I just brought home a used Model 20.  Works great, did some chicken for a test run.  I'm wondering of the accessories for the SM025 are compatible.




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I didn't know what the model 20 is, so I searched on the website and found a thread that claims the 20 is the same as a 25 except for having painted steel exterior and no food probe.  So I assume the accesories would be the same.

I have a 20 and as stated above, it has no meat probe and is painted meatal sides, other than that all the accessories are the same.

So, more on this smoker.  When I got it there was a thick coat of black, greasy soot on the inside.  The fellow I bought it from said he tried to clean it and gave up.  I found that Purple Power degreaser just melted this stuff!  I was careful to keep it off the heating element, and used rags and 3M scrubby pad sponges, and a toothbrush, and after a couple of hours it was as clean as new.   Well, not really, but very good!  I rinsed with a spray bottle of water and more clean rags, kept doing it until I thought I had most of it off.   I then ran the smoker, empty, for a few hours to burn off any residual chemicals. 

I learned that these are designed for wood chunks, not the chips I had for my gas smoker.  I found chunks at Lowes, maybe not as good as Cookshack's product, but will do for now.  I got Mesquite and Hickory.

Haven't done a smoke with chunks yet,

Would really like to get a couple of new stainless racks, the rib rack, and the cabinet stand, but will have to save up for those.


Good luck with it! Do a break -in smoke with a pork butt just to season it as if it were a new smoker. You'll be glad you did.

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