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Finally got my new grill setup. No, not a pellet grill, a gasser. Looking through the freezer and found the hanger steaks I bought a few months ago at RD. A quick google search for a refresher on how to trim them.

Like the Internet says, they are not very appealing before trimming. Lots & lots of silver skin.

But they trimmed up quite nicely.

Mixed up a marinade that MaxQ posted in a previous thread. Oil, soy, wooster, garlic, rosemary & pepper. Into the fridge for the afternoon, then onto the smoking hot grill.

Sorry, forgot to take a plate shot. Very deep beef taste, will buy again, despite the PITA of trimming them. These would probably be quite good with a touch of smoke flavor.
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Thanks for the photos. Nice trim job on the Hangars. Yup, they are a pita to get grill ready.

A good substitute for hangars (depending on price comparison) is beef flap meat. Supermarkets slice it into 1"-2" lengths but it's packed whole...either skinned or un-skinned in pieces about 1 - 1.5 lbs

Treat it the same way as hangar steak and slice it on the diagonal for plating.
Picked them up at Restaurant Depot a few months back. My old grill died and I just got the new one running. Can't remember the price as they don't put it on the label. But it was pretty reasonable. I'm cheap. Wink Only about 1 1/3lb of waste. Calculated out to just under 70% yield.

Already found my next new item to try that I've never heard of til now. Friend from Texas posted a pic of something that he cooked on his egg.
I was looking at steaks at Costco one day, and some fellow comes up to me and says, "Want to buy a great steak at a great price? Not many people know about this." He showed me the Flap Steak. I was actually surprised at how well marbled it was. Pretty inexpensive compared to other cuts and compared to what you get. Kinda like a well marbled flank steak. It's also tenderized by the butcher and takes on a marinade very well.

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