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I don't trim all the fat, I use what is called London Broil a lot of the time, also some Eye of Round.

I haven't had any problems with the small amounts of fat being left on.

I will try to pick it out before packaging. I usually keep mine in a large plastic jar with a tight fitting lid, on the counter.

The last kits i used were Cabelas and i usually will leave it in the cure/seasoning for 3-4 days.
I have been using rump roast for years since I found out that my butcher would slice it for me. He won't do it by the pound, but as long as I buy a three to four pound roast he doesn't mind cleaning the slicer.

As far as trimming, I am presented with a tray of mostly round slices about four inches in diameter. Sometimes the cut will yield a noticeable run of fat along one outer side, this goes to my cutting board, one swipe, then into the marinade. Other times this run of fat/connective tissue runs through the center of the slices, then I will cut two pieces and leave the unwanted stuff on the board.

When the marbling is too prevalent and too small to cut out, I generally reserve that meat for soups or fajitas. Too much marbling leaves shiny spots on the finished jerky, kind of a greasy look.

Out of a three and a half pound rump roast I usually get just over two and a quarter pounds of clean jerky meet, about a pound of meet for other uses and about three quarters of a pound waste. Waste for me is actually fat and connective tissue which my grandmother would have added into the soup anyway.

After the rounds are dried I use a clean glove and some poultry shears and scissor the jerky into strips.

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