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I have a 45 on the way. I am pumped to start cooking with it. I have used a BGE for years, still love it, but wanted to go to something where I was not chained to the work. Been reading this forum and I was impressed with the all the great info. It was yet another reason why I choose cookshack over all the other electric smokers that I researched for months. I am sure I will be bugging you experts on how to do everything. Can't wait to start
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Thanks for the kind welcome. I am anxiously waiting for my smoker to arrive. In the mean time I have been reading all the posts which only gets me more anxious because I want to get smokin. I have learned a ton especially from SO's 101 posts, thanks SO! Since I doubt it will be here by the weekend (I know, unrealistic, but I can hope)I will have to smoke a salmon slab in the old BGE for a party Saturday. The sacrifices we must make! I will be back as soon as it arrives to get some suggestions on what to start my smokin experience with.
I finally got my smoker and am currently running it through the curing process. I have a simple question. Is it normal or expected to see smoke coming out between the door and the smoker? I don't know if it is pertinent but it is coming out the top left corner (opposite side of the latches). It is not as much as the amount coming from the opening on the top but it is noticeable. Any thoughts?
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Thanks I appreciate your insight. I guess I am just a little cautious and wanting my CS to work perfectly right out of the box. Now I can focus on smoking some salmon tomorrow. Thanks again.

It is working perfectly, relax

Check out Smokin Okie's 101s while you're chillin

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