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8 lb picnic. It's what I had. Would rather a butt. Cut the skin off. Rubbed/coated completely and thick. I like these better as a roast, maybe smoked a lil, then in the crockpot with veggies and etc. Not enough fat to render for really quality pulled pork. Photos to follow C4FABB23-902A-46DE-8DAC-461FF665803D


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my picnics always shred just fine.  the texture is definitely a bit different from a boston butt.   the meat is a bit denser, so it pulls into longer strings.  i just go at it for a while with my bear claws and it's ready to slap on some bread.

typically just my wife and i so we refrigerate half and freeze half.  the frozen stuff always tastes just as good a few months later...

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