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Ok, so I thought I did enough homework to justify buying the FEPG over a Traeger Crapco roadshow Chinesium special.  Well I am at about 10 cooks in.  the FEPG is a good grill above 300 degrees.  I can't get it to go low and slow, e.g 170-180.  Tried the factory set 10-50, and changed that to 10-30.  Got 6o degree overshoots on 170 degress turned some $15/lb wild salmon into Jerky.  Low and slow is important to me.....

Any suggestions are appreciated.

The other problem I have is bridging, Running Pit boss competition, pellets are dry at least to me, and have bridged twice now with pretty full hoppers.

Also get a crapton of dust everywhere,  thats on me I guess for not sifting.  Cookshack should tell you that though.

Lastly, says you can cold smoke in the warming drawer, does that really work?  what temp do you run the main grill at.  Fall is coming.

I am guessing I need something like 10/30 for below 250  Thinking 15/50 for 250-450 and probably 30/100 for 450 plus

So far running Pit Boss Competition pellets....  I have others  giving up on a bag isnt how I want to do it. 

Help appreciated.

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Gator if you are seeing swings that is almost always caused from the LHT not being set high enough. Once the unit is at set point if the LHT is high enough it should never go back into the HHT which is what causes the swings. I would recommend leaving the HHT at the default and raise your LHT to 20. If you still get swings raise it a little more. I have attached a sheet that goes over the theory in out control system to help as well. give Cookshack a call if you need any assistance dialing it in.


Thanks for that I read that a few times before....  Here is the issue, with what is written, the hotter the grill the more pellets its gonna need to burn to hold a temperature hence raising the LHT.  based on temperature (also will need to raise HHT a bit as well to minimize undershoot) The other variable is not all woods or pellets are going to burn the same.  so its gonna need multiple LHT settings,if LHT is too high though its goint to overshoot high, and then it takes a long time for HHt to bring it back down so just cranking LHT isnt going to do it.

I can see winter being alot easier to go low and slow, but have you been able to dial in 170-180 for an extended period?

I have to say that I do get tired of hearing new owners become frustrated because they can't master their machine after a few tries.  If you want set-it-and-forget-it instant perfection, get a KitchenAid oven.  Otherwise, if you keep your machine, or get a Traeger if you must,  be patient and learn how to use your tool.  Much as people on this forum would like to help you, we cannot replicate your circumstances and tell you exactly what to do.  If you don't have the desire to take the time, experiment, and learn through experience the skill of using your pellet grill, save yourself the trouble and give up now.

People like you are exactly what is wrong with the world today, and I sure as heck would like to use stronger language.  So you are a genius and you figured out how to use the machine but you are too special,  to share your knowledge,  A simple post of saying, these settings work for me, and I have gotten it to hold 180+/- X for this many hours using the would have helped.   I have burned up over $100 of protein on this thing with very varying results over 10 cooks so far before posting. ....   So far I have found exactly ONE Post on this forum providing settings (and those were 30 75, far from low and slow).  Swings at 400 arent great but usually the food will survive it. 

A guy posted a link above trying to help, yep, I  found and read that link a few times before he posted and did my homework googling and I posted here for help.  But he tried to help.  All of these machines have the same controller, all of them quickly get black on the inside (seasoned), and wood pellets aren't ALL that different.   I will guarantee you that when and if I get past the problems with the grill, I will post the results here.  If I get to the point where its the grill simply doesn't work,  I will post that here as well, to save other folks 2200 bucks.  I am pretty much of the mindset that the machine is a brisket / high temp unit and isnt a real smoker, as advertised.  But we will see.

To think that this model has been around 5 plus years, and no one has posted a solution or the company hasn't posted a solution or changed the controller, says alot.  Every forum on the net says the thing has temperature swings, well in my dumbness I assumed that they could be overcome, and have spent hours researching to no result to find a solution.

DDB -  Would it have been that hard to say how you got your grill to work?  I think not, but hey, its more fun for you to read posts about people burning up Q.  It is good to know that however that some folks do have good success with  Beyond Meat Products on the grill, while  watching CNN, and wearing Biden Tshirts.  Because no true American would get their Jollies by watching another one fail.

If Electrotech is Cookshack, then man o man, its way off  I have been doing combustion controls  (the engineer in Gator is for a reason) for over 35 years, and I can tell you that what cookshack as a manufacturer wrote is not even technically close.

Let me start with the very basics for you.  Wood has an energy content, a certain amount of wood releases a certain amount of heat, the more wood the more heat.   What I don't know with the cookshack is if the air supplied by the blower is held constant or changes with either Temperature or LHT.  In real combustion controls, Air Always leads fuel when the temperature is increased.  which means that there is always more air available than fuel to make sure you don't form CO.  Likewise when Temperature is decreased Fuel is removed before air is reduced. 

I don't hear the grill blower changing sounds so its either fixed for a given temperature or completely fixed regardless of fuel.  if it is completely fixed that explains why ash is getting blown around and all over the food at low temps.....

Just like an oven (for DDBs) benefits the higher the temperature you want the more fuel, electricity, gas or in this case would you have to burn.  This means that you have to change HHT and LHT as temperature varies, if you don't change HHT then you are going to start overshooting low more and more as you cook hotter.  It isn't optional.  So with the current setup, you are going to have to adjust these depending on your temp.  If all you are doing is brisket, then it may be a set it and forget it unit.  If you want to hot smoke a salmon 170F, and then make a pizza 600F you are going to have some (a lot) fiddling around to do.  Because while there is a chance 10/30 might get you to 600 in a long enough time frame, it wont stay there for long

Some takeaways for Cookshack, if you want to take and make this machine into the best BBQ machine ever made you need to do the following:

1) Variable speed auger - as a minimum, variable speed auger (and a variable speed blower, even better), then its simple PID control.  If you do this and air doesn't change, then the food will get ashy at low temps.

2) Fix the  hopper, the angles are too shallow and pellets bridge.  Steeper angles is less metal.

If you don't want to do that at least fix your manual

Get a few brands of different pellets and put together a table for folks to set LHT and HHT.  It would go along way to have the vendor acknowledge the issues with the machine and tell folks how to fix em

Tell them that hoppers occasionally bridge and this should be the number 1 troubleshooting issue.  A bang on the side usually with fix this

Note one needs to be to always sift their pellets

Jay, you continue to belabor this thread with your comments which do nothing more than provoke a continuation of posts.  I understand you don't agree with me.  You don't have to hammer it home by bringing up the dead (assuming he is) and speculating about what he MAY have thought.  I've had my say.  So if you have more to add to the conversation, get it out of your system and let me have it in full.  I certainly understand where your sympathies lie.

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