Does anyone know if there is a reasonable alternative to the temperature probe that came with my Smokette SM025? By alternative I mean another brand that doesn't cost $86 but will work with my unit like the original?

Also has anyone else had a problem with their original temperature meat probe? Mine no longer reads and it looks like the wires are loose. I love Cookshack Smokers but am very disappointed with the temperature probe prematurely wearing out. I have only used it possibly 20 times and purchased Cookshack due to quality. I was shocked to find out they are charging $86 for a replacement which quite frankly I find ridiculous. Thanks for any suggestions!
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If you believe it's prematurely wearing out, have you contacted CS directly? They don't monitor the forum for Customer Service issues. They just might be able to help you. And if it's bad product they certainly need to hear about it.

The reason they cost that much is the quality has to be there otherwise there would be nothing but complaints about a probe that doesn't work because it's cheap. It also has to be good enough to pass NSF standards, hence the better quality/higher price.

Go into thermoworks and see what the higher quality probes go for, they also get pretty pricy.

FWIW, we can't post knockoff or replacement parts for CS parts in this forum, it's their policy not to do so.
CS was getting a lot of requests for probes ,even in the smaller models,maybe a decade ago.

We used to have a lot of discussions about where to go buy,and what brands,and where to get replacement probes.

Maybe,15 yrs ago,no one heard of cooking with a wired thermometer and today many cooks still won't consider them.

There were discussions from management and a few of us that had been around the forum since it started.

Yes,CS has always been known for building/supplying the best quality and finest cookers/ cooking equipment out there.

CS finds itself supplying accessories, occasionally,because around the world cooks have a problem finding them.

An example would be that CS isn't in the wood chunks business,but tries to supply them as a service.Sauces and rubs for our international customers and custom cooker covers.

Being an older cook,I was one that spoke against supplying wired therms,or built in probes.
I thought,if CS was selling $10 wired therms and they developed a problem,then the CS quality would be linked to a product CS couldn't control.I suggested that having to charge $200, to cost out a dependable built in therm/probe for a $400 cooker, didn't seem like good business.

I could see the use in a restaurant setting ,for overnight,untended cookers with large quantities of product,but surely not on a home cooker containing a 5 to 10 lb. load.

Once again,CS sought to meet the customer requests for convenience with the best possible accessory at the best possible price.I guess I can understand the customer that desires the convenience of probe cooking and that certainly it should be dependable.

Yes,I have a Smokette without a probe therm and several larger CS models in the traditional wood and pellet models for comps/caters that have the capability to add them.Maybe, someday I'll add one,but for now I'm still using my $10 Taylor wired therm and my Thermapens.

Well,I'll get off of here before someone accuses me of makin' a Smokin'Okie post. Wink
Stuart is the engineer behind all the reasons of why and why not.He has always been great to talk to one on one.
Give him a shout,without the whole world trying to re-engineer the product.He is amazingly good to work with,but he travels a lot and can't always monitor our conversations.
I agree that $86 is a lot of money for a probe. I have wireless probes also, but the reason I use the CS one in addition to those is, as Tom previously mentioned, long brisket smokes. I can go to the office, set the probe for an end temp, and the CS will reset to a 150 deg hold when it hits my temp. That's a big deal to me.

I am having issues with the build quality of the probes also. The wires seem to be pulling away from the attachment point where it's connected to the CS controller. This is the second one I have that's done this.
Originally posted by easy victor:
I am having issues with the build quality of the probes also. The wires seem to be pulling away from the attachment point where it's connected to the CS controller. This is the second one I have that's done this.

Call CS. If there is a quality issue they certainly want to hear it from you directly.

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