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Hi everybody,firt of all I am a french Canadian so my english is not very good so please forgive my mistakes.
I am a trained french chef and I recently bought a restaurant in Québec city ,Canada and I my speciality is BBQ,grilling,so I would like to buy a grill.I saw the Cookshack pellets smoker 36 inch,but I ve few questions before the purchase day.......The pellets here are pretty expensive 20$ for 18 pounds and we can only found Traeger pellets,the style of cooking is very new here ,but I ve got a Traeger grill for 2 years now that I ordered from the web.So how is the cost in pellets for a usage of 8 hours a day......

I ve got other grills tha I would like to buy like the Aztec grill:
the Grillery:
I know those are totally different and more expensive ....but I have to buy the best for my buck....And for the now the Aztec grill is my first choice,but I plan to add a electric (see my post in comercial section) Cookshack smoker.So it could be cool to use only the Cookshack product......

Thanks Guys....French chef Dave from Québec city
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You asking about a CS pellet smoker or a CS char broiler?

I'm a FEC 100 owner and not a CS Char broiler owner, thus maybe not entirely qualified to advise you. However, what prompted my reply is that I have been somewhat familiar with the Aztec unit for some time now. A few years back I started looking for a char broiler that used pellets, not whole logs or charcoal like the Aztec unit. Never could find what I was interested in until CS came out with theirs.

I don't care how great the Aztec is made, there's no way I would get any kind of unit over something pellet fed. Pellets have too many advantages. As soon as CS came out with their char broiler a friend called and asked what he should buy. Answer was easy and he bought the CS unit. It will also be my next char broiler purchase.

You need to find someone who has a unit and see first-hand. In fact, all the units and really compare.

FYI, there are pellet usage numbers right in the CS website, and they don't mislead.
36" would be a Charbroiler (CB).

I wouldn't use Traeger pellets in a CB (or ANY pellet machine), that brand of pellets have a lot of ash when they burn and you do burn a lot of pellets in a CB because you're wanting to create a hot grill.

The key is BTU's, how much heat per pellet. the 66% to 100% pellets will give better BTU's. The % is how much hardwood/base wood is there. Traeger uses a lot of lower BTU wood.

Call CS and talk with them. They key will be, for you is sounds, how much will it cost to run.

I don't know the cost of pellets in your location, so CS would be the one to ask for details. They can talk to you about it.

I will say this. I have a new 36" CB, but haven't used it yet, but I do have the Pellet Grill. we LOVE steaks on that because it's 100% wood grilled food.

We'll try to help. If you have more questions, please ask.
Originally posted by AndyJ:
Call me a Blasphemer, but I'm thinking of getting a Memphis pellet grill to replace my aging Vermont Castings grill. Eeker

Okay, I'll call you a blasphemer.

FYI, a pellet grill and a Charbroiler aren't the same thing so you've mixing apples and oranges.

You certainly can chose what you want, but it's not really helpful to drop a post in, say you're buying something else unless you're just wanting to flame.

Put some details in, explain your decision.

Nothing wrong with that, you just can't put a link to their site.

Give us details and we'll stop calling you a Blasphemer. Big Grin
Gotcha ya. Yeah, if you've got a space you sometimes have to go with it.

I've got zero experience with them, so can't really say.

For me, it's really a luxury that I have both a Charbroiler and a FEPG. I use the heck out of the PG because I can grill and smoke on it, in fact it's sometimes easier than my FEC's to use.

The CB is massive. 36" by 24" deep with plenty of heat, but I haven't used it for Pizza's yet. My FEPG does a great job on that, so more fun for me to practice on.

Originally posted by Cook One:
OK, so a CB for a backyard grill is not just a vulgar display of wealth, but would be useful even when you are just going to grill a few hamburgers? Is this what I'm hearing?

...vulgar display of wealth... well CS does Sponsor me as a BBQ Contest team Big Grin

Here the way I would answer that.

How much? How much of what will you ever be cooking?

The FE Pellet Grill has enough space to do a fair bit of food with both a direct/grill side and an indirect/smoking side.

The CB is fixed BUT it depends. the 36" has three burners. I can turn one on (the right one) the left and center ones or all three.

I consider the CB a grill. Direct and hot and on high runs at 600+ degrees

So how much do you want/need to cook (sq in") and what kind (grilling/direct, smoking or combined)

OK bear with me here, this is the process I go through when I really really want something, that I truly would use, and I know I want, but could possibly do without.

I have the AQ so the CB would lust be grilling sometimes a heavy load.

Tell CS to up their sponsorship, I think you have convinced me to go ahead an get what I want but could probably do without. I have done without enough already. Thanks

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