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I have been doing prime rib in the oven a long time as it is a favorite of mine and my wife. This is the first time that I did one in the FEC100. I dry aged the roast for a few days in the fridge and the day of the cook I let it sit on the counter until the chill was off the meat. I then moistened the surface of the roast with a little red wine that I had opened to aid the cooking process (2007 Franciscan Oakville Cab). I then lightly coated the roast with an excellent EVOO. The roast was then coated with freshly minced garlic and rosemary, kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper. The temp profile followed was very close to the Prime Rib 101. I used CS Hickory pellets. I had the smoker well pre heated and running at 150* when I put the roast in. 150* for an hour, 180* for 2 hrs, 275* for about 40 minutes, then 350* for about 30 minutes. I pulled the roast at 122* and let it rest for about 30 minutes uncovered. When I sliced the roast, the temp had risen to about 130*. It was not as rare in the center as I like, but it turned out very good. My wife's end slice was perfect for her.

Ready to go into the smoker

Cooking area, after Smokin's pictures I think a deck upgrade might be in my future (albeit not as nice!... Wink)

Finished roast resting.

All sliced and ready for dinner.

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