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Danger...Danger...Moderator post ahead...

Ah, the dreaded Search Function.

If you were looking in the "owners forum" then you won't find any. The Owners Forum is primarily for "how" to work the unit, not necessarily how to cook something specific. The Open Forum is for that. That's why I moved from there to here. And typically more responses in the Open Forum about these types of questions.

There has been confusion by some is that the "owners" forum is where "owners" post, but that's not accurate.

Do a search on "prime rib" and "all open forums" and you'll get 103 response. It's a popular request. The real key is selecting the "all open forums" as the prime could be in the archive or in "best of" or "recipes" or other archives.

I wish I could create a page of "favorite searches" but I can't.

Your Friendly Moderator

No apologies necessary. I just know we've had great discussions before about PR and reading some of those, you'll find some jewels of information that you might miss otherwise.

That's how others learn, by our mistakes posted in the forum for them to read...

No worries, I know the search is a pain.
DJ, The prime rib recipe that has been the most popular with the folks on this forum is the one that Stuart posted some time back. I saved it in my archive of favorite CS recipes and here it is with thanks to Stuart for sharing it with us.


Stuart's Prime Rib

Rub rib with following rub: 1 tablespoon garlic powder

1 tablespoon dried rosemary

2 tablespoons course ground black pepper

2 tablespoons salt

Let rib sit overnight with rub. Remove woodbox from smoker and preheat to 250 degrees(takes about 35 minutes).

Put 4 fresh twigs of rosemary and 1 clove of gralic in woodbox. Put woodbox and rib in smoker.

Smoke/cook at 250 for 12 minutes per pound.

After cook time, turn oven to 140 and hold for a min. of 4 hours.

Note: Open the oven door for a few minutes to bring the temp down to 140 more rapidly.

Not yet. I shopped for a roast that looked good to me. The problem here is the meat room employees cut the meat in such small pieces here. I spoke with one person that specificly told me there are few "butchers" around here, she explained that they are instructed on what sizes to make the cuts. I opted for a trip to BJ'S club and picked up 3 racks of baby backs and a briskett. Other than Bj's the briskets around here look like they could be cooked and placed between 2 slices of bread for a single sandwich! I will continue to look for a PR roast that is more than 2 ribs thick!! When I lived in the Binghamton NY area I could get anything I wanted in any size. It's the only thing I miss about the area. Good Luck with your roast! Dj
Ah... you did mention that you had an ST in the first post in the thread... I guess reading is a skill Smiler

I had a problem find a rib roast also. A lot of places here have boneless rib roasts, but they don't have as much flavor. Do you have a Sam's Club nearby? they usually have whole rib roasts (18-20 lbs!!!) at a good price. I bought one of those and cut it into three pieces.

Yes we have Sam's but wife and I are BJ's members. Same type of deal. Almost the same items in the store as well. It was late and some of the bins were empty. I did see a couple boneless roasts but I too was shoppin for one with bones in. I'll find one even if I take a cooler with me next time we go to NY to visit. I brought back a cooler full of meats from the Buffalo area over New Years weekend when we went there to pick up my smoker stand. I will post a picture of this when I get done building it. Dj
We just finished our Prime Rib dinner...




It was wonderful! I really enjoy Prime Rib, and I've cooked some good one on the gasser and in the kettle, but this one was by far the best! I've also tried Prime Rib in a lot of restaurants, and this one was much better than every restaurant except our favorite place for Prime Rib, Skip's Other Place in New Buffalo, Michigan.

Anyway, on to the PR... The chunk I used as just under 6 pounds. I seasoned it yesterday per Stuart's recipe and let it sit in the fridge overnight. I pulled it from the fridge at 11:00AM and preheated the Cookshack. I put the PR in at noon along with a small chunk of white oak (about an ounce), three large garlic cloves and four sprigs of fresh rosemary in the firebox. I cooked it at 250 until the internal temp was 130 (about three hours) and then I turned the CS down to 140 degrees and held it there until 6:30pm (3 1/2 ours).

The PR was just beautiful on the outside, with a gorgeous brown color. Inside, it was medium rare all the way through. I sliced off the bones, and then sliced it for us to eat. I am soooo full! We have half of the roast left for later in the week!

Here's some pics...
Originally posted by Taylorj:
Ever try wrapping the PR in foil for the 140 degree cooking? Would it keep more juices in the meat?

Actually, I never use foil, it won't help the juices stay in, they'll just collect in the foil. 140 is too hot for steak (my opinion), that be on the high side of MED.

Slow cooking will do more for the juices to stay in. Hot cooking tends to make juices run out it seems. Searing does not help, it actually burns off moisture if done at the early cook.

#1 way to keep the juices is to let it sit for an hour minimum before carving. If you carve it straight out of the smoker, the juices WILL run out. When I let it rest, the juices stay in the meat and not on the cutting board.

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