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Biggest tips I can give you are:
1)spend a lot of time researching and securing your location in advance. Ideally you want a location with good foot and vehicle traffic. Spend some time at the location during lunch/dinner time with a clicker.
2)Spend a day actually preparing food for a "good day" based on your business plan. You'll be overwhelmed at how much work is really involved. Keep in mind if things go well, you'll need to repeat this X days per week based on your plan.
3)Like Jack has said in other posts, 6 months working capital in the bank is a good idea.
4)Check out the pros at the competitions and festivals.

Good luck!

Better check with the health dept about setting up somewhere besides a festival. I have a state wide permit for a mobil food concession but...
Here in KY you can't setup in the same spot for more than 14 consecutive days and then you have to move and can't come back to the same spot for 30 days.
This law have pretty put me out of business for the season. If I can find 3 spots to setup, I could them move around and get around the law... but good spots are hard to find around here.
Steve Eeker
jason, if you are in a need for a break, drive on up here, and i will show you how we do things. perhaps, you can get a little gold nugget from it.
my wife and i do 8 different side dishes, three different sauces, 7 entres, sandwiches, burgers, and kids meals. plus her famous sweet tea...
and i still have time to hit golf balls in the park next door...heehee
info is at
we are closed til dec 1 for vacation, otherwise, come by anytime you like.

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