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Yup, tried it, but in a hotter smoker than you get with the Cookshacks.

The easier method is to smoke whatever you want for ingredients and use that. Lasagna/pasta won't allow for any penetration, but try a little smoked cheese and it's perfection. For pizza, smoked cheese or smoked meats work well. Smoke some peppers and make your own.

Smokers are great for smoking, but I do pizza's on my grill (or in my FEC since I can get it hotter).

Sure, do a search for Cheese 101 and you'll find a post from me. Do you have the cold smoke baffle already?

Understand you're on the road, how small is the grill? Even the little ones would work, just use the individual size pizza shells, not the large ones.

Looking at RV's myself, if we're going to compete next year, Mrs. Smokin' won't go unless I get some AC and with temps like they are, I won't argue.

Excellent link, that answered my question! I make our dough, the shell size isn't the problem on a grill, but you gotta do a pizza stone, and I can't find one that even comes close to fitting our tiny grill.

Okay, gotta make pizza shells soon, I'm dying to try this! Smokin', no I don't have the cold smoke baffle yet. Wasn't sure I wanted it, as most cheesy things we like, we figure we can just pop in the smoker for a bit and pick up the flavor.

Homade macaroni and cheese is to die for in the smoker. I think I'll try the lasagna anyway, cooked in the oven til almost done, then put it on the smoker for a bit.

But I'm definately going to smoke some veggies for focaccia, yum yum yum!

Smokin, the grill is about 12"x17" or so. Just big enough for 2, not enough for company. We're making lots of friends when the smoker is fired up. LOL
KathyE, no I haven't smoked any veggies yet, I just got my seafood racks in the mail yesterday. Before, I've always grilled them, I used to use my perforated french bread pan for that. You can pick up a veggie tray at Lowe's that should fit the smoker.

DLS, that's a great idea, I should get one for our gas oven in the RV as well, I've been using my pizza stone there to make it heat more evenly, but that leaves me pizza "stoneless". Smiler
KathyE - I frequently smoke tomatoes (and other vegetables) in my 008 on the regular racks without any problems. In fact, I adapted my gazpacho recipe last weekend and smoked all of the vegetables instead of just using them raw. It was simple and wonderful. Produced a result that convinced me not to return to the traditional method.

If you're doing something small, like making japs into chips, you will probably want something with smaller openings. Myself, I just put one rack on top of another in a perpindicular fashion.
I am always careful to keep my distance from bikers for their safety. I have ridden and know how people either don't see you or seem to aim right for you!
I just put the tomatoes on the smoker using the criss cross grill configuration with a little vegetable seasoning.cookshack book says 1 hr at 225 for 3 lb of tomatoes.I will guesstimate on how long they need.I only have hickory seasoned so used smallest piece I could find.

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