capitols like Texas, Oklahoma & some parts of the south. But we do have a few places can hold their own, and as everyone may know we do make some kick butt babyback ribs up here!

Last year I took the family on a BBQ and amusement park trip, we traveled 2,500 miles from Chicago to Denver, down to New Mexico and across Texas up into OK City and through St. Louis and then back home, we hit no less than 15 BBQ joints and about 10 parks over three weeks. Two big highlights were two of the best places I've ever ate at; Earls in OK City and Super Smokers in St. Louis (Eureka). I also make sure I hit Rudy's whenever I'm in Round Rock, TX on business, man I sure wish I could get that level of Q up this way.

So in order to get great BBQ I've had to either drive for hours or learn to do it myself. Thus enter the home chef; I have a Weber Genesis Gold B (with the chip steam & smoke attachment), a Cookshack SM009 and Masterbuilt Smoker oven. Let me start by saying that if it was even remotely possible to get smoker results on my Weber (or any other grill) I would have never gone down the smoker path to begin with, but alas, it wasn't, so I started out by getting a MB & then later I bought the CS when I was ready to get serious. Don't get me wrong, I still love to grill on the Weber, in fact and there is nothing quite like like it for steak, chicken or just finishing out my smoked foods, I just load those chips, and in 10-15 mins I'm cooking as hot as 300�-700� even now in the 20� weather, but slow and low isn't the Weber way. So now I think I have the best of all worlds. And I eat great Q at home and everyone in the neighborhood thinks I a BBQ king, all thanks to the CS and you guys! Take care-
Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone!

Yes Q-Fuego, I agree KC would have been very nice, not to mention that Worlds of Fun would have been a blast for the kids too.

So I'm thinking maybe on my next vacation, I want to hit Memphis and revisit the Rendezvous for some of those amazing dry rub ribs, and then head over to KC and spend some time in the BBQ capital.
Hi I'm Ken....a teacher in ND.Yes we actually do BBQ up here....although you have to make it yourself....not to many BBQ joints up here.The info on here is great.I finally broke down and bought a higher grade smoker where I can regulate the heat.I have been smoking for 20 years or so,but on a cheap Brinkman where temps can't be regulated.

Made my first ribs 2 weeks ago and smoked a chicken the past weekend.Pretty good.Still learning about how much wood to use and how long it takes to finish at what temp.
Hey Ken welcome fellow MB�r!

I've have the same MB unit for a little over a year, I grabbed up the floor unit from my Bass Pro-shop, but it's now sitting in my garage, and my new CS09 occupies the prominent spot on my deck next to my big Weber! So there�s allot of stainless steel sitting out there!

Last year I almost had a crisis on my hands for Thanksgiving when the controller would only error out and unit wouldn�t start up from the cold, so I couldn�t get my bird going on time. Luckily, I brought the whole smoker into the garage (where it still stands!) and once it thawed enough, I was off and running, I ended up turning out a great bird too.

So on that note, I would like to share a tip with you since you appear to live even further up north than me: be sure to loosen the two screws in the back of the controller unit so you can freely plug and un-plug your digital controller. I strongly recommend that you keep the controller indoors when you�re not using it, since it�s very sensitive to rain/sleet, snow, and especially outside temps that drop under 30. Otherwise that controller rocked and I have to admit I liked it even better then the analog dial one on my CS. I really liked the exact readout of interior temp vs. my set temp, plus the ability to set my cook times so it could shut off by itself.

I had great luck with my MB, and you should know that most of the Cookshack recommended cooking times and recipes will convert over very nicely for you.
I also like using the water pan with about 1/2 cup of apple juice for my ribs & turkey make them extra sweet and moist. Your right though, everything always does come out very moist, but it�s also very bark-less.

My only complaints about the MB are that there is no door latch and no matter what I did, clean up was always pain! There are just too many unsealed crevasses and sheet metal seams on the interior, I always wished I could weld a few beads and close those seams shut. Because the interior steam pressure can force the grease/smoke/food particles into the insulation and behind the sheet metal, making for an unsanitary condition. So be sure to line that puppy with foil real good!

Take care-
Hi, I'm gc/tx on the Forum. My real name is Charles. I'm a retired university business/financial administrator. I cooked my first brisket in 1971 and have been at it ever since. I didn't smoke a pork butt (Boston butt) until a few years ago. For several years, I've use a WSM for low and slow cooking, which in my case includes briskets, butt, and ribs. I use a Weber kettle for things I can cook in about an hour or less, hamburgers, for example, and use a gas grill for vegetables, fish, and things that cook within a few minutes. I ordered a Cookshack Smokette yesterday that will be delivered next week. I plan to use it instead of the WSM for low and slow cooking. I wanted a cooker for doing what I call Lazy Man Q -- one that doesn't involve fooling with charcoal, tending the cooker for temperature control, and a lot of clean-up after cooking, especially a water pan and a lot of ashes. So, I hope to use the Smokette for the low and slow barbecue items, and will continue to use the kettle and the gasser for grilling. The Cookshack Forum is great!
Gurnee BBQ Dude,

I made a smoker full of ribs the past Saturday.The outside temp was 18 degrees.No problem getting it up to 225 and keeping it there.I also put apple juice in the water pan.Only used 3 oz. of Hickory and they had a nice smoke taste.

I did have to pull the wood loader out a 1/2 inch or so and use as a damper because the wood would use up all the oxygen and quit smoking.Everytime I opened the door,steam would roll out....nice moist result.

One question....I put foil around the waterpan and the bottom ash pan to make for easir cleaning.Are you saying you are lining the entire inside walls with foil?

What do you use to clean the inside walls between smoking?
It sounds like you pretty much got the main spots there. No I don�t line the whole interior, but I do line foil on the bottom floor with about 1" folded up tight against the sides over those bottom seams and I foil line the ash pan, the water pan washes out with no problems, but the bottom takes a beating from the smoke hitting it directly so maybe lining the bottom wouldn�t be a bad idea, but how much business do we really want to give to Remolds Warp right?.

As to my major cleaning regiment, well it�s about the same as it is for my CS:
1. Brush with a wire brush any heavy deposits off the racks or in the corners
2. Put about 2 cups of vinegar in the water pan and run it at 275 for about two hours
3. Then lightly spray the inside with Pam
4. Wipe the inside down with paper towels to get any heavy oil off along with anything else that comes off.
5. Re season with a sweet wood (hickory, apple) for 2-4 hours.

I routinely do this every other month or if I�m really using it heavily I�ll give it major cleaning, but otherwise, just keeping the pans & racks cleaned and changing out the foil every cook seems to work for me in-between.

Sounds good on those ribs, yeah keep the door closed! I had a bungee cord wrapped around it at one point to keep that door shut; I later put on a door latch, because that was one of my big grips with my MB. The pressure inside would blow open the magnetic door seal which couldn�t hold, so whom! Door open enter the rush of O2 and then the chips on fire! Not good, vs. my CS which has a latch that could hold back a tsunami.

I use about a cupful of mixed hickory & apple wood chips for mine, and I always remove any bark or funky looking pieces. I don�t use wet chips, because they wont smoke up as fast, and can be hard to start up (which prevent you from infusing as much of the smoke flavor as possible because the meat is still cooler and can still accept more smoke flavor vs. at the end of your cook when the meat pores are sealed up and the smoke only darkens the exterior of the meat) plus I think wet chips make smoke bitter, and the old saying is: the sweeter the smoke, the sweeter the meat.

On the ribs, if you go for a 4-5 hour cook with the apple juice on the pan, you might want to consider doing a Chicago style finish on them, since I doubt there would be any bark to them, but seriously moist and fall off the bone. So after the smoker has finished doing its job, fire up a grill to high, and let it get real hot. Lightly brush on a thick BBQ sauce (I especially like Sweet Baby Rays from Chicago) but KC Masterpiece or one of a similar thickness will work too, give them a quick & light charring (just a few seconds on each side, if you go too long or for minutes you will mess �em up!), and I think you�ll really like the final results.
I'm from eastern KY (as you might imagine), built a 5'X 5' masonry pit last summer (my first smoker). I'll have to say that it has been FUN, I love it! I have always enjoyed cooking so this is just another way to offer good food to my family and friends. I've fired my pit 8 times or so, mostly pork butts and shoulders. I have a burn barrell then shovel the coals into the pit. I'll try to post some pics of it here.

Well it's the first of April this weekend so I'm going with ribs on my first firing this year.

Have a good one or maybe a cold one!

Greetings smokaholics.
My name is Ron Bennett and I'm addicted to BBQ too. I came over to the dark side about a year or so ago, and have never looked back. My Competition team, "Smokenspice", will only be able to do a couple of comps this year,probably Great Bend and McPherson unless I can get my boss to let me off a little more.
My real job is that of a long haul trucker, doing all 48 states,so time home is premium.
I have a FE100, a Traeger 075, a Traeger 150, and other assorted grills and little smokers.
and a 24 ft concession/comp trailer (For sale)
Wife and 2 boys round out the team.
The hardest thing I have encountered in my new job is missing all the great folks I have met over the years, and wishing I could get out more.
Well, maybe next year.
Hello all. I am from originally from Arkansas and Memphis, but I have lived in North Carolina for the past 18 years. I have been using various smokers for many, many years. In the early 80s, I had a team that competed in Memphis in May (Ribs) for five different years.

I purchased my Model 055 about two years ago and really love it. I have tried several meat, but I mainly cook ribs. It has made smoking so much easier.

I have visited the forum since before I puchased my smoker, but only registered recently. I love the recipes and conversation.
Hi all - Name is Kevin. I'm a (legal) alien from the UK. Dayjob is wireless telecomms consulting management. Married to a fine young lady called Sharon who is a great wife and mother to my young daughter. My real interests are studying the game of chess (I'm fairly useless but enjoy the challenge), trying to get all of the 9mm slugs from my Glock 34 into a 2 inch circle at 15 yards at the range, getting myself in better shape down at the local 24 hour fitness, smoking cigars and good bourbon, and trying to cook. Love Q so thought I'd give it a whirl. Started with the Weber smokey thing but got brassed of with temperature control and constantly adding more charcoal - made cooking a chore. Searched around the web and found cookshack. Procrastinated for two years before taking the plunge with a new 008. Wish I'd done it 2 years ago, its awesome! Had excellent results so far with pork butt and brisket. Great forum - hopefully one day I'll have learned enough to contribute something original.
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Welcome to all the new members. This is a great forum where you can enjoy the company of other avid (or rabid?) barbecue lovers. We are glad you are here and can't wait to hear more from you. Tell us what you are doing, attach pictures to your messages, ask questions!

My parents started Cookshack about 45 years ago, and I have been involved in the business for about 25 years. (Yikes! Can I be that old?) Big Grin

I am always glad to help you. Just send me an e-mail or private message. Or call me on my cell phone at 405.361.2196. Don't call me in the middle of the night, I am not that nice. I can't always solve your problem immediately, but I can get you to the right person.

Glad you are here!

Howdy folks! My name is Craig and i'am fairly new to this CS forum. Yet already, I see there are very experienced and knowledgable smokers here. I'am in a small town just N. of Raleigh, NC deep in the heart of hog country.

My first memory of Que was watching and eventualy helping my grand daddy smoke a whole hog for a local church fund raiser. I was probibly only 4 or 5 years old at the time. I never forgot the aroma of the hickory smoke as it came off his homemade smoker. Reckon you could say its in my blood.

Above all else - have fun.
hello to all.Originally from alabama,existing in louisiana for over 20 years, hence the name lonesome tide. I work for a major oil refinery and hopefully will be retiring in app. 4 yrs. 4 mths. I have to confess that i, also, use a gas , electric and charcoal smoker.I would like to say thanks to all the guys that post recipes , because i sure have used a lot of them and they are great!!!!
My name is David Anderson, hence the handle.
Long history of smoking, starting in West Central Wisconsin where we would smoke fresh caught carp every spring. Married a Polish gal from south of town and here brother and I would make 100 rings of venison bologna at a time and smoke it. Brought my skills to Minneapolis where once we were smoking bologna in a homemade smoker (made of paneling as it was cheap then) and a guy knocked on the door to tell us our shed was burning. Never dawned on me these city folks couldn't recognize a smoker when they seen one. Went to a Brinkman to a Sausagemaker to a 008 to my 055. My neighbors think I am nuts to spend $900 on a smoker but never fail to stand in line when the food is done. Love the forums for sure.
Originally posted by Wild Turkey No9:
Hi all - Name is Kevin. I'm a (legal) alien from the UK. Dayjob is wireless telecomms consulting management. Married to a fine young lady called Sharon who is a great wife and mother to my young daughter. My real interests are studying the game of chess (I'm fairly useless but enjoy the challenge), trying to get all of the 9mm slugs from my Glock 34 into a 2 inch circle at 15 yards at the range, getting myself in better shape down at the local 24 hour fitness, smoking cigars and good bourbon, and trying to cook. Love Q so thought I'd give it a whirl. Started with the Weber smokey thing but got brassed of with temperature control and constantly adding more charcoal - made cooking a chore. Searched around the web and found cookshack. Procrastinated for two years before taking the plunge with a new 008. Wish I'd done it 2 years ago, its awesome! Had excellent results so far with pork butt and brisket. Great forum - hopefully one day I'll have learned enough to contribute something original.

Kev, nice to see another Brit on the board....

Jerky works well, smoked beans and prime rib is awsome......


My name is Darrell and I live in Columbia, MD. I grew up in Illinois and long enjoyed good midwestern bbq. I'm a young lad, just 31, but I've been cooking recreationally for about six years now. I've become totally addicted to ribs and trying to perfect them. Only my wife keeps me in check w/o spending an entire check on equipment and products. I have a Smoke King which is a Brinkman offset smoker. It's basically a twin to the New Braunfels smoker but for lefties Wink I have two daughters that keep me very busy. Both daughters recognize the bbq smell on the spot and can't wait until dinner is served. My wife hails from OKC and so that is why we are both die-hard Sooner fans.

Boomer Sooner Baby!
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Welcome to the forum Bubba. You will find lots of useful and helpful people here and learn (and hopefully contribute) about some great BBQ.

Just a word of caution; I'd watch how much personal info you put in a public forum. Your full name and where you live along with the names of your kids is risky. Way too many weird souls ot there. Just trying to protect you my BBQ friend!

Have fun & good luck!
hey guys, this is ben here. I live in the sunny old united kingdom (sunny yeah right!!!) Id never heared of bbq smokers until about a year ago, its just un known in the uk! Im doing my damdest though to promote it though hah. Got a brinkman for ma birthday after reading about smoking on lovin using it so far have done a brisket wich suprisingly turned out very well. also done a few chickens and some sausage. Gonna have a go at a pork shoulder tommorow on my day off from college. Anyway really lovin this forum and hope to get to know you lot much better...........ben
Hello all. My name is Mike and I live in the small university town of Starkville, MS, which is roughly equidistant from Memphis TN, Birmingham AL, and Jackson MS. I'm a university administrator in the Information Technology field. Happily married with two daughters one who's living in Chicago and the other living in Germany with her husband, a JAG officer in the army.

I've been a life-long griller and wannabe smoker. I inherited my dad's homemade rig, Big Bertha, which consists of a 4.5'x4.5'x2' high concrete block base with a metal cover made from a 55 gallon drum split in half. For heat/smoke, logs are burned down to hot coals and periodically shoveled into the smoker. It does a good job, but requires a lot of work and constant attention. And temp control is really difficult.

I bought a propane smoker a couple of years ago and while considerably easier than Big Bertha to operate, it also requires a good bit of attention and constant monitoring of temp and refilling of the wood box and water pan. At my age, 57, I wanted something that would turn out good Q but with minimal effort and adequate sleep.

I wasn't even aware of electric smokers until I spent some time with Google a couple of months ago. Came across this forum, spent a few weeks reading up and finally took the plunge last week when I bought the SM050. So far I've done two butts and one brisket and will do 3 racks of ribs this afternoon. Butts turned out great, but I overcooked the brisket. I was planning on it being ready about 8 AM but it should have been pulled several hours earlier (when I was sound asleep). It still turned out OK with a good tase, but I wound up having to chop it all (too done for slicing).

So far, my only disappointment with the 050 is the size. I wish it were a few inches wider so that a big brisket would lay flat on the rack. But it's definitely meeting my "set it and forget it" expectations. And this forum is a great source of info. I hope to visit often.

Mike Rackley, aka Smoked Dog
Hi yall I am Billyq or Billy,from Panama City Florida.Native here all my life so far.Enjoy cooking inside or outside.Whether its deepfrying turkeys,grillin burgers or my fav, using my ST for ribs,brisket or anything else.I really say "Hats off" to Donna and her company for turning out great products,customer service that others only wish they had,and this forum with Smokin' and everyone else that contributes!!Kepp up the great works you all.

No, I did not know that your dessert won first. It deserved to win, it was delicious. Now are you going to post the recipe? Smiler

I love that sauce! I think you should start selling it. I want the first case. I will be begging Jeff for more.

I don't know if I am going to make it to Perkins, but I will be in touch by e-mail.
Well Hello!!

I live in Québec (Canada)...

I'm a newby in smoking...

I liked propane gas grilling (known as BBQ in Canada) and experienced smoking with my gas unit...

This spring, I had a good deal on a Char-broil Barrel and bought it!...

I did my first smoked salmon...I could not believe the difference... Eeker

Happy now to have discovered you guys!!

I know my smoker isn't a CS, but hope you guys will still try to help!!

I will deal with a pork loin roast this weekend...
Hi all

I'm Bob from suburban Maryland. Bought a Smokette 009 on a whim last week. Actually I've been toying with the idea of a real smoker for a year or so. Prior to that all my smoking was done on a Weber kettle.

I must admit that I'm not completely obsessed by BBQ, I am obsessed by all types of foods. We both cook all weekend long, nearly every weekend. NuMex, Cajun, Creole, Thai, Chineese, French, American, wharever, we'll try it. Work usually prevents much creativity during the work week. Wiffie is a high school teacher & I'm the director of contruction & design for a non-profit affordable housing developer. So we live on leftovers & carryout during the work week.

I guess the downside to having such a remarkable smoker is that I will no longer be able to grab a big cigar, an adult beverage & a good book and sit by the Weber for hours on end saying "I can't leave the fire unattended, it might go out and ruin everything."

I've tried Tuna steaks & a brisket with mixed results. I'm trying chicken wings, baby backs & whole chickens this weekend. We'll see how it goes.
Hi I love to smoke food and play video games and I am 42 yrs old too. Going to get a CS 08. I have Xbox 360 2 of them 1 for me and ˜wife' and 1 for the kids. They love to eat from the grill and smoker I have but I can't wait to try my new CS it will come in 2 too 3 weeks they tell me so am like a big kid ps love this form nice people
Just saw this post- My name is Kenny. I have a catering/cafe/wine bar outside of Cleveland Ohio. Been doing BBQ for a bit but since i bought the cookshack 150, I know we have the best ribs in town. I bought the Floor model in Vegas two years ago. John gave me a hell of a deal. I really need to get focused and starting using it for more items.
Hi All!
I'm John W. from the So. California desert. I bought my Model 55 a few years ago and, to be honest, I was not very happy with it. Temperature control concerns and no smoke ring (found out later about using a charcoal briquette) were disapointing attributes. I went back to using my water smokers, weber and barrel grill for all of my outdoor cooking/smoking. My recent craving for tender beef back ribs prompted me to give the ol' 55 another chance. After spending hours online, reading cookbooks and getting some unselfish assistance from CS Forum members, I think I'm finally getting the 55 dialed in. This time, I'm here to stay!
Thanks for the help! Cool
JohnnyQ - Sometime it takes some un-learning to get used to the new and different stuff. I got so tired of watching the temp and making sure everything stayed as consistent as possible with my ECB. These type of smokers are a Godsend. Patience is key. You'll get the hang of it soon.

Good luck! Big Grin
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Howdy all,

Just ordered my first model 50. I've been crawling along with the Weber Bullet for the past 20 years and have had it with the sloshing water, fire tending, and clean up. I would like to thank Cookshack for this great forum and all of you for the informational posts and links that are here.

Take care,

Tob (the other Bill)
Hi all,
My name is Russ as well.. (though apparently not yet as adept as the Revered (now Grand Champion) smokinOkie).
I too, am a former Okie, transplanted to CA. Sure miss home though.

Sadly, I bought a Smokintex before I realized CS even existed. I will say I love it, and it works beautifully thus far.

But the forums and, from what I hear, CS customer service makes me wish I'd gone the right route.

Had my ST for about 3 months now, and have done several briskets, many many ribs and one spectacular Butt. All were excellent thanks to the info found here!
Thanks to you all for accepting us non-CS owners and I look forward to posting more and enjoying all the great tips here.
Hello. TomC in Fresno, CA, here. I'm from Southern California and still have a hard time swallowing the fact that I live in Central California. I'm very passionate about all things food and drink. I'm an IT Manager by day but that just gets in the way of what I really want to be I take the art of the cocktail pretty seriosly, as well. I've been looking at CS for about 5 years but I couldn't really justify the expense. Now, my latests obsession is charcuterie so it's time to take the plunge. I will be looking for recommendations as to which CS I should get.
Hi i am smokeyone a 51 yr old kid w/ wife, kids,& grandkids. i love the Lord because He first loved me and has blessed me in so many ways
i have had charcoal bullet, gas bullet, and a Good One charcoal both charcoal models did a good job but basicly i don't like being tied down to the smoker i would rather be fishing , hunting, riding my cruiser walking around the sporting good stores, sleeping, ect. so last weekend i bought a 50 at cabela's did my secound smoke (chicken ) yeasterday for Mom's birthday party this thing works great
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Sorry about the late response. I was sitting on the beach for a week.

I think I want an electric heated wood smoke model. Ease of use is very important to me. Although, I definitely want to cold smoke.

The main purpose of the smoker will be to smoke bacon, sausage, hams, etc. So, it will not be an issue of how many people I'm cooking for.

Price is always an issue. I have plenty of money but I am very conservative when it comes to spending money on hobbies.

Assuming the SM009 does what I'm looking for I would most likely start there- unless I am convinced I should go a different direction.
Way to go TomC! Congratulations to you on a very wise purchase! Welcome to the forum! You wil find lots of info here and will not regret your choice. You pretty much have the same setup as me. I also have the chili-grill and ribhooks. If your indoor oven has one of those enamel coated broiler pans, it will slide nicely between the Smokette and the cart and it is heavy enough to stay, barring a 'nader or such, which I doubt you will have there.
Hi, I am Loyd from Washington NC living on a sailboat and just started smoking. I have used my Weber gas grill a lot and several pig pickins in the traditional NC way down east. My Amerique arrived in early August. It has to be one of the best purchases I have ever made. It is sure to make new friends at the marina here. Thanks to all in the forum and SmokinOkie!
Hi I'm Jim from Weymouth, MA. I got hooked on real BBQ in the late 60's or early 70s. Interstate 95 wasn't complete and went through Fayetteville NC. There was a small white building that made the best pulled pork. From there we stopped at every Stuckies on the way to and from Key West.

I've been smoking for close to 30 years now and just ordered a CS 55 today. I'm getting to old to be burning sticks.
ok so i'm a 34 year old chef. i'm from just outside chicago in downers grove. just openned a new resturant called mullens bar and grill. chicago style pub, just got our cookshack last week. i'm doing pork butt for pulled pork sandwich's and doing baby back ribs. first couple batches have been ok but looking to fine tune.

so how does it work i go first???lol.
Hey all, I'm Doug. I just got my smokette yesterday. Seasoned it last night and will throw some butts on tonight. One question, it looked like my heating element was twisted so that it almost touches the wood that normal? It doesn't appear to be broken since the smell of hickory was all over my neighborhood this morning...but I want to make sure I'm not in for any trouble.

I can't wait to get those butts in the CS!!
Hey Doug -- "Welcome to the Forum!" You're going to love your CS. The smell of cooking ! will drive your neighbors nuts and you'll probably meet some "new neighbors" if ya know whhat I mean.

On the element, if in doubt, call CS Customer Service. They will tell you if there's a potential problem. Great people! 1-800-423-0698 X14

Good luck & have fun! Big Grin
Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
We're getting lots of new members (and lurkers) so thought I was time for a "roll call".<br /><br />Tell us who you are?<br /><br />I'm Smokin' Okie, a non-paid straight man for the rest of the forum gang. Love the friends here at the forum! I've been smokin' for a REALLY long time, on most any smoker out there.
Hi All,
Been lovin' my AQ for the past couple of months. I tend to put in more chunks than recc., but I like a LOT of smoke. Only problem I have found is thermostat..does not stop at set temp...either up or down for quite a while before it settles down.Could be all the wood I'm throwing in.
Was in Md.a few weeks ago and had some of the best ribs and chicken I ever stuffed my mouth with!!! Fella had 2 Southern Pride BIG smokers and used a simple rub on the baby back ribs (1.75 lbs - 2lbs)just rubbed top..threw them in. Used hickory at 240 degrees for 3 hours. No turning or opening.
Chicken had back cut out then split in half. Kosher salt only and in the smoker at 275 degrees for 2 1/2 hours.
Used a ketchup and cider vinegar based sauce ...only on the apple juice spritz...never opened the door till done with ribs or chicken.Try a blind tasting with Heinz and Hunts...tell me what you think)
I tried the same times and temp with my AQ. After a few tries, pre warming the box got me to about the same times give or take. THE BEST I'VE EVER MADE!!!!!!!!
Happy cooking and thanks to all of you that gave me advice on buying COOKSHACK!!!!!!!!!!

I'm on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and at the time of this post I've had my 055 for the third day..... I've done 2 batches of wings, one shoulder and a brisket..... ribs to go in today!

If you plan a trip this way feel free to contact me if you want the latest fishing report or want to go out.... I've got a Parker 2520XL.... love to fish.... I can also take care of you in the local emergency room if you eat too much Q or burn you hands... suggest the fishing.


Hi, I'm Gail from Toronto. I just bought a Smokette today. I haven't set it up yet, but I'm looking forward to cooking up a storm.

I'm a culinary educator, food writer and editor, and recipe developer and tester. I plan to smoke briskets, ribs, chicken, turkey, salmon and other fish. I also want to experiment with veg such as eggplant and peppers.

This looks like a wonderful forum. Glad I found it.
Hi Guys and Gals.
I'm a new member but not a new cook or guy, having just celebrated my 70 th.bday.
My successful smoking has thus far been limited to salmon
hot smoked in an Old Smokey, as directed by my old pal Willi. Wonderful, in fact the best i have ever eaten,all credit to Willi.
Willi has just passed away (idiotic phrase)
so i am the sad recipient of his much used 1998 # 55 and lots of spare parts.
He was German which explains the back up parts!

My interests are cooking, fishing,reading,(i will read a milk carton)and voracious information seeking on the net.
I was formerly a big game hunter from Newfoundland to Alaska as well as a trap and skeet shooter and avid handloader and pistol hunter. My freshwater fishing exploits are well known in some circles and some wonder when i found time to work!

My interest NOW is to learn this 55.
Jeff at CS has already been helpful with some technical matters as my pal Willi had modified his smoker to better serve his personal ideas which were developed in the big deli's and butcher shop/smoke houses of Europe.

Be patient with me as i'm half italian and half german myself and the German half is anal to a fault..(ask my wife of 48 years)!!

Thanks to all for listening.
Hey Everyone! My name is Kelly and I live in Seattle, Washington. I just ordered my CS the other day and am impatiently awaiting its delivery from Cabelas. I have tried 'smoking' with a propane grill but we all know how that turns out so I finally broke down and purchased a true smoker.

Everybody sure seems to be helpful on this site. Being a newbie to this I'm sure I will be posting quite a few questions.

Happy Smokin'

Another Arkie here, in gorgeous Tumbling Shoals on Greers Ferry Lake. I've been log smokin' for several years, but with a 17-month old and another due at Christmas, my hands-on smoking time is just about non-existent, so I'm getting a CS smokette 008, which should be here tomorrow or Friday.

Can't wait to start using it!
(Is it normal to dream about your smoker?) Smiler

Hey Aberwacky! Welcome too the forum!

When I read your post I gasped! Tumbling Shoals, AR I lived there for several years. My wife and I built the log house on Old 25 - now living in Searcy.

You'll love your CS and get more rest and timee to play not having to tend the stick-burner.

Have fun with your new toy and read, read and read some more! This forum is full of good folks who are more than willing to assist you with Q questions!

Welcome aboard!
Originally posted by Aberwacky:
Another Arkie here, in gorgeous Tumbling Shoals on Greers Ferry Lake. I've been log smokin' for several years, but with a 17-month old and another due at Christmas, my hands-on smoking time is just about non-existent, so I'm getting a CS smokette 008, which should be here tomorrow or Friday.

Can't wait to start using it!
(Is it normal to dream about your smoker?) Smiler


Just up the road! Welcome!

Yes it is normal to have those dreams.
I am a newbie to this forum. Justordered my 09 and stand a couplehours ago. My christmas present.ut since I am a misplaced Texan in Pennsylvania,I will confess to a lot of cuin on my NewBraunfels barrel smoker.It's been said I make the best Que in this part of the country. I cut my own wood for smoke, Hickory and apple
Hope to be back soon with some good CS news.
Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
We're getting lots of new members (and lurkers) so thought I was time for a "roll call".<br /><br />Tell us who you are?<br /><br />I'm Smokin' Okie, a non-paid straight man for the rest of the forum gang. Love the friends here at the forum! I've been smokin' for a REALLY long time, on most any smoker out there.
Hi, ya'll I'm Ox. Chef Ox if you please.
Went to CAI grad.1988 never really used me degree. Did some major gigs,Boston Mas. P-Town Mas. Omaha Ne. Boise Id. When I got married, my wife needed more time then I could give the resturant and I have been in Parts Sales since.
Started comp. BBQ 4yrs ago. Been catering for 3yrs.
Met F.E. at K.C. BBQ contest,GREAT GUY!! and Embassitor of BBQ. Been using a Traeger for 3.5yrs, In Aug. stolen from my driveway, So FE's are in the works for my NEW mobile kitchen.
Thanks for the Look-See. Chef Ox
I'm Denny and still a real novice. However I have a serious problem that just appeared.

I placed my fish inside and shut and locked the doors. Plug in and then hit the start button on my Model 160. There was the normal high pitch beep, but am getting no reading on the reader dial and annot get moving from there.

Any ideas on what I ahve done???

My name is Bill (a.k.a. Airboss) and I live here in beautiful Bradenton, Florida. I got into smoke and que by way of my son Greg, who many of you may know as the site administrator for the BBQ-4-U board.

After 35 years of grilling I decided to wade into the que waters slowly. I purchased an inexpensive electric/H20 smoker to get a sense of what is involved. It was an education and the que wasn't that bad albeit a tad cumbersome and sort of messy when it came to clean-up.

I was visiting a friend in Dallas and he had just purchased his 008. I was amazed at the concept, configuration, ease of use and quality of the food he prepared. I guess the recent promo offering by Cookshack pushed it over the edge and on Christmas Day Mrs. Airboss surprised me with an email confirming my Smokette would be delivered on the 28th. To paraphrase, the rest is history in the making.

I love the site and appreciate all the help & advice here. Most of all, I'm glad you have all had the chance to meet me. Cool
Hey Airboss - Welcome to the CS family and forum. Looks like I'm just down the road a bit from you in the southern part of Sarasota. After looking at the weather in the West and Plains States, it's pretty nice to have it at 85F and sunny on the day of New Years eve.

Got the very same Xmas gift 3 years ago at my house in Chicago. Picked up another one a year and a half ago, barely used, at an estate sale in Sarasota. I was driving by and saw something in the driveway that looked familiar. They were asking $100 but let me have it for $75. They were even kind enough to deliver it to my house since it was too big for my car.

Study the pinned thread "Lessons for new users" and follow the forum closely. You'll learn everything you need to know and more about the craft of smoking and BBQ.
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Hi all,

I purchased my Smokette after sampling some delicious meals graciously prepared by fellow CS owners Shooter and CigarNV.

In the first week, I've cooked....

1. Brisket- twice
2. Skirt steak (when I learned that too much wood is a very, very bad thing!)
3. Pork tenderloin, finished on the grill
4. Pork chops, finished on the grill
5. Pork of the tastiest meals I've had, and blows famed restaurants away. I used Lexington, NC vinegar sauce.

What next?

My wife loves it because she doesn't have to worry about what's for dinner! And I love it because it's incredibly easy, foolproof, and offers delicious meals that are easy to prepare. Good work, Cookshack!