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First, let me wish everyone a Happy New Year!

For the past couple of years as I have been improving my baby back rib recipe and smoking technique, but I have never been satisfied with the results.

I have tried the various rub recipes and techniques as outlined on this forum and the BBQ FAQ. Seemed like it was missing something, although friends and family enjoyed them, I was never satisfied.

Sometimes they were good...sometimes they were really, really bad.

Last summer I watched the Food Network BBQ special and they outlined Carson's Ribs in Chicago and Mr. Carson demonstrated his cooking technique. I eventually broke down and tried their technique as outlined on the program and cooked 10 baby back slabs for New Years Eve despite my misgivings.

The results were spectacular! My family was ravenous with the ribs not one rib left and the bones were gnawed dry. My niece who is a vegetarian came back from the dark side and was wolfing down ribs they were so good...

Now Carson's technique goes against all knowledge in the proper preparation of BBQ. I have never eaten at Carson's but assumed that since they were so succesful that they must be doing soething right.

But their methods and techniques are sacreligous in the BBQ world as they baste their ribs before cooking!...Heaven forfend!...surely they will burn and the sugar in the BBQ sauce will carmelize into a black charcoal.

But it works and the results are spectacular!

Now the challenge to you is to try this method and report back whether the results were as good for you as they were for me.

1) Remove membrane from ribs.
2) Prepare smoker for 220 F temps with just minimal smoke (1 small chunk). Here's the sacreligous part....
3) Find your favorite BBQ rib glaze/sauce and baste the sauce on the ribs (yep...slather them)
4) Smoke for 1-1/2 hours and baste the ribs once again and rotate or move around in the smoker and add another chunk of wood.
5) Repeat basting after another 1-1/2 hours.
6) Continue until the ribs achieve a temperature of 180 F.
7) Baste once again and leave on smoker another 20 minutes and then remove and serve.

I was sure they would burn and turn black. Not so. They came off nice and dark red in color and were extremely tender. They were the best I ever had!

Let me know your results...I am now a believer!

Preston D
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That's not against ALL Q wisdom, I've heard people have success with that (and it will depend on your sauce).

Now if you'd said "boil them" I would have to delete the post Big Grin

It will depend on your sauce. Do that with a Sweet Style (or KC sauce) and they will burn. Seen it happen.

Glad you had success. I'm sure this technique will work for many.

Thanks for going against the "traditional" approach and sharing your alternative method.


Ok, but the only reason it is brought up again is because CS's new forum format didn't allow them to archive things (or they didn't know how), and they couldn't control or change the almost unreadable date stamps on posts. New members search on things but don't realize what they are responding to was last posted a decade ago or more. Just makes for chaos.

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