So I've posted in the past about my 009 model tripping the GFCI often.   I received suggestions, but never really did anything other plug into a normal outlet to which it worked.  This past weekend I did the same bypass, but this time the unit never heated up.  I called Cookshack and was told I needed a new heating element.  I ordered and received today.  To my surprise, I opened the box that included my 5lb bag of spicy chicken rub and the heating element was not protected by any wrapping and actually was substantially bent.  Sure doesn't look normal so I went out to look at the current element and sure enough, completely straight.  I didn't suspect these can be bent, but if so, why would you ship that way?  Am I missing something or was someone just lazy in the shipping department?  Not too happy about it honestly because I wanted to use this weekend, but not I won't.  I'm afraid to straighten out unless someone tells me it's ok to.  Someone please advise.






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I've bent this type of element a couple of times on regular ovens just to get the connectors to line up, but not as much as it looks like you need to bend yours. If it were me, I'd wait till Monday and talk to CS. I'm betting they'll tell you to go ahead and bend it carefully, but I'm recommending waiting.

Thanks for reply Jay.  No response from Cookshack yet.   Didn’t expect one from this post per say, but left a voicemail and sent email on Friday.  Posted here so someone could tell me to go ahead and use over the weekend.   I get a different vibe around here after not visiting for awhile.   Hopefully solution soon.  

Update:  talked to Tony at Cook Shack.  He said it is ok but to bend the element.   So all is good.  Hope this helps someone else in the same situation.  

Try to bend on a flat surface and rotate along the bend line a little as you straighten it to spread out the flexing area in as long an area as possible. I have bent several hot water elements for brew kettles doing that.

Marty - Glad it worked out. Sorry you missed your weekend cook. I did a rack of plate short ribs that turned out great. Today the temp went from 55 to 32 in six hours. Not so great. Good luck with the new heater!

Got installed.  Little bit of a knuckle buster. 

Did this in the basement because it was 20 degrees out (winter came early to Wisconsin).  

Turned on briefly and it worked.  Will try real smoke after holiday and see how it all works.  Especially curious to see if GF outlet trips.  

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