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I got my SM020 Thursday, it is performing its first run right now. I am concerned that there has been zero smoke coming out of the smoker, and it has been going for an hour and a half. I even opened it and no smoke was in there.

I hope I did everything right. There is a 2 level tray around the element, and I loaded 2 pieces of wood on the top of the tray. Is this correct? I am sure this might be a dumb question, but no where does it say where to put the wood. It just says put it in the wood box.

Is this a problem? Or am I worried about nothing?
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Yes. The wood sits in the box above the heating element. Element touching the box, wood up front, wood at the edge of the holes.

Is the smoker empty? If so, it's like starting kindling by passing the flame by it instead of leaving the flame under it. You'll produce more smoke with something in the smoker acting like a heat sync. Meaning the heating element will stay on longer without cycling on and off if something like meat or a pan of cold water is in the smoker . The meat or water will keep the ambient temperature of the oven lower forcing the element to stay on longer, and since it's touching the wood (with only the box metal in between), it will help the wood burn.

It's a good idea to season the smoker with a fatty piece of meat like a pork butt--produces a better first smoke and gets the sides nice and loaded. It's not necessary since your first cook will do the same but helps the initial seasoning.

If you're using the wood provided by Cookshack, you're probably OK. Check my last paragraph on today's brisket thread for some info on the wood itself.
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Something i also noticed when i got my first 55 is the clean smoke that the CS's make can be hard to see, its not like most other smokers i used. Take a good smell and see if you smell the smoke. Early on i thought i had the same problem so i put a green piece of wood in the smoke box and wow you could see that coming out but thats the impurities that you see thats what you dont want on your meat. Try putting a piece of meat in there and taste the smoke flavor it produces. This is the best smoker i have ever used i loved it so much after just 2 months i bought a fec100. Just through you some meat in there and enjoy.

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