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I got the stand for my AQ (same one I think) and haven't regretted it a second. I use it for storing my various smoking woods, but the most important feature to me is the convenience of chest-to-waist high loading, unloading, temperature probing, and most of all, cleaning. What a bonus for my back. No getting on my knees to wipe grease from the back-of-the-bottom. What a pleasure! Plus, when I roll the unit out of the garage and uncover it to start a smoke, the "WHOA!" reaction is pretty cool.

Welcome to the Forum! Since you are a pretty new member, you might not be aware of one of the downsides of the new format that was put in place a couple of years ago. The date stamp on posts is extremely hard to read on the lower-left of a post. Sometimes this leads people to reply or contribute to a very old thread. This one isn't too old, only about five years. Just a heads up in case you want to start a new thread. Again, welcome.

@mosnowman posted:
Any experience with the stand that is available for the Somekette Elite? At $400 I would like to hear a lot of positives before pulling the trigger! I think it would be great not to have to bend over due to bad hips and knees! Thoughts?

Like you, I was looking for answers on stand options and finally put this one together from repurposed wood. It’s designed to have 1 or 2 storage bins hanging from the underside of the lower shelf. I ran out of time before the snow arrived and will finish building the slide out storage bin slides in the spring.


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  • SM008 Stand
That's good idea, 3 or 4" wheels would be greatSent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device
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