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For Super Bowl, I did a large rack of loin back ribs from Sam's Club, like I've done countless times in my SM066. However, this time I ran into a wrinkle that left me less than satisfied with the result, so I'm wondering if anyone else has had this happen.

As usual, I rubbed with Memphis Mud. While prepping, I noticed the rack was particularly meaty, which I was happy about at the time. After about 5 1/2 hours at 225, the ribs passed the toothpick test and I pulled them. Most of the rack was tender and juicy - really good bite-off-the-bone. But on the really meaty large end of the rack, there was a large section of meat on the top side of each rib, which was pretty dry and tough to eat. The meat closer to the bone was fine.

I'm guessing that the meat cutter (this was from a three-rack cryovac pack) left a section of very lean loin meat on the rack, which I haven't seen before. Has anyone run into this? Assuming the other two racks are the same, can anyone suggest a way to get that section of meat tender? Thanks much!

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I cook them all of the time.  

275 for 3 hours   Foil with "liquid of choice" for 1 hour     Rest at least 30 minutes.

Optional:  Finish on grill or use your broiler to set sauce.

Joe, I prefer my ribs to come out of the smoker dry on the surface and don't like most BBQ sauces, so I never use sauce or foil them. I guess I might have to try simply removing that unusually large loin section berfore cooking next time. Thanks.

I have gotten ribs before, that seem to have an extra layer of muscle. I have had similar issues. I've started trimming that extra off before I cook them.

Thanks Soleman, the next time I encounter that, I'm going to look for a "natural" way to trim, like a separate piece of muscle to remove. Anything to keep the finished rack uniformly tender and good looking.

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