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Up until now, all my ventures with smoking have been day events: cook, and sell off what you have. Now, I'm getting ready to start up a brick and mortar, and have a couple questions:

Although I would absolutely prefer to serve daily prepared fresh out of the smoker, we all know that's pretty difficult. So, for back up, how do you re therm frozen product? Sous vide? Any other methods working for you out there?

B&M will have around 40 seats plus take out. Have an SM260 and an FEC120. Menu includes all BBQ proteins, typical sides, plus craft burgers. Looking initially at around 35 hours open/week, probably opening up longer hours during higher traffic months (May-Oct).
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Unfortunately, I think most or all of the professional cooks here have left over the past few years. It's sad. There used to be quite a lively discussion among comp cooks and restaurant cooks here. Maybe a few still lurking, active or retired, but I get the impression it is mostly us home cooks left. I wonder if CS thinks that is good or bad?

I am no pro cook by any means but I have tried a method similar to CHAPLAINBILL for some backyard BBQ fundraiser and marketing events for our business we hold at our place throughout the summer. It does work quite well given the circumstances. I guess maybe your plan would require a more long term solution for a successful business. Call up a few places in the next city over to see what their strategy is. I'm sure they'd be happy to help you out!

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