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Assume you mean this one (for those that don't know it)

Smokin' Okies Pork Oriental Marinade

* 1 cup soy sauce
* 1/3 cup sesame oil (yes, this has to be sesame)
* 6 cloves of garlic, chopped fine (to your taste, more is even better)
* 1 tablespoon ginger (ground)
Hadn't really tried injecting it, and on tenderloins it's probably enough.

You're think like I would, I'd probably cut the sesame a little, but not much as that's what gives it some unque taste.

You could use Juice, but I've had varying results with that. You could just make up the marinade, let it sit overnight then strain the garlic, that might work. If you do it that way, use fresh garlic not powder and strain it also.

How's that?
Good morning, guys. Read the above, and now searching for any "101" type hints for doing my first ever pork loin. Will be searching the forum posts, but in the event either of you are on the forum today, any pointers to a good post or tips you can offer would be great.

It's a 4.5lb pork loin, and I have a model 055. the above marinade sounds good, not sure if it's an overnighter or a few hours before the smoke. Also not sure if it's enough alone, or, if recommend rubbing as well (and when).

Thank-you both for all the time you invest here ...

Went fine. Based on a number of posts I found in the forum, I had what I needed. I marinated overnight using Smokin's above recipe (but did not inject), pulled it at 140, onto the grill to sear the outside (5-7 minutes), then foiled with a splash of AJ. Was at 150 when I foiled (did not go higher), 147 an hour later when we sliced and ate. Had a nice, mild smoke flavor (used 3 oz apple), tender and moist. Kids loved it. As Smokin says, not as much flavor inside without injecting, which I'll try next time. Nothing our favorite BBQ sauce did not cure. Come to find out it's not the wife's favorite cut to begin with, so that's another variable.

Anyway, thanks for the input and confirmation on questions. The forum is invaluable and has so much of what us newbies need, if you simply search, read, and try. This was my 4th smoke, everything has come out fine, and I'm sure will get better with practice.

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