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I smoked salmon today.  It was really amazing.  I had about 1.5 pounds.  I brined overnight with kosher salt and brown sugar.  I rested the fish in the fridge for around 7 hours. 

I placed the salmon in the smoker (SM066) at 150 degrees for two hours.  For the last hour I turned the heat up to 175 degrees.  I pulled the salmon at 140 degrees.  I used apple wood and brushed on straight maple syrup every hour.

With only a pound and half of salmon, my temps ran about 5 degrees above.   I set the temps at 145 and 170.  The smoker ran at 150 and 175 for the entire process.  There was a few spots of albumin on the salmon.

Next time I will cook at 140 degrees for the first two hours.

I oiled my grates but the skin still stuck.  I must not have used enough.

Nice smoke and maple flavor. 

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soleman, I agree. I usually cut each side to three pieces about 8 oz each, and I pull the fish as soon as a probe in the thickest piece reaches 140F. I think Mr. T let his go to 145. I do sockeye or coho, whatever is available fresh. I haven't been able to find Copper River sockeye (my favorite) for a couple of years and I stopped paying the exorbitant price for King.

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