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I plan on cooking my first prime rib on Sunday. I am considering having the butcher removethe roast from the bones and then tieing it back to the bones.
I am doing this to facilitate the carving. Good or not?

I plan on using Pags smoking plan, 190* to 225* and finishing in the 500* over. Can I FTC before going to the oven? At what temp should
I pull the meat to serve it medium rare? I want to allow for the continued cooking while in the foil.

I have a CS008 and love it.

Many thanks for this forum. I lurk every day.

Mary Jayne
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Moved this to the Prime Rib forums.

I agree with them, check out the new PR 101 Big Grin

For me, if I have bones I just cook them on, don't worry about the butcher. You can cut them AFTER it's rested, but not before. If you're smart, you cut off a little extra meat and leave some on the bone for a little eating if you want (or not).
Smoked a Prime Rib last weekend.

3.5 lbs $6.77/lb Don't know the grade

I rubbed it according to the 101 with mods.

Montreal Steak Seasoning
Some Emerils

Wrapped in film and put in the frig overnight.

Put in smoker at 190 for about 2 hours. Then cranked to 250 for 30 minutes.

Removed from my 050 with internal temp of 124 and foiled and let sit for 20 mins.

Put in a 450 oven for 9 minutes. This is the first time I have tried using the oven to sear the outside crust and it worked just fine.

Cut in half before this picture was taken.

And the final result:

We like it rare.... and the taste and texture of this one were excellent. Will definitely be doing this again.
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