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Got my 025 yesterday and seasoned it last night. Came home for lunch today and threw on a slab. I ditched the 3-2-1 method from advice here and left it alone while at the office all afternoon. Came home, wrapped the ribs in foil and left in the smoker at 140 until dinner. WOW, it can be that simple!

I also made a few mods. I made stainless leveling feet, vent drip guard, wood box cover and removable bottom pan with drain hole. The wood box cover and pan can go in the dishwasher with my SS grills. I smoked the ribs with these in place and no issues at all Smiler

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A person would never forget to punch hole in foil. Just wondered about wood box cover? Will it cause more direct heat on longer cooks? More metal to heat and maintain.Will the electronics cycle be affected?

From what you said looks like it will work for you. Glad to hear you recieved your new smoker.Have FUN and keep good NOTES!!!!!
I have an Accupress I want to get rid of. Seriously, PM me if interested.

The box cover is only about 1/4" larger than the box so there are no issues with air flow. It is only 18ga so not much to heat up. It should have less effect than the actual meat. If anything, more metal should stabilize the temp once it has heated.

The hole in the bottom pan is larger than the hole in the smoker. There is a little slop and I wanted to make sure it didn't get covered or affect air flow.

Regarding the vent drip guard, it caught some liquid already on the first smoke (after seasoning). Maybe a dirty vent makes the drip darker but it can still drip with a clean vent. I think the drip has more to do with the outside temp. Was in the mid 30's.
Just a litte reminder from the Moderator.

ANY modifications "may" void your warranty. I don't speak for CS, so if you want to make the modification, you might contact them if you're worried about the warranty.

Quality work there, obviously you have some skills.

The drip cup looks like an interesting idea, but I'm not sure about the heat deflector or protector. Foil is cheap and throwaway and you don't have to put it into the dishwasher

Legs are good.

You might want to contact CS with the suggestions on those two, seems to be a good idea.
I love the idea of the firebox cover and the bottom tray. Any chance you would have interest in creating those 2 items again? I really like the idea of throwing those in the dishwasher as I would feel it is more environmentally friendly as opposed to just throwing away aluminum foil after every smoke. I think I will still use aluminum drip trays as it is so full of fat (good thing) that I would not necessarily enjoy cleaning it out after every use. However I do use the drip trays for multi day smokes or until full.

Naturally I would be happy to pay for those 2 items, just let me know how much.


I think something is wrong with my smoker. Was planning on trying a PB today. When I turn it on it says HI without the probe even plugged in. Still says HI no matter what I do. I tried cleaning both the probe and socket with a Q-tip and oil. When I smoked ribs the other day all was well. It held very close to the 225 I set it at. Today, it never seems to turn off. Temp still set at 225 but climbed to 260 before I shut it off. My maverick showed the interal temp at 280. I can use the maverick to turn it on/off manually.

Any clues? I'll call CS in the morning.
First ,best choice is always call service.

They, usually ,don't monitor this forum.

Tony,or one of the folks,will give the correct answer,where we might spend several days making guesses. Roll Eyes

You can try opening the door,and dumping some heat.

If it will settle at around 250* at the cooking spot,the butt will handle it.

The butt, acting as a heat sink,could help settle the temp.

I always hate to miss a planned cooking day. Big Grin
Not giving up on my PB. Following this one through for a learning experience if nothing else. I'll finish in the oven if I have to.

I set my Mav therm alarms at 200 and 275 to manually turn the smoker on and off. Once the PB hit 130 my alarms didn't get tripped anymore and now 3-1/2 hrs in we're stable close to my setting of 225. I am currently putting all meat in at 40deg straight from the fridge for consistency until I get things figured out.

I assumed that the smoker would use the temp value that the display reads to determine when to turn the heating element on / off. Seems like there are two probes. One for the display and one for the heating element and they might not read the same. Especially when there is a 6 lb 40deg hunk of meat in it. It's probably functioning normally.

Btw, it's 25deg and snowing like hell here.
Interesting Cal. When I did the ribs, I left before the smoker was up to temp so I don't know if it did that. Same when I seasoned. Both times I came home to see it pegged at my set temp so I was really confused to see it get up to 260 today. At any rate, it hasn't varied but a couple deg from 225 in nearly two hrs. I don't think it ever would have done any harm if I hadn't touched it and it makes sense that it would work that way.

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