Hello everyone, not sure if I am posting in the right place but my new PG1000 is being delivered Monday and I a stoked!  Not sure how active of a forum this is so I figured I would drop a line.  


Mike G

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Greetings Mike!  I was in your shoes 2 years ago and was hopeful that the forum would be a great resource.  Unfortunately, it has fallen miserably short of my expectations.  Traffic ebbs and flows but mostly ebbs.  There has been a ton of spam activity over the past year or so and I think that drove a bunch of people away.

There seems to be alot of historical information on the forums, but it is impossible to search in my opinion.

Seems like the topics that get the most traction revolve around cooking methodology and recipes.  Trying to get information specific to your hardware is pretty tough to come by.

I am always hopeful that some new blood will come along and reinvigorate things...  Good luck!

Thank you for reaching out.  I also noticed thinks look a little quiet around here! Lol.  I will keep checking back to see if things get stirred up. It looks like it could be a cool place. I just got my cooker today and love it already!

Yeah, they are pretty cool machines.  I have the PG500 and it is great.  I cook EVERYTHING on it.  Almost to the point of not needing the oven in the kitchen...

Looking back, I wish I would have spent a little more for the PG1000.  The one thing I struggle with is temp control and I wonder if the insulated PG1000 would be the difference maker.

Keep us posted...  Would love to hear about your experiences!  I would be happy to throw some ideas back and forth with you!

Had my first cook tonight.  I cannot believe how fast this cooker get to temp.  Simple burgers, potato wedges and a couple of chicken breasts for salads later in the week.  Had the grill set at 400.  That seems like a good temperature to give the burgers a nice sear!  


Sounds great!  I definitely found that 400 +/- 25 is a great temp for direct grilling just about anything.  When I first started out, I followed the instructions and cranked it way up and it was impossible to keep from burning everything...

Weather is supposed to be pretty dang nice in my part of the world this weekend...  I'm debating on a pork shoulder or a brisket.

Yes, I could see how things could get out of control with too high of a direct grill temperature.  I am doing a pork loin tonight, and I did some chicken wings earlier.  I followed the recipe on the Cookshack website for the wings (except I did not inject them).  They might have been the best wings me and my family have ever had.  Sunday it is also supposed to be nice by me (56 I think).  Keep me up to speed if you do that brisket.  I cant wait to try one myself.

Mike G 

Congrats on the new toy and welcome to the family!  You will love it! use it like an oven to bake bread and pizza too.  On my computer there is an orange bar that say "it looks like you have changed time zones".  Click X and you will find the search feature.  There is a ton of information on there.  The 101's by Smoking are a great start.  Also check out the Video recipe section.  Lastly, the people at COOKSHACK are top notch.  Call them weekdays.



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