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I've recently acquired a couple of SM260 smokers and I'm working on developing my menu. I want to serve st. louis spare ribs for lunch but can't afford to pay a prep cook to come in 6+ hours before we open to give the ribs the 5-6 hours they usually need. My thought was to cook them as low as possible overnight to give them a headstart, and hopefully they'd be partially cooked by the time my morning staff arrives and at that point they could monitor and finish cooking them without overcooking too much.

So here's what I was thinking.

11pm - load smokers, Smoke at 130 for 8 hours

7am - prep cook arrives, Cook at 200 for 4 hours

11am - lunch service.

What do you all think? Would this work? I figure if the ribs cook fast and are getting done early, the morning crew can turn the smoker down or switch them to hot hold for service. Has anyone had experience /success cooking ribs overnight like this in a commercial setting?


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8 hours under 130F IS dangerous.  Safe zone is under 41 and over 135, and anything else is against all Health codes.  For my restaurant I cook ribs all the way,  With them wrapped in double foil the last step,  with a squirt of 1/2 Apple juice and 1/2 ACV.  to prep for service I reheat in our pizza oven, at 550F for 13 minutes,  then put through an impinger with sauce (to set) for 2.5 minutes.  They are unbelievably close to smoke/cook and eat same day.    I'm saying that either figure a way to reheat for service, or par cook and refrigerate, then finish the next day.


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