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Been lurkin around here for ages, and just stumbled on to this thread. I boulght my Cookshack a couple of years ago at Cabella's, based solely on what I read in this forum. At first, I missed my ECEBS, but with a little practice and a lot of advice from the column, I'm turning out some mighty fine Q, if I do say so myself (and I say it quite often). Last week, I did 13 pounds of ribs in my Smokette. Started 'em in the mroning when I first got up, and came home at lunch time and took em off. Everybody that tasted em said they were the best ribs they ever had, and considering that I run with a pretty BBQ-minded bunch of suthren exiles, that's quite a compliment...more to the Cookshack than me.

Donna, you can be rightly proud of the good name of your Daddy's company, and the fact that it draws so much attention from somebody as dedicated as Smokin is a pretty good testimonial, not just to the product, but the people, too.

And I love the new website look!

So if you folks got this far, let me ask you. Why are you all sitting around reading this when you could be out Cookshack'in up?
Hey everyone, I've been on other posts before and this is a real nice one, looks like you can get some good information here. Well I am an operations manager at a trucking co in upstate NY and I have a BBQ catering business I run on the weekends. I also do a lot of street fairs and food fest's. I have 3 trailers for my business a 30"x8' Klose trailer, 8' rotisserie trailer and a 12 ft box trailer to haul all the pot and pans. Well enough about me let's get on with the BBQ talk.
Hello all:
I first started smoking & curing food in 1991, while I was on an 8 year live-in assignment in Saudi Arabia (land of the no Pork). My first success was making a mock ham out of turkey. The first turkey was such a success that I seemed to smoke a turkey every other weekend and all of the Americans in the compound would show for our bi-weekend party (15 families plus 25 comuters). The leftovers would end up at my Louisiana buddies fridge for a gumbo that he would make for his bi-weekend party. Little did I know how easy life would have been if I had a cookshack smoker on my front porch, not to mention the amount of sleep I could have gained.
I have now moved my family back to the good ole USA and I now commute back and forth to the Middle East to work. On my 35 days off I spend my time enjoying smoking and eating all types of foods.
Hello everyone - JohnC from Indy here. Bought a smokette 009 for my father (more-so for myself) last Christmas. What a great addition to the cooking arsenal! I will be giving up a 17yr position in the computer/networking field to attend culinary school full time starting late Sept. Quite a career move but I have done plenty of soul searching and research and know I'm making the right decision. No other field have I found where people enjoy what they are doing like those that are in the culinary arts. Wish me luck! I'll be attending the 4th rated Culinary Academy at Sullivan University in Louisville KY. Hope to trade secrets with many of you over the next few years. This place is great! A wonderful place to exchange ideas and learn about the art of preparing great food!

Thanks cookshack nation! JohnC
Cool OK didnt know about this til now, Okie. Anyway, 41, married, daughter 20, son 13. daughter 3. Wife in health industry. I am security officer at same hospital in a small Arkansas town. (are there any big ones?) My hobbies include fishing, camping, playing with kids, making my wife smile, winemaking, gardening, BBQing, church, etc. A friend just became a Cookshack dealer and demonstrated for me so I had to have my own. I was in the man's Air Force for a few years in the 80's and now wish I had stayed, although I would take nothing for the other experiences I would have missed. I guess that covers it well enough...howdy ya'll! Razzer
Hello to everyone
WOW!!! talk about covering the world and all the different lifestyles on one forum. This is awesome. Well lets add one more. The name is Mike Murphy and I live in a small town in Vermont. Have had a wood BBQ for many years. Been a smoker for all of three weeks now. still have a long learning curve ahead. I am an avid fisherman and do some deer, bear, and bird hunting. On the internet most every day, night. ebaying, investing, learning and keeping updated on a bunch of forums.
Enjoy this great forum, keep it up.
Todd S. from a little town in South Dakota ( lots of wind cold and NO bbq joints!). I have been smokin' for almost 13 years on one type of smoker or another, thinking about making a living out of it. Made the mistake of complaining about my cookshack on another forum, they draged me kicking and screaming(just kidding) over here and sat me down to show me the finer points of using my cookshack. Still have not mastered it but makein' some good food in it now. looking forward to learning more.

I live to hunt, fish, camp, and barbecue.
I have an engineering degree, and build and sell smokers-not an expert-just a part time hobby-learned how to survive in the 70's in the service and made a hobby out of it. I work 9 hours a day, bartend three nights a week (Mon-Wed), brine my meat, and sell out of my front yard on Sat & Sun if not doing a party-Hooters and Texas Roadhouse did not start out with 500 franchises-just one business and expanded......... Big Grin
I have been lurkin around here for the past few months. Just got back from Alaska
fishing and a friend smoked some salmon for me using a CS. So with the Salmon
and some brisket he sent home for the wife he has converted me. Maybe I should
say he has converted my wife. I will have a CS vary soon.

hunting, shooting, fishing and soon to be smoking
Hi! I'm new to Cookshack. Considering it as a commercial smoker for my planned bbq restaturant. My current "Q" tools are Weber Charcoal and Gas grills and the Smokey Mountain smoker, TEC infrared grill, a Rinnai (Japanese) Yakitori infrared Grill and a Southern Pride Smoke Chef. Current home location not conducive to large wood-burning offsets. I like all kinds of BBQ - southern, asian, and south/central american. Now live in Stamford Connecticut (just outside if New York City) where there is really no BBQ. I'm lucky to have lived long enough in Memphis TN during the 80's where I got educated in BBQ. My wife is from a small town in Arkansas so we get "recharged" at least twice a year when visiting friends and family. This site (along with Chris Allingham's are the two "godsends" in the internet. There are so many interesting methods and variaties in "Q"ing and I want to try as many as possible. Thanks y'all.
Howdy all! I'm Nanook of the North (Fairbanks, AK). Got my CS this summer and have been in Q heaven ever since (after the boys set me straight). The last smoker I had was a 12 year old snowmachine, which is no longer with us. I had been to Big Daddy's so much I figured I had to do my own when he would close to do the State Fair. Cheers
whew...i have finally joined in the fun...bought my smokette at the big show in jacksonville last spring and haven't stopped smoking!!! smoke, smoke, smoke, what a way of life...can't keep the co-workers from major orders...i prepared 4 chickens and 2 butts for a wedding reception this week{we eat q down in the south all the time for all the right reasons} and the week before it was three butts and three chickens for a new house warming i love my cookshack...good to meet everyone on the board...and good cookin...i will be a regular here if i am not the gator country web site...go gators.... Cool
Hi everybody, I am a new member, was given an ECB a few weeks back, so I decided to get on the net for info, and boy did I find some. I live in the heartland, "The Racing Capitol Of The World", 25 years as a Hoosier, transplanted from the Left Coast. The funny thing is that until I found the "World of Smokin'", I had never even heard of a CookShack. Now I have to have one. I am pushing for Christmas Big Grin . Untill then, I am going to have to limp along on the ECB. Maybe if I screw up a few good pieces of meat, and complain about not having consistenent cooking temps because of the coals, it will help my cause Wink

Nice to meat you all!!

Indy Al
Zacher here. Lawyer type for computer company; been cooking since age 10. Just got a new smokette about a month ago. Unfortunately, it "lives" at my Adirondack Mt. weekend home - no balcony or patio in my NJ condo Frowner But I have "custody" on the weekends!

I got interested after one of my buds brought up some smoked pork loin chops-awesome, and since discovering Oscar's Smokehouse about ten miles away in Warrensburgh NY-its been on the Food Channel, and makes awesome smoked ribs, and the best jerky I've ever had. (Most people leave my place for the weekend and have cramps in their mandibles from chewing it!)

Have had great success with brisket, pork loin chops, chicken breasts, stuffed mushrooms, and salmon. Cheese was my only flop to date. Zacher
Late for RollCall sorry. Here I am, present between naps.
I am going on 71 years of age, retired since 1989 and decided to pick up cooking as a hobby. A few years back I discovered that BBQ could be a wonderful way to cook for my family, and I also added salmon smoking to my culinary misadventures. I am not very good at it when compared to you experts, but I sure enjoy it, and now with this forum, I have no more excuses for screwing up.
Thanks for a great forum, and a great bunch of BBQers.
Hello all. I am an avid do it yourselfer type who likes cooking about as much as some like to eat. I have over the last couple of years purchased "cheap electric then a cheap charcoal smoker" from wallyworld. I didnt care much for the electic model at all but the charcoal one is the reason I am going to take the plunge and buy me a GOOD one. I have had some success making ribs, brisket,ect, but I want to move to the next level. I am considering CS, and to be honest 2 others. At least I have it narrowed down to 3. lol. This forum has moved CS to the top of my list.
I don't check in here too often but my husband & I are outdoor cooking fanatics. I wear a lot of hats - these days I am busy doing too many things. I manage the online store for Erika's Deli, a European specialty food store in West Michigan; the holidays are pandemonium! We have lots of hard-to-find ingredients, incredible air-freight cheeses and wierd German food. The Cookshack & I have been providing a plethora of smoked whitefish for pate for the holidays. I also founded and am still an owner of Mrs. Dog's Products, now based in Tampa. I was the first white person to market a jerk marinade in the U.S.. I also admit to being a Big Green Egghead and like to spend as much time as I can back in South Florida, where I (sort of) grew up.Unleash the Flavor!Erika's Dekicatessen

Happy Holidays to all! JCA Cool
Bob here from "the Outer Banks" of North Carolina. Lots of good BBQ here in the "Tarheel State" but since I have had my Model 55, I have blown away all my friends with my smoked pork. Best smoker I have ever owned and the customer service is great! Nothing but praise for the smokers and the the product they produce!

Panthers this week! Cool
Hi, I'm Andy from Ethridge,(Southern Middle Tennessee). A group of guys and I smoke 3,000 lbs of Boston Butts for our Labor Day Festival. I've been doing this for 27 years and not a bad year yet. I have been shopping for a smoker since May and ordered a Smokette a week ago (the forum was a big part of the desision). I have to wait until Christmas to open it (Tradition-no early presents). The forum is great. I'll post my results around the 26th. Ribs are waiting in the freezer.
Hi everyone, I LOVE BBQ!!! I am originally from Alabama but currently reside here in Southern Ohio. I love to BBQ especially ribs and butt. I make a pretty good sauce too. At least I think so. I came here to get some good BBQ info as well as info on CS equipment. I'm thinkin I might hold off on the purchase until more info on the FE/CS is available. That is me in a nutshell.

Talk to ya later
I live in West Michigan and I have been grilling for the past three years. I started out with a Big Green Egg, this past summer I purchased a Hasty Bake for larger grilling parties. I just bought a 50 C S two weeks ago . I have smoke peacons ,chicken, and Polish Sauge that I made.

I bought my C S for smoking the sauge that I make but it is so easy to use I am loving it for a lot of other cooking. I now understand why tese other guys are liking FE's

hello all, quite the forum here. i was glad to find the CS website a couple months ago. my name is brady and i am currently saving up for the smokette, im out here in long beach. i have been a barbecue enthusiast for quite a while. ive recently started low temp indirect cooking in my weber kettle with smoke chips in a box and sprinkled on the coals throughout the process. ive had great success in smoking tri tips and ribs and feel i should get the proper equipment. cant wait to smoke my first briskett though... nice looking product. hope to get my hands dirty soon!
Hello everybody,
Ive owned a Cookshack smoker for years, but just recently became a member of this forum. I was born and raised in Ponca City, Oklahoma (home of the Cookshack company). I have stoped in for parts and spices through the years and am always amazed at how genuinely they care for their customers. The forum is great, but I wish you could all actually meet this company in person and experience the warmth and personal interest with which they handle each individual need of the customer. Mark and Donnas parents would be very proud of how their children have carried on the integrity of the Cookshack name.

I am very proud to be a part of the Cookshack family.

sincerely, Michael A.Springer
Just joined the forum in december and posted my first query'how to make authentic pastrami', we ate the last of it yesterday evening and it was better than expected for a first attempt at smoking. I'm in a minority here in England, I don't know any other smokers so I'll keep in touch here!

Regards from rainy Bolton, north of England

The English Smoker
Howdy y'all,
Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm Fat Bob from Foyil, Okla. I've been into smoked meats as far back as I can remember, was raised with a smoke house, cattle and hogs on the farm.
Today I do custom smokin' and catering for parties and get togethers and such. Not bad for scooter trash, huh? I pull my trailer smoker up to Sturgis and make loads of friends every year. Up until now I have been a wood only smoker and am just now looking into electric smoking so don't throw rocks at me, lol!
I am new to the site, I found it while searching for a recipe. I don't currently have a CS i have a bradley but i may have to reconsider that when i get ready to move up next time. I have been smoking for as long as I can remember. These new electric smokers are too good to be true... Setup and leave it alone for hours and come back to great Q. Just doesn't seem right does it? Anyway I can see that I will be a regular around here at least as a lurker. Great forum Wink
Hi, I'm Dave, from Maine. Until I find out an easy way to make money from BBQ, I slave at a mid-size corporation performing Cash Management, and also own and operate a small web development company for fun money.

My Smokette just arrived yesterday, and I'm busy trying all the recipes I've read on here. Also, I'm on a low-carb diet, and am substituting Splenda for most of the "sweet" requirements in rubs and mops. I'm still looking for a good no-carb replacement for brown sugar.
Well guess it's my turn.. My name is Mark here in Kansas City, Ks.. I'm originally from So. Cal. where we would "Q" 3-4 time's a week. Being here in the midwest it only seemed logical to start smok'in. Took the plunge a couple week's ago and haven't looked back !! Been great and more than simple.

GREAT place, and the BEST folk's. Keep up the fantastic work.
Jim here, in Northeast Washington State. Got tired of someone else ruining my deer sausage and having to pay for it to boot. Started looking for recipes and how-to's, and made some pretty good stuff for first tries, salami, sausage, jerky. When doing my snooping on sites, came across some bbq sites and got interested. So far, just have done butt bacon, fresh picnic roast, and a small pork roast, but looking forward to new adventures. Also made a couple of sauces, and love smokin's baste and servin sauce. Looking to upgrade my gear when I can. Using my Dad's "Outer's" brand smoker, like a "lil chief", I did the butt bacon, some elk snack sticks, and some elk jerky. The pork roasts I did on my old gas grill with one burner on, and the meat on the opposite side, with a little wood in foil for smoke. The gas grill is too hot though. Look forward to all I can find out about true BBQ.
Hey, I am Greg out in the great corn desert in Illinois. I have been keeper of the flame for many years. I found your site looking for something better than my old Brinkman (just got tired of baby sitting it all day). Proud owner of a new Smokette. Wife and 2 kids are my biggest fans/critics.
We run a nursery and garden center, doing landscaping and water garden installations. Sure is nice to come home after work and find some great que waiting at the end of a day. Big Grin
Hey all. I just joined this forum a couple of days ago and have enjoyed it so far.I don't own a CS cooker but do have a Brinkman Cimmarron and a New Braunfels Bandera. I've been cooking most of my life and am dedicated to barbecue.
We(me, my wife, stepdaughter) live near Rockwell, NC in a country house on 5 acres. I'm a transplanted Texan from El Paso so you all can guess that I love brisket and I'm always pursuing that perfect recipe. I have many but would welcome any personal favorites from any of you.

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