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Hello Everyone!
I am a new owner of a CS Smokette! I am smoking my first butt and I am waiting for it to get ready! I put it on at midnight at 220 and I have now raised the temp to 225. It is at 152 and I still have a ways to go! It sure was nice to get to sleep through the night and not have to check on the charcoal or water! I STILL got up to make sure it was still smoking! It is cold here believe it or not so the windows are shut and I cannot smell it inside! NO, I have not opened the door to peek in BUT I HAVE been tempted so I just keep reading the posts on the site! hehehehehe
I have experience smoking with charcoal and gas so this is a real treat! I love the fact it is insulated which will be really awesome in the winter especially when it is in the low teens here!
This site is awesome just really need to learn how to do the searches so I don't have to keep asking stupid and repetative questions! I am beginning to question if I should have gotten the Ameri Q as I do think this is going to be addictive!!! heheheehehe

Good Luck and thanks for the awesome Forum!!!
Hello to all! I am a month long owner of a new AmeriQue. I have been reading the forum for some time now and really appreciate all the help and advice from everyone. Have really learned a lot here. So far I have smoked the following:
Baby back ribs, 3 times
Beef short ribs
Chicken quarters, 2 times
Deer Backstrap
Elk roast

So far everything has turned out great and I have been having a blast using and getting to know my AmeriQue.

Good luck to all and thanks so much for all the info from this forum.
As I have learned, keep the door closed and don't peek!
Howdy! Big Grin Phil Foreman from Southeastern Ohio. I was out looking for information on nitrites and nitrates for one of our buddies using TenderQuick for his pork loin ham and darned if I didn't end up here! Glad I did too. Terrific site you got here. Somebody with horsepower sees this I'd like to link your site to ours. We are small, do all sorts of cooking. Most of it out of doors. We are also hunters, fishers, campers, but mostly cooks. I'll be a regular here if you don't mind. I like to swap information and I like to ask lots of questions. I do not do any competition cooking but have been published in a half dozen cook books and have a little over a hundred personally developed recipes of all varieties that I'm happy and willing to share. With hunting season just around the corner I suspect there will be a lot of sausage, ham, bacon, and backstrap recipes on here pretty soon! I'd like to give you all a friendly invitation to come visit me and my buddies at Ohio Camp Cooks too. Like I said, we are small, but we are friendly and we are free. Maybe there is already something on our forums that will do somebody here some good. You are welcome to it of course.
Hello, my name is Chris. I've been lurking here for a while without a CS smoker. Now, I've registered, have a smokette, but am on a no pics of any food until the battle of the bulge is won once again.(from 375 to around 235 at 6'7"). Currently at 314.

Then its the grand journey back to around 265. Smoke will fly all the way too!!
Hey Now! Got my 08 for Christmas in 06. Now I am about to buy a FEC and start doing comps in 2008. I read the full lable and owners manual when I got my 08. I have only 1 problem. No where in there does it say: cooking with cookshack is as addictive as cocaine. I can't stop using it. But the good thing is. This is the one addiction my wife dosen't mind I have. LOL.
Welcome, Pat.

Whitetail bow season just came in here 10-1, and runs through february. Our only herd of Elk is imported from Rocky mountains and on the Spring River 50 miles north of here, or so. The lucky few get their name drawn and are bestowed with a special permit for 1, to be taken usually only on 1 predetermined weekend. Oh well, we have plenty of whitetail deer.

That Smokette is marvelous with jerky and roasts!

Razzer Greetings!. I've posted a couple things but haven't introduced myself. My names Corky & I'm an OTR trucker from western MN.Don't have much time at home so I went with the cookshack SM008 to replace my WSM. I love my Webers, but its a time thing......which I don't have much of. Bought the Smokette & stand at Cabelas & the cover from cookshsck. I have the smokette & cover but the stand just arrived at Cabelas so next time home a trip to Rogers & I'm good to go. Time to go to work.......C-YA!
Hello to fellow Q'rs from Olympia, Washington. Been grilling for about 35 years now, but only smokin' for about 1 year now so I guess I am still considered a newbie. Started out with a charcoal/water unit with pretty good results, but got tired of the constant babysitting that type of unit requires. After quizing local BBQ places and finding electricity is often used as their fuel source, I got over my feeling that "real fire" was needed for good food. I've had my Amerique for 6 months now and love it !!!! - THANKS to the folks at Cookshack for producing it - I use that 'hold' feature a lot - just set it & forget it till we get home (sometimes late). This forum is just great! Personal details = being an architect with a wonderful little wife and 2 grown children that like to visit me when I "fire-up" the Amerique.
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55 is the speed to drive,when it comes to smokers.I love mine,let me count the ways:
April 15,2006,We meet for the 1st time.
She arrived from cookshack via air mail.
There she was.All decked out in her stainless
steel outfit,teasing me as if to say"C'mon,let's get hot" After reading so much about her,I finally figured out what she needed.My Butt. All I could think was "Nice Rack" I seasoned and placed a 4 lb pork butt.
She got hot.Real hot,like 175F. after 6 hrs,she couldn't take anymore.I gave her a break,and removed my butt. OMG. Tender,juicy flavourful,of course I new this was going to be a life long relationship.Oh sure,I wonder what it would be like to have a newer,bigger built model,but she's a perfect fit. My 55 keeps me alive.
Just another love story,of a man,and his smoker.

Big Jim McBob.
ok folks i did it after asking loads of questions, our team made it through our FIRST BBQ CHAMPIONSHIP. lol it was a hugh learning and lasting experience.just when you think you know what you are doing, you get your tongs slaped by no other then ( JACK ) of jacks fires house gril also known from the TVFOOD NETWORK. we also had the pleasure of meeting the man known as tuffy. they were both very very helpfull and gave us loads of help and imformations. it was nerve wrecking and fun , our chickin thighs and ribs didnt do well at all. out butts and briskit did ok. all thanks go out to JACK, who if you had been looking on may have lost time on his own BBQ. to give us a hand. without his help we would have been a total flop.we also learned that this was probably one of the friendliest activities we have ever had the pleasure of perticipating in. thanks to everyone in this cookshack forum. glad to be apart of something as great as cookshack. THANKS TO EVERYONE ON COOKSHACK.

A big Wyoming HOWDY to you all! I am a transplant to the rockies of almost 3 decades. Fish, hunt, horses and mules. Did I mention smoking meat? No not horses and mules, silly! I did buy a smokette a week ago and love it. Still learning to use it as it differs from my other smoke breathing beasts I've had quite a bit. Did 3 Cornish Hens at 0 degrees last night with 6500' elevation and no problems at all. Would love to hear from you folks that smoke game meat. That is about all we have eaten for 20+ years. All apprieciated!
Hey all,
O M G here. I've been following for a while, and posted a couple times a couple years ago.
Starting to get serious about given up the corporate life and q'n for a livin.

I am relly learning a lot from everyone. It's like living through all the experience of thousands of years of barbecue and being ablre to learn from all of it.

Hat's off to all!
OK been lurking for three years. Happened on this site and bought a smokette. Spend winters in Quartzsite, Az in an RV coop. Summers on the road mostly in Lockeport, NS. Getting older so we bought a place in Eagle Lake, CA. Will smoke those Eagle Lake trout. In Q smoking so popular I'm going to get a 050 and take the smokette to eagle lake. Thanks for all the help I wish I'd done this years ago.
Thanks GLH. I shoulda come back and read more before diving in, but here's where I'm at now:

I followed the guide & seasoned with hickory chips & a bowl of water for 5 hours. Then after it cooled off, I put on 16 lbs of pork butt. It has been smoking for 2 1/2 hours now at 225, figuring it'll take 12-13 hours.

Then I read in the cook book 160 degrees for 8 hours. Now I'm thinking about dropping the temp to around 190.
Throw that cookbook away!!!

Leave it on 225* and cook it until the meat temp reaches 195*, without opening the door.

Are you using wood chips? You should be using wood chunks. Chips will burn up quickly and are OK for getting alot of smoke on meat fast for a cut that won't be in long. The CookShack smokers are designed to be used with chunks. They will give a smoke truer to logs in a big offset or similar, and last longer.

Your 8 pound butts will take at least 12 hours at 225*, to get to 195*.

Don't worry about the manual and the cookbook. I wish they would update them.

Except for introductions, all this correspondence should be on an appropriate thread, or start a new one. Other folks can then find it easier and maybe learn from it.

Again, find the 101's and the 'lessons for new users', and go by them.

Santa brought me a 009 smokette so I have since joined the forum. Times like these I wish I had more brain cells left to take in all this info. Great site. I have already done two butts, spare ribs, briskett, venison hine quarter,rockfish (and I have a good smoked rock fish spread recipe I stole frome my father inlaw may he RIP). Looking forward to jerkey, turkey,salmon ect. Not sure I can afford a new wardrobe. So got to slow down. A Hokie that lives in the Northern Neck of Va and love to rock fish an hunt. Also Just got a cabin In Craig County Near Blacksburg.
Not sure how I managed to not find this forum sooner...better late than never I guess. Looks like a great place with a lot of folks willing to share what they know. Lovin' it.

As for me, been around and in the restaurant biz more than once. Made my share of mistakes & then some. May do so again Smiler

I have a little experience with BBQ, mostly through a competition team I cook with...but have been involved with some pretty large affairs. A few years ago we cooked for a local Project Graduation fundraiser & had over 500 butts and hams on the pits at one time. All presold. At the last BBQ on the River festival we did over 6000 lbs of meat in three days...mostly butts, ribs & chickens. We did a few shoulders and a whole hog, but just for the competition end of it as this festival is basically a charity event. We did place second in whole hog and third in ribs out of about 80 competitors. All cooked by burning hickory and shoveling coals into the pits....relating this not to brag as I am a minor player, hardly the pitmaster.

The above experiences are why I am here.

I am tired.

Of shoveling coals.

All night.

While watching our competitors "set it and forget it" and go to the house to sleep. Hello.

Cookshack, Traeger, Southern Pride, Ole Hickory and I am sure others. All looks good to me at this point. There is a limit to how long I can go without sleep while shoveling coals and drinking beer...apparently about 5 days Cool

I am at a point in life where I am sick to death of corporate America & looking to go out on my own again. Scary but true. The food biz has always attracted me & I love to Q...don't mind working, but at my age tending a pit the old fashioned way is just not an option. I am looking hard at the options I see here.

My long-winded way of introducing myself. I hope to be able to contribute as much as I have already learned here. Nice bunch!
Hi All,
I'm from South Dakota where the winters can get "chilly". I have two Masterbuildt 7 in 1 propane water smokers. I have been looking for a new smoker and thought a propane water smoker was the only way to go...I am greatly interested in the FEC100 as I have two annual Family gatherings (Mine and my better halfs) that I smoke for about 100 people at each event and the 2 Masterbuilts just doesn't cut the mustard. Do any of you have the FEC100? If so let me know how you like it.
Greetings from Springfield, Oregon! Sravaka checkin in here with my first post. I actually just talked the wife into letting me get an AmeriQue, how I did it I'm still not sure, so I'm going to order it Monday before she has a chance to change her mind. I have an outdoor kitchen on a covered deck with a TEC (Thermal Engineering Corp) Sterling G2000 FR infrared grill that I absolutley love and an outdoor gas fireplace all piped into the house gas supply but I have been wanting to get a smoker for a long time and I can't wait to get my AmeriQue! I know my profile says that I already have the smoker but I was just writing it in for the future so I don't have to change it later . . anyways I am so jazzed not just about the smoker but also about joining this fine community I see here, been reading posts all day, and what looks like a fine company as well. I look foward to sharing good Q with you all! When I get a little more settled I'll try and post some pics so you guys can see where the AmeriQue is going to go.

GO DUCKS!!! yes I know we lost to USC in overtime . . I was there . . ouch . . .
Hey guys,
A little delayed in doing this. Been smoking for only a couple of years, but only on little cheap smokers that never seemed to turn out right. I purchased a CS for my Christmas present from the wife. Best thing I ever did. I'm a firefighter from MS, and was introduced to the smoking world by a coworker that competes. He smokes on a backwoods and has taught me a good bit. Look forward to many more smokes with you fellas. Thanks for all the help so far.

hiya-herb here have been a fan of q forever-i can still remember my grandparents smokehouse in s.ill. when i was younger than i am now (69) will be getting an 008 soon- can't wait. we have 2 REALLY good q joints here and i want to see if i can beat them!! i really like the forum-after reading it if you screw up it's cause you didn't read enough. i also make the worlds best jerky. no brag just fact. can't wait to cold smoke some.(i use a dehydrator for jerky) keep up the good work-go ku
Hi treeshaker! What is it you hope will fall out of them trees? Apples? If any apple limbs fall, be sure they are dry and cut up small enough for the woodbox in that Smokette!

Welcome to the forum. Join right in! There is a jerky forum here also where you can post your recipe for others to enjoy!

Have fun!

Greetings from East Texas.

I was born and raised in Norman, OK (Sooner Born and Sooner Bred, and when I die, I'll be Sooner Dead) and currently residing south of the red river. I have several different WSM, but decided to move up to less work, without losing the flavor. I am waiting for my 09 to get here. Looked at several different brands, but when I checked out this site, there was no question. I am coming home to OK. In my other life, I deal drugs for a living (Legally)
Anyone in Norman area know if Lindy's BBQ is still selling their Sauce. Used to use it by the case.

Greetings from San Diego

Born and raised in California, retired lawyer, now a professional wine judge (tough job but somebody has to do it). Regularly get to Kansas City and South Carolina and appreciate real BBQ. Here in Southern California if you grill a piece of meat and lather on lots of sauce they call it BBQ. Argh

Figured the only way to get decent BBQ is to make it myself. Got the Smokette, assembled it (with only 2 calls to customer service!)and am waiting for the weekend to season it and then start cooking. The notes on this board have been a super help in learning what to do and what not to do. I know, I know, when it's done, it's done.
Hi Everyone,
My name is Ray and I hail from Slave Lake Alberta Canada. I'm a relative newcomer to smoking with taking up the hobby maybe 6 months ago. I started out with a GOSM but with our rather harsh Canadian winters (-50F just awhile back) I found myself looking for a smoker that would fullfill my needs and be able to be used in the garage. Being that we have lockers with snowmobile clothing and a classic car, I was looking for something that sealed well, was easy to maintain and relatively big. I will be rigging up an overhead hood to expell the smoke. I received a tip about Cookshack and their smokers from another BBQ website and low and behold after reading the forums and hearing of the quality and customer support, my new Amerique is due to arrive any day. Bought all the goodies, fish racks, extra wood, cover, cold smoke kit etc. Have snooped around here a bit but thought it was time to introduce myself as I would imagine that I will be leaning on a few of the experts on the board as from what I have been reading, the style of smoking that I am used to will be different using the new Cookshack. I absolutly enjoy ribs of all kinds and am looking forward to a feast once I get the new unit all seasoned up. I received a lot of flack over the amount of money I spent on our new unit but the sceptics have been known to mysteriously show up when they know I'm smoking something. Its as thou they have a remote sense of when my que is almost ready! LOL. Hopefully the new addition will be the one that I am expecting it to be and will provide me the results I have been able to acheive with my GOSM. Counting the days now and watching for the truck to arrive. Can hardly wait....haven't had anything smoked for 3 months and I am a smokeaholic and near going into seizures for some smoked ribs!!!Cheers everyone!
Hello all I am new here. I have had a 50 model in my shop for three years that I got for free and just now decided to see if it worked. This thing works like a champ. I cannot believe I had not tried this out sooner. It is almost idiot proof. I have been reading many posts over the last couple weeks and thank everyone for the wealth of information. Now off to post a few questions to the masses to make it that much better.
Brad A.K.A. HoosierQ smoking...checking in! I have a shouler in, a chicken on deck, and two racks of ribs in the hole. I've been smoking in my 008 for 3yrs. I've read many threads, taken copious notes, and worked brisket, ribs (spare and babyback), chicken, and shoulders to their best. My project for this summer is sausage. Any and all suggetsions are appreciated! Thanks for all the tips everyone. I hope to make some contributions soon.
Hello everyone. I'm Russ Davis from way down south in Slidell, Louisiana. I love to cook, fish, bowhunt and ride my Harley. Favorite food, Bar-b-Que! I've got a FEC100 coming that is to be delivered this Friday morning. Man, the wait is killing me. Before Katrina rolled over us, I was just about to purchase a Dave Klose pit at around $5K. Sure glad I didn't as I think the FE will be more suited to me. Can we say "Set It and Forget It"?? Ya got to love the Cookshack folks and the great people on this forum. I've not posted much, but read and learned tons and look forward to learning much more. Attended my first BBQ Comp as a spectator last weekend. Man, I love BBQ smoke!
Hi everybody, my name is Mike and I'm a barbecue snob. Oh, I come by it honestly enough. There's a certain reverence of all things "cue" here in Georgia and on up into North Carolina that I think is somewhat unique. I think we've got vinegar in our blood or something.

My whole family loves barbecue, and looking back it seems like my old man kinda casually hunted out the good spots to hit on road trips, etc. and we'd wind up in Fayetteville, GA about halfway to grandmama's at lunch time and HAVE to stop at Melear's for lunch.....stuff like that.

Also, some family friends had a big farm about 30 mins south and they had a campground that would fill up every Easter weekend and Labor Day weekend with friends and family from all over. There was a huge cinder block pit that some of the older gents would use to roast 5 or 6 whole hogs over oak and hickory coals all night.

These southern gentlemen, like Ed Cash and Bill Johnson, they'd sit up all night and smoke cigarettes and drink, alternatively, beer and coffee and shoot the sh*t, and they'd let me stay up with 'em, as long as I could keep my eyes open. For me, 11 or 12 at the time, it was fascinating, and I didn't necessarily do it to *learn* how to cook pork right, but by god I picked it up along the way!

To me the real deal is hickory-smoked pork - sliced, pulled, chopped I don't care as long as it's smokey as a Carolina morn. Ideally served with a slightly spicey, slightly sweetened vinegar and mustard-based sauce on a bun, with a couple of cheap pickles or sometimes a dollop of cole slaw. On the side, a big ol' bowl of brunswick stew with some Tabasco sauce poured on it and Saltines crackled in. All tied together by a giant glass of iced tea, sweeter than god's own mercy, with a piece of fresh lemon squeezed in.

Please do not attempt to misuse the term "barbecue" or any of its variations to indicate to me that you are grilling something, or you will be severely reprimanded.

Now I'm 44, and I've always had a love for cooking. I think that to feed people is noble - period. And I love to feed people! The wife and kids remark pretty often that they'd rather eat here than go out to eat (lol).

I've tried and/or been around pretty much all the options for smoking over the years. That whole pig thing is a remarkable experience, but it is a lot of work, and it's sad to say that we don't seem to get together that way much as a culture anymore.

Knowing how to cook good pork has enabled me to have pretty good results all along with whatever tools, but when I got serious a couple of years ago I did lots of research and settled on a Smokette and DAMN I love that thing! I'll upgrade at some point. Getting more and more adventurous all the time, moving to briskets, and hams and pastrami from scratch most recently.

The family are always pushing me to open "Big Mike's Barbecue". That Miguelito (little Michael) thing is a bit of a joke as I'm 6'8", 270 lbs. Sadly, the handle "BigMike" was already in use here, but I digress........

Anyway, glad to be here!
Love the handle there, cronyism! Ne'er truer than today.

Actually, I'm not a *strictly* mustard sauce kinda guy, in fact, if I could only have one sauce it would be a tomato-based, something very much like Williamson Bros. if you know them. Very good all-around flexible sauce, can be used on anything.

I wouldn't eat anything but tomato-based sauce on poultry or brisket, ribs I can go either way, pork too, but tend to lean towards the mustard-based there.
Hey all! My name is Ken and I'm from what's known as Green Country, in NE Oklahoma. I think we named it that to let people know that Oklahoma is not all dust and flat. And too, this area of Oklahoma has more miles of shoreline than just about any other state. Lots of lakes, rolling hills and trees.

The great movie "The Grapes of Wrath" left everyone but us Okies, thinking Oklahoma is home to a bunch of Hillbillies. Well I'm here to tell you that I personally know 3 or 4 Okies that are not Hillbillies Big Grin And let me tell you, Hillbillies can do "Q"

Seriously, I love food and I love to cook it. I've had a Weber Kettle for over 20 years and I've smoked turkeys, pork loins, country-style ribs, wings, veggies, balogna....well you get the idea. Couldn't do without my Weber. I also have an off-set wood smoker that I've done everything from turkeys, hams, balogna, brisket, ribs....well, again you get the idea.

About a month ago I bought a CookShack 008 Big Grin Big Grin I absolutely can not say enough about the CS. It is sooo EASY and the compliments I've been getting is enough to make a man Red Face

I want to thank everybody on the forum for the great topics, information and recipes. I hope I will eventually be able to add some productive and informative posts.

In the meantime....
Welcome to all the new forum members! We are tickled to have you here and hope that you will stick around and participate.

Old Rookie, I am an Okie, too, but not a hillbilly. Smiler Not that there is anything wrong with being a hillbilly! I am glad to hear that you like your Smokette. I have cooked on Smokettes for years and they do such a good job.

Now, let's get out there and talk Q!
Just wanted to check in, the UPS guy dropped off my SM009 this morning, I ran a seasoning pass thru it, and my first Smokette-boud rack of ribs is waiting patiently in the fridge until tomorrow morning. I have been making ribs on a Weber gas grill for years now, was always frustrated by the inability to maintain a constant low temperature. I expect I will be pleased by the Cookshack, if my inaugural run does not go well look for me to start asking lots of questions! Otherwise I will probably just lurk, watching for advice and recipes on what else to try.
Howdy All, I'm Jack from South Central Iowa ... Albia actually. I go by Briggsy. I'm a new owner of a FEC 100. Bought through Rod with Pellet Envy (Couldn't ask for a smoother transaction with Rod and Cookshack). I'm looking forward to being a pellethead.
I'm more of a back-yard BBQ / smoker. However, I've done 1 KCBS and a few non-sanctioned.

my name is smokechop i live in jackson,ms. i have a AmeriQ. I had a hard time deciding at 1st until i read from Tom its the cook not the cooker and over time learn to ajust your technique to get the results your looking for. i have a lot to learn but have had some suscess too. i really enjoy the forum i have a nephew that smokes also. i mean half the fun is trying to out do each other and EAT of course. see yall on the forum Smokechop
good morning everyone
I`m Tommy and I am glad to be here.I have been reading for about one year and I have learned a lot.I tryed my first brisket last spring and that started something. I can`t wait to do more.I look forward to reading and progressing in my bbq adventure.

After my family and in laws ate my brisket,they was ready for more.It`s hard to get bbq brisket around here.Usually we have pork since we are from NC,but after the brisket,the pork can wait.
I would like to thank everyone here for sharing their experiences and helping me.

Now,I am ready for a cookshack!
Hello all!
As you can see I'm new to the forum.
When doing our first comp this year in stillwater, I met some of the cookshack gang.
Cookshack was kind enough to lend the TQJ BBQ Team a FEC300 for the Boots and BBQ comp in claremore ok.
I have to say I'm really impressed with the performace and the high quality of these smokers.
We also managed to take first place in brisket,
But no calls otherwise. half the judges gave us 8/9's The other half 6/7's. Go figure.
It was only our second comp and we are still figuring it all out.

I'm a member of a few BBQ forums and an admin/Webmaster for one of them. I hope to make this one a home as well.

I hope to share my knowledge as well as learn from some of the members here.

When I aint Q'n I'm talkin bout it!
Greetings from the drizzly Pacific Northwest!

I discovered your forum last week, and was impressed with what's available, thanks for offering this.

I discovered BBQ while living in Jonesboro, AR, for 4 of my boyhood years. I've traveled the country and have had the pleasure of sampling a number of varieties, but It wasn't until just yesterday that I discover why people are so passionate about making the stuff themselves. I also realized why southerners consider BBQ such a sacred thing, and why they shun us left-coasters for calling grilled chicken & hamburgers, BBQ. Well, I had printed SmokinOkies tips as well as his serving sauce recipe for pulled pork, and I couldn't have been more happier with the outcome. Thank you!

I realize this site is primarily for Cookshack owners, which I hope to be someday. Right now I'm using a Char-Broil smoker with offset firebox. It works well, but I can certainly appreciate the convenience of a Cookshack; I felt like I had to check my cooking temp every 30 min... which is a pain in the butt when I'm trying to do yard work at the same time.
Hi I'm winesburg bar b q and just purchased a fec300...I'm currently cooking with a southern yankee cooker, I've been cooking for money for 3 years now and think the fec300 will save a lot of time for me...has anyone cooked a 60-70 lb. hog in a fec300, it appears that I can cut the hog in half and it will fit in the much time at what temp thanks, Ralph

As I said in one of recent posts, I am a long-time lurker. My brother back in Connecticut owns a Smokette and got me into this list back in '05. He has raved about his smoker for quite some time.
I learned about real BBQ (as opposed to mere "grilling") when I was stationed down in North Carolina at Bragg. Since then, my love for pork, brisket & ribs has grown exponentially. I've had plenty of different smokers over the years, even a home-made job.
I work at the state health department in Colorado and part of my job puts me in kitchens all over and I get to spend a lot of time talking about food with chefs from all kinds of schools. I like being active, but something tells me I'm going to have to be a lot more active if I keep using my new Cookshack smoker.
I recently purchased a model SM050 and the very first brisket I pulled out of it was spot on and a real sock knocker-offer. I dunno how much I'll actually post on this forum as their are plenty of experts with more info than I have, but if you have any food safety questions, I'll do my best.

I'm Keith aka Ringo_54 (cause I like to play drums a lot. BBQ and music, that's 2 of my favorite hobbies. I am a new member, having just purchased my smokette 3 days ago. I have about 7 years experience with 'the egg' and have made two smokers ,and tried other smokers, but always went back to the egg. Frankly, I just wasn't satisfied with it. It's a pain to set up for low 'n slo and it just doesn't hold many pork butts, etc. I heard of the CS smokers before I bought the egg. So I feel I have a lot of experience at pork bbq but somewhat limited on smoking other meats etc. I know I have learned a lot from the forum already and trying to learn the CS techniques. I have chicken parts smoking right now and 4 rubbed pork butts ready when they come out. Great forum and look forward to adding my 2 cents from time to time.
Greetings All,

I'm a wannabee cookshack owner, but in the meantime I'll use whatever else is available. I'm a big fan of spareribs and I'm working on mastering brisket.

Sitting in a chair, tending whatever is cooking and sipping on a variety of of appropriate beverages with friends and figuring out how to cure the world's problems is pretty much the point of life to me.

Looks like lots of good things happening here and I hope to contribute to the forum in a positive fashion. I tend to believe you only get out as much as you put in.

Hey you'll, hailing you from Charleston, South Carolina.My name is Susan and I'm transplanted from the north while hubby(Russell)is from S.Texas. This is a good in-between spot to live except for one thing- no brisket- South Carolina is a pork state and those pits that say they sell brisket just ain't had Texas brisket. So the search was on for our own. Happened on Cookshacks name is a BBQ cookbook and after reading 90% of this forum and looking at a ton of reviews, bit the bullet and ordered the smokette 008. Of course it arrived in a monsoon with the power down- poor UPS man while I struggled to manually get the garage doors up. Sunday got it together and in place and seasoned. This AM put a 7 lb brisket in at 225*- no peeking but I am dying to know whats going on in there- will check at 8 hour mark and go from there. Thanks to all the posts on remote thermometers- we are off to see what can be bought locally- if not then will order on line. Will let you'll know how my very first smoke came out.
Hi to all on the Forum from a new Smokette owner. Great people on this Forum, great information for the beginner or seasoned veteran.
I am Mike and I am an Appalachian American (Hillbilly!) from west- central West "byGod" Virginia. Not a huge region in the art of smoking but there is always hope! Glad to be a part of this culture..
Hello. My name is Mike. I live in Alaska, and am an International cargo pilot. I have been smoking salmon for a number of years in a home made smoker that looks like a small outhouse. I usually fill it up and let it rip. I have been wanting to do smaller loads in a more controlled environment. And also some cold smoking. So after doing some research, and stumbling across these forums, Cookshack took the ring. I have a brother that does a lot of smoking, and have had his pulled pork a number of times. I like it. Since he lives in MD, it is hard to come by. Not any longer. I bought a Smokette 009 and am liking it. It's time to start smokin'. I appreciate the information on these forums.
Originally posted by AndyRoo:
Hi, my name is AndyRoo. I live in Canada and I am a smokaholic.........I am planning on smoking my first whole hog and need ideas on the best way of doing it, for example, with or without skin.

Welcome to the group.

I'd suggest a new thread about the hog. Tell us what smoker your using, size of hog, if you have a background in smoking (just not hogs) and we'll help you out.

Hi to everyone,
I am a new smokette owner (2 months) and I can
't believe the results (did I cook that?). I am an
ex professional horse trainer who now consults on training and rehabs injured horses. My wife is a veterinarian who specializes in equine sports medicine. We live in Arizona. I have been a lurker for some time and can't believe the amount of incredible info available on this site. Thanks to all for the patience to post these remarkable tips and recipe's.
Hi - John here. Been lurking for a few weeks after a miserable showing at a rib event. The perverbial "taking a knife to a gun fight" syndrome. Actually gave up on my ribs 1/2 way thru the event and concentrated on the captain morgan. How sad!

Walked away mad at the others because they all had smokers and I brought a turd. No I went online here & there and looked around to try to figure out what I wanted to get. I made my decision a couple days ago and was waiting for the paycheck to order. Was...because I found a used 50 and will be driving 175 miles to pick it up tomorrow morning.

Just for grins, I dropped a nice rack onto the ol' weber today and enjoyed my final "great" ribs... (pretty good too) but I cant wait to do it right!!!!!!!

Glad to be part of this whole thing and really looking forward to what is ahead for me with the CS.

John - a soon to be formerly frustrated smoker
Thomas here . . . just did my first racks of ribs yesterday (pretty darn good) and am about to put my first butt in this morning. My thanks to all who have contributed so much practical and valuable advice. These forums provided a great education while waiting for my smoker to arrive. A special thanks to "Smokin Okie"!

"not all who wander are lost."

I'm Pat and I've already had a couple of posts, but wanted to say Hi. I've been a griller for a while, but I wanted to be able to do low/slow smokes, so after a lot of research, I got my Smokette. I did a brisket Saturday, (actually, Friday and Saturday) and it turned out even better than I expected. I couldn't be happier with the Smokette. Thanks for all of the great suggestions and help from the forum members.

Thanks for the compliment, but all of the credit goes to the Smokette. We've almost finished off that first brisket and it's as good warmed up as when I took it out of the smoker. Gonna' try some spare ribs tomorrow.

Actually, I got mine at a place pretty close to where I live. I would like to visit the factory sometime though, just to say Hi.

Hi all my name is John from central california a smokin newbie waiting for my 009 to show up tomorrow. The wood i ordered came today and i thought i ordered a meat thermometer but its a 2in temp therm. Boy i don't know about drilling on my 009 Eeker I probably won't i gots a maverick et-73 on the way Big Grin Thanks to all for the great guidance and info that you guys and gals share. John

I'm Jim, but since that name was taken I go by Pags, an abreviation of my last name(nickname also).

I received my Cookshack Elite over a week ago and have since smoked a boston butt, chicken wings, moinks, and today baby back ribs. The smokes keep getting better and love to hear the family ask what's next on the agenda. My grandson loves baby backs, and I was honored to hear my first effort on the Cookshack made his list of favorites.

I've been smoking for years on water smokers and didn't realize how good things could get until I started with my Cookshack. That smoker sure does make things easy, and I really didn't understand what good "Q" was all about until I started with the Elite and read so many great posts on the forum. Thanks to all who have contributed as I feel I've learned a lot from you and fully intend to absorb more.

As I gain more experience, I hope I can share some insight or inspire someone also. Until then, here's to good "Q".


A Drummer, here. Don't have a smoke box yet, thinking about trying a new Smokette. I smoke on BDS, Masterbuilt bullet,and sometimes a Weber with a Smokenator. You guys seem pretty up front about your pros and cons of Cookshack. Would love to taste some ribs from your box, before I bought. My black barrel knocks out some delicious bones. I'm Art Dunn from Surfside Beach, SC.
Just joined and am thrilled to say that I just bit the bullet after admiring from afar for long enough. Called Charcoal Store today around 230pm and my new Amerique is scheduled for delivery tomorrow at 1000!!! Cannot wait to get it seasoned and working some Q. Thanks to all for the fantastic tips and tricks. Esp Smokin Okie! This Forum ROCKS!
Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
We're getting lots of new members (and lurkers) so thought I was time for a "roll call".<br /><br />Tell us who you are?<br /><br />I'm Smokin' Okie, a non-paid straight man for the rest of the forum gang. Love the friends here at the forum! I've been smokin' for a REALLY long time, on most any smoker out there.

Scot here.
I started a new website called and I'm just hooked on good BBQ and going to all the different restaurants looking for good Q. I decided to by the Cookshack smoker to learn more about this art and I'm in love with it already!
Originally posted by
Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
We're getting lots of new members (and lurkers) so thought I was time for a "roll call".<br /><br />Tell us who you are?<br /><br />I'm Smokin' Okie, a non-paid straight man for the rest of the forum gang. Love the friends here at the forum! I've been smokin' for a REALLY long time, on most any smoker out there.

Scot here.
I started a new website called and I'm just hooked on good BBQ and going to all the different restaurants looking for good Q. I decided to by the Cookshack smoker to learn more about this art and I'm in love with it already!

Welcome aboard Scot. Now that you've got a Cookskack your quest to find the best BBQ starts right at home! Congrats.
New to the Forum and impressed with all the unselfishness of you ALL.
I'm recently retired from the Air Force after 26 yrs. I sold my 25 ft Southern Yankee concession a few days after retiring in 2007. I have a really good product but Goldsboro, NC is not a Memphis style Ribs and Texas style Brisket and sausage kind of town. So, I'm trying to keep myself from getting bit by the BBQ Bug again but too late. I want to start catering small with little to no stress. I'd like to Que more for enjoyment than having to make the bills. any suggestions will be appreciated
G'Day All
My name is Phil aka Captain Cook, forgive me but I am an Australian and reside in Melbourne (Australia) Barbecuing in Australia is in your terms grilling generally on a gasser. I demonstrate cooking on BBQs for Weber Australia every Saturday from September until the end of December. I am slowly converting people over to grill on charcoal and doing low and slow. The choice of BBQs/Smokers is very limited here the main two being a Weber Smokey Mountain and the BGE. The smoke taste is not that well known or accepted, one of the reasons for this is people generally use too much smoke and make the food taste bitter. Australians also love a very savory taste whereas in the US you food tends to be sweeter.
A group of us are attempting to get an Australian BBQ Association of the ground which will cover all types of outdoor cooking including camp ovens and wood fired pizza ovens.

I have 5 BBQs all Weber’s (naturally) Genesis E320, Q220, Performer, and 2 kettles. I also have a home made toolbox smoker for hot smoking fish and the like. I have several methods that I have refined for cooking indirect on gassers. My next phase is to spend more time developing my skills in low and slow with a WSM so you will probably find me lurking and trolling through your forum if you don’t mind. I am also a member of the TVWBB forum where I post regularly in the grilling, gassers and recipe discussion groups.
Hi. I'm Andrew, just found this forum. I am new to smoking, got into the taste while I lived in Houston a few years back. I will admit I don't own a Cookshack, little too rich for my blood at the moment, one of the docs I work with does, before he told me about it I'd never heard of an electric smoker. Certainly got my interest. I ended up settling for a Masterbuilt electric, one day I'll get a Cookshack. This seems like a great place for a newb to learn about smoking, seems like a decent bunch of folk. Friendly. All the best mates.
Hi Folks. My name is Ruckuz(actually it's Rich, but Ruckuz makes me sound more exciting). My wife decided to surprise me with a smoker for father's day, but was nervous because she did not know what type to get. She decided to tell me early, so after some research we decided on a SM025 as I am not one who would have the patience to smoke with charcoal and she wanted me to use it. Just received it yesterday(I know..I know its not fathers day yet), seasoned it, and cooked a 9.5 lb. Pork Butt. Of course it ended up raining this afternoon so I scambled to move it to the front porch out of the rain. Just my luck...Especially when it doesn't rain very often in Utah...
Will have to clean up the grease spots later Smiler
Luckily it still came out just about perfect...At least for a newbie Smiler
Man, I am really going to use this thing....
On to Brisket for Memorial Day.. Wish me luck..
Hi all!
My name is Jerry and my user name is skipro3. That is sounded out as Ski Pro 3. I am a seasonal ski instructor at a local resort. Here, the resort refers to ski instructors as ski pros, much like a golf instructor would be called a golf pro. I have locker #3 in the instructor locker room at the resort. Hence the name; skipro3.
Anyway, I've been BBQ'n for more than 30 years but on a completely amateur level; never competition. (Although I do attend the events and mark my score sheets.)
I make my real living as a telecommunications tech for the local electric company on our hydro project. I maintain communications of all nature; telephone, microwave, two-way, SCADA, telemetry, spread spectrum, fiber optics, etc. For a variety of communications systems such as security, video, remote monitoring, control, etc. I live near Lake Tahoe and have for over 27 years. About 3 years ago, my home and land was destroyed in a wildland fire that was set by arson. I have since rebuilt and now own a beautiful log home on my property. One of the first "toys" I've allowed myself since the fire and completing the house is my Cook Shack BBQ smoker. Nothing says I'm home again, than to tend the BBQ by resting in a nearby hammock. Ha! Glad I found Cook Shack and this site. Hope we can all be friends! Cheers!
Hi folks! Jeff Bonwick here. Long time griller, first time smoker. I'm an engineer by trade (lots about that on my website), but I also love to cook -- I even roast my own coffee.

Oddly enough I've wanted to try this for a couple of years now, but I suffered analysis paralysis -- I read all about charcoal vs. wood pellets vs. gas vs. electric and just threw up my hands. Last week I just figured, this is crazy: the amount of time I've spent reading about it times my hourly pay rate exceeds the cost of just picking something and trying it.

Liberated by this attitude adjustment, I opted for convenience and got the SM050. I've had it for just a week now and completely love the results. My wife is amused because I'm looking at everything wild-eyed now and thinking, "Will it smoke?" How would smoked coffee taste? Can you cold-smoke ice cream? How about adding a hickory note to the peaty goodness of a glass of Macallan 18?

This is going to be fun.
Hello folks, my name is Luis and I am an alcoholic. Just kidding (though some would consider me one hehehe)

I am a little late to the party since ive had mine 3 weeks. I am a former big green egg owner. I loved that thing but it was just too messy with the charcoal and tending and dealing with the temperature fluctuations. i finally got tired of it and was sold.

So I set out to find an electric smoker. My original budget was around $300 so i was looking at the masterbuilts. After tons of research I ended up with a cookshack elite.

Having some fun getting to know my particular unit. Before I die I will make my favorite dish in the world in my new cookshack; a chorizo, chicken and seafood paella.

First I must master Isabela

Say hello to Isabela

First cook was a fattie. Twas delicious. Just set the temp and took out at 165. Too easy
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I am Woody from Denver. I cooked for a living for 20 years and now that I am in a different line of work, I really enjoy cooking in my free time. Amazing how that works. I have a severe mental problem: I am ridiculously obsessive when it comes to food. I dont go for anything too fancy, just the basics executed as close to perfectly as I can. I cant wait to start learning every nuance of my new smokette. I will be reading, cooking, and learning a lot.
It's sometimes customary for the "new guy" to begin with a joke, so here goes......


A man stops to ask directions from a farmer sitting on his porch and is amazed to see a three-legged pig sitting at the farmer's feet.

"That's a weird-looking pig," the man says.

The farmer is furious. "Don't you ever say anything bad about this pig!" he says.

"Just last week my wife and I were sleeping, and a fire broke out. This pig dragged us both to safety.

Last month a robber broke into the house. The pig knocked him down, dialed 911 with his snout and sat on him until the police arrived. So don't ever say anything bad about him."

"I'm sorry," the man says. "But what's the deal with the three legs?"

"Mister," the farmer says, "a pig like this you don't eat all at once."


I hope you enjoyed it....... if not sorry.... i stole it from somewhere else anyway Big Grin

I'm Dave and I'm stuck in Jersey...... therefore.......... jerseydave

I'm somewhat new to smokin.... 2-3 years so far, and even though I've learned a lot, I still have a lot to learn.

I'm hoping to hone my skills here, contributing when possible.

I'm still using my first setup, a lowly Chargriller with a sidebox, but it has turned out some fine Q, along with several disasters mixed in, but that's part of the process Smiler

I'm Steve. I just got my Smokette Elite SM025 and started trolling the forums. I upgraded from a Weber bullet and will be making my first try with the new toy this weekend. Hopefully some of your advise will help me sort getting the wood to smoke which seems to be a recurring issue in recent forums. I appreciate the information I have gotten from the forums thus far and would like to thank all of you for that.

Wish me luck on the first run, and I will let u know how it goes.
Hi im Felipe and originally from Puerto Rico (island in caribbean) and through job offer ended in Tx. next to a neighbor who made/smoked delicious brisket. Currently live north of Seattle Wa. in the midst of liberalism Frowner . Have a brinksman that tended to be high maintenance and did ok with smoked salmon but wanted something better and less work, studied many options like must of you did and decided after reading(lurking) on the forum that whatever problems ocurred with the CS's the cust. serv. was outstanding and that sold me and bought a 025 that as we speak is cooking the first of many briskets and ribs and butts and on and on. Thanx to all who have posted their experiences here and made it a lot easier for the ones who came after you. Felipe Sanchez
Read the 101's and forums for each type of product you're smoking. A little up front knowledge will do wonders for your results. If the first smoke at the lot is for friends or customers, I would suggest a practice run or two at home first to gain experience with your smoker and the product (after you've first read the 101 and forum posts on what you're smoking).
Hey all. Ken from North Cackalacky here. My shiny new CS SM025 will be arriving today. I can't wait, ready to duck out of work now to go get it seasoned.

Really appreciate all the insight and advice on the forums. I'm a newbie to smokin so I've been reading the forums non-stop all week since I placed my order. Certainly seems like a great community and resource.

Got a nice 10lb Packer from Walmart yesterday. I'm taking the day off to babysit my new toy while I make my first brisket tomorrow. Will be Brewing up some Homebrew Black and Tan as well seeing how I need to leave the thing alone for 12+ hours. Wish me luck, I'm sure you'll be hearing from me.
Hi everyone. New to the forum and new to smoking. I've had my SM020 for a week now and love it!! Did baby back ribs the first weekend (good but I can do better) did a pork shoulder yesterday for pulled pork. It was AWESOME!!!!
Can't wait for next weekend. The wife is impressed!!
Been reading A LOT on the forum and have learned many valuable things.
I am in the planning stages now for a shed to put the smoker in (many good pictures of set-ups on the forum).
Thanks to all you veterans of smokin for posting your tips here so us "newbies" can learn. This is a great site.
Hello all!
Well I am new I have only cooked two butts and that is the extent of my smoken live!! I have a Smokette Elite. I live in Canyon, TX and am trying to get really good at this stuff!!

I would like to open a restaurant someday and have half the menu be BBQ!

My second butt was outstanding and my taste testers can't belive it is only my second go round!!
Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
Originally posted by Smoke It:
...I've been smokin since '04 when I bought my CS Smokette II model 009...

Took you 5 years to find the forum, man, we need to work on that.

Now, if you were lurking for 5 years, we'd give you a hard time.

Welcome all the resent newbies.

I knew of this forum but just never checked it out before. I did get a lot of good info and receipes on the CS web site.

I guess I'll have to reduce the amount of time I spend on the Gold Wing Motorcycle forum so I can come here.

Thank you for the friendly welcome.

Hello all,

I'm Jeremy from the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Ordered a SM025 this weekend, can't wait for it to get here!!!

26 now, been smokin on a brinkmann offset for about 2 yrs. Stumbled across the forum & have been soaking up info like a sponge!! Kid in a candy store right now Big Grin

So much info & so many great recipes to choose from, hard to choose what I wanna put in there first! Found out today mine's on backorder Frowner so hopefully I don't go crazy in anticipation!!!

Looking forward to getting it, trying all the great suggestions & doing a little experimenting of my own!

Hi, I am Jimmy and I am from Singapore. Realized BBQ is a 400-year old art/tradition. Will be coming over to CS for the cooking class in December. Kindly advise the BBQ outlets that I should visit or the people I should meet to learn more from. Do you guys gather to chow down? Would be great to meet some of you from the forum. For some idea of our vibrant food scene in Singapore, please visit this:, of which I am a member.

Name is Robert. I was watching FoodTV while I was hungry. Now I'm here. Guy Fieri was cruising the BBQ pits and I realllllllly wanted some of that pulled pork. Ordered the little 020 and it's supposed to ship today. I have to play army this weekend so even if it gets to the house, I won't get to play with it. From the looks of the weather, I might get to season it in the snow. WooWoo!

I'm in southern california, but up in the mountains at 6200 feet. Above the smog and traffic! Smiler
Hello All, I just wanted to intrduce myself , and i will be cooking on a FEC100 for witch i am very excited to smoke on.. I have been lurking in thease forums for about two months now but i have been a great admirer of the FastEddie for a long time now... I look forward to learning alot about smoking tip and tenquies.

Thanks Everyone,

Hi my name is Calvin Burchett I received a cs020 for xmas(early). I live in a small town, Freeman Missouri, with my wife. I have 2 grown kids,will maybe not raised. I have my own siding business that keeps me hopping most of the time. In the spring,summer,fall you can find me on the weekends at the "Gem of the Ozarks" usually catching some crappie. When I was a pup I would do a little smoking on a homemade stick smoker. Boy that seems like a long time ago. I'm only 46 yrs young but have had hard miles put on the body or maybe put-away wet to many times. I like to bird hunt when given a chance. I love to eat good Q.
hey all!,
my name is jeff heaton, a retired firefighter from texas. i have owned restaurants for the last 17 years. i will be opening a new one this summer. the wife and i travel the country in our RV and harley [ultra classic]. i have owned a cookshack smoker the last several years and plan to buy a FE300 in the next few months. my restaurants have been seasonal, but highly profitable. i work 4 months a year and kick back for the rest. once i get the FE300 i will be doing comps. i will be a rookie at comps, but i have been qing for many years......should be fun.
My name is Carol. I am a newbie. I have never "smoked" before, but have eaten some great smoked food and have been wanting a smoker for some time. My husband gave me the Elite Smokette as a Christmas gift and I am eager to try it. This seems like a very friendly forum and I have enjoyed reading the posts. One thing I am confused about. The manual says to start up the smoker for the first time without meat. Then in italic it says to use a go get a cheap piece of fatty meat. Does this really "season" the smoker? What would happen if you were tempted to eat that first piece of meat. Is it really safe to leave the smoker on overnight, or while you are at work?
Originally posted by Downers Grove Cook:
My name is Carol. I am a newbie. I have never "smoked" before, but have eaten some great smoked food and have been wanting a smoker for some time. My husband gave me the Elite Smokette as a Christmas gift and I am eager to try it. This seems like a very friendly forum and I have enjoyed reading the posts. One thing I am confused about. The manual says to start up the smoker for the first time without meat. Then in italic it says to use a go get a cheap piece of fatty meat. Does this really "season" the smoker? What would happen if you were tempted to eat that first piece of meat. Is it really safe to leave the smoker on overnight, or while you are at work?

Hi Carol - Welcome to the world of Cookshack and the forum. It appears we're neighbors in that I live a little East of you in Hinsdale (at least part of the time).

To season a new unit, I would recommend that you run it empty at max. temp. with a couple of chunks of oak or hickory, for 5 to 6 hours. Then, smoke a pork butt at 225F until you hit an internal temp. of 195F. The meat will be fine to pull and eat.

It's safe to run overnight unattended. I do it all of the time with butts and briskets and my unit (an 008) sits on a wooden deck off my kitchen / family room. If you don't already have a remote digital thermometer, it's time to get one.

Disregard the manual and just follow the forum. Read the 101's and don't hesitate to ask questions. You're in good company.

Hello. Newbie and inexperienced. Have to laugh at myself. I noticed in my profile I registered in 2005. I always wanted a CS and got lucky and bought an 009 almost 8 months ago on clearance at Cabelas. I wanted to read and study as much as I could before I got started. No matter how much I read and how easy it was stated, I was intimidated as I know nothing of smoking. Well after a wonderful conversation with Karen earlier, I am finally seasoning my smoker as I type. It will be almost 8 hrs of seasoning in about 45 minutes. Bear with some questions as I forge forward. I will likely look back and laugh again wondering why I was so worried. This is a great site!
KCSO53 here-New to the forum and a recent recipient of the Amerique, well I bought it for myself. I've been smoking on and off for the last 6 years on my WSM. Took delivery of the Amerique on Tuesday, unpacked it, put the casters on and it's sitting in the heated garage. Call me an idiot but I refuse to put it outside in this single digit Chicago weather, - windchills and snow. I'm waiting for it to get a little warmer before I season it. Believe me I can't wait but I'm well, anal and that's just the way it is. In the mean time I'm enjoying reading all the posts.