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Pork Butt turned out so great I'm going for the brisket. Rubbed a 14# full brisket with CS brisket rub and let it sit in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Installed the new Maverick thermometer in the 009 and figured out how to program it.

Meat went in at 8:00PM. Temp set at 200. In the morning I'll bump it to 225. It is now 11:00PM, meat temp is 102 and smoker temp is 192.

Optimistic that this will turn out as good as the pork butt, if so, why have I waited so long to try this?
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I reckon I will go to wally world and get a big fat brisket to take home and put in this morning. You done and made me hungry! I figger it can cook all day and night on 180-200*.

You are right, claimbuster, no Q joints anywhere near here can compare to the product my little Smokette puts out. I just love that cute little booger!


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